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ACADEMY AWARDS LIVE | Minute by Minute Oscar Coverage from Los Angeles

ACADEMY AWARDS LIVE | Minute by Minute Oscar Coverage from Los Angeles

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards are going down on a chilly evening here in Los Angeles. indieWIRE‘s team is on the scene, and will be offering minute by minute coverage of everything Oscar.

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The Winners | The Preview | The Predictions | The Nominees

8:36 EST: Three hours and six minutes later (very short), The King’s Speech wins. I will now not think of Oscar for six months, and party crash all over Hollywood. Good night, folks (and, seriously… that sucked).

8:34 EST: “King’s Speech” monologue speaks over montage of all the nominees. Overkill.

8:34 EST: Final award of the night being presented by Mr. Spielberg to, who are we kidding, “The King’s Speech.”

8:27 EST. Firth threatens to dance… Remains the personification of classy while doing so.

8:25 EST: Colin Firth, as we all knew four months ago, is the Oscar winner for best actor.

8:23 EST: Another potential hosting suggestion? Ms. Sandra.

8:22 EST: Sandra Bullock on stage serenading the best actor nominees.

8:20 EST: Portman gives a classy, affected speech.

8:15 EST: Natalie Portman. No surprise, but wow is she ever pregnant.

8:14 EST: Man these clips are killer.. What a lineup.

8:12 EST: Jeff Bridges presenting best actress…

8:04 PST: Hisses and shouts of “FINCHER!” here at the Egyptian as Hooper takes the take the stage.

8:02 EST: Tom Hooper! Wow, “The King’s Speech” has officially won best picture…

8:00 EST: Best director, already! Kathryn Bigelow back to give it to…

7:52 EST: Why is CELINE DION singing during the memorial? Wasn’t 1998 enough? That’s 0 for 2 for Quebec. First, “Incendies” loses, then this…

7:49 EST: Newman: “I’ve been on this show many times, and I slow it down every time.” Then he bitches about why there were only four nominees. Alright, you won me over.

7:47 PST: Randy Newman now has two Oscars… Annette Bening and Julianne Moore still have none.

7:45 PST: Gwyneth Paltrow introduced as “country music’s newest star.” Really?

7:43 PST: More song performances… Loving Florence Welsh, but why didn’t Dido just come herself?

7:36 PST: Best editing: The Social Network! Well deserved. That’s only one for “The King’s Speech,” but three for “Network” and four “Inception.” Hmm…

7:34 PST: Inception surprises no one by winning best visual effects.

7:31 PST: Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law here for visual effects.. What’s with all the white ties?

7:26 PST: Save us, Billy Crystal… Just take over for Anne and James now, as far as I care.

7:22 PST: Not so.. Inside Job takes it.

7:21 PST: Oprah Winfrey presenting best documentary feature…. Please, please, please Banksy.

7:18 PST: Auto tune montage turning various films into musicals. This is working…

7:16 PST: And God of Love wins best live action short. Luke Matheny is rivaling David Seider for most adorable winner of the night…

7:14 PST: Strangers No More takes best documentary short…

7:10 PST: Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams presenting doc short and live action short…

7:06 PST: Kevin Spacey introducing Randy Newman. I am taking me a bathroom break.

Best supporting actress winner Melissa Leo. Photo courtesy of AMPAS.

7:04 PST: Best original song montage with random people discussing what their favourite is (it’s most painful).. Huge hisses for “My Heart Will Go On” here at the Egyptian, and bizarre cameo from Barack Obama.

7:02 PST: And the award for most boring speech goes to….

7:01 PST: Alice in Wonderland gives Colleen Atwood her 28738th Oscar for costume design (or her 3rd, but who’s counting).

6:59 PST: Rick Baker bins his 143287th Oscar for The Wolfman‘s makeup (or his 7th, but who’s counting).

6:58 PST: Cate Blanchett presenting makeup and costume design…

6:55 PST: Franco after the sci-tech awards noted: “Alright, congratulations nerds.”

6:48 PST: Inception makes it a double… wins best sound editing.

6:46 PST: Matthew McConaughey (why are you there?) and Scarlett Jo. give Inception an Oscar for best sound mixing.

6:42 PST: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross! Best decision of the night. Way to go Academy (and man, Trent is still quite the dreamboat).

6:39 PST: “Australia”‘s on stage presenting original score (please, please, please Trent Reznor).

6:36 PST: Did Christian Bale just forget his wife’s name?

6:33 PST: Bale: “Melissa.. I’m not going to drop the f-bomb like you did.”

6:32 PST: Christian Bale wins best supporting actor for “The Fighter.”

6:31 PST: Reese Witherspoon announcing supporting actor (why not Mo’Nique?)

6:29 PST: In a Better World wins best foreign language film… Susanne Bier is trembling on stage and shouts out Tom Bernard and Michael Barker (and only them).

6:27 PST: Helen Mirren and Russell Brand presenting best foreign language film…

6:25 PST: Franco, in Marilyn Monroe inspired, drag.. “I just got a text message from Charlie Sheen.”

6:23 PST: Hathaway: “There’s a tradition of singing at the Oscars.” Uh oh…

6:20 PST: Seider is adorable. “I think I am the oldest person to ever win this award,” he said. “I hope that record is broken soon and often.”

6:18 PST: “The King’s Speech”‘s David Seider wins best original screenplay… Also not a surprise.

6:17 PST: “Another Year” gets HUGE applause here in the best original screenplay nominee montage. That scene is a huge reminder that Lesley Manville should have been nominated.

6:16 PST: Sorkin kees going and going…

6:15 PST: In the night’s least surprising event until Colin Firth wins, Aaron Sorkin wins best adapted screenplay for “The Social Network.”

6:14 PST: Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem are all in white and on stage to announced adapted screenplay (to Aaron Sorkin, unless hell freezes over).

6:14 PST: I’ve heard they didn’t bleep Leo’s “fuck” in Canada. Just in case you’re curious.

6:06 PST: Indeed, Toy Story 3 wins best animated feature. Pixar’s streak continues…

6:06 PST: Now best animated feature…. “Toy Story 3” has this in the bag.

6:04 PST: The Lost Thing wins best animated short (In a bit of a surprise)… The crowd from Ouat Media (who are distributing the film) are sitting behind me at the Egyptian and are reasonably going nuts. Congrats!

6:03 PST: Timberlake: “I’m Banksy.” Write that yourself, Justin?

6:02 PST: Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake are the sexiest pair of presenters we’ll see tonight.

6:00 PST: Melissa Leo says “fuck,” has something close to a nervous breakdown, and gives us one of the weirdest and most awkward Oscar speeches of all time (“thank you, Academy of Motion Picture Sciences!”.

5:57 PST: Melissa Leo! And Kirk Douglas is making things so awkward by being very dirty old man.

5:55 PST: This Douglas schick is bizarre… He keeps going and going..

5:52 PST: Kirk Douglas takes the stage to present to best supporting actress (where’s Christoph Waltz?).

5:48 PST: Poor Roger Deakins.. Inception‘s Wally Pfister takes best cinematography in a big of a surprise.

5:47 PST: Cinematography next… They are moving this along very fast.

5:45 PST: King’s Speech sweep off to a bad start… Alice in Wonderland takes best art direction.

5:44 PST: Excessive hissing at Oscar’s “Titanic” shout out form Egyptian crowd.

5:43 PST: Tom Hanks presenting art direction and cinematography.

5:40 PST: “I just saw Marky Mark!” James Franco’s grandma has offiicially stolen the monologue from her grandson and Hathaway (who aren’t doing so well…).

5:38 PST: I’ve seen better fake montages at the MTV Movie Awards… even if Franco in ballet leotard was well worth the mediocrity.

5:35 PST: MTV Movie Awards style, James Franco and Anne Hathaway are being inserted into scenes from all the nominees (with some help from Alec Baldwin and Morgan Freeman). Hathaway as Hailee Steinfeld is killing at the Egyptian.

5:31 PST: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’s “In The Hall of the Mountain King” opens the Oscars, scoring a montage of best picture nominees.

5:25 PST: Five minutes to go… Ready?

4:30 PST: An hour until the show starts… follow the whole @indiewire team on Twitter: @theknife, @peterknegt, @erickohn and @akstanwyck for more updates through the night.

4:00 PST: The indieWIRE team is setting up shop for hours (and hours) of Oscar coverage. Dana Harris, Peter Knegt & Eric Kohn will be live-blogging from the viewing party at Hollywood’s Egyptian Theater, Brian Brooks will be watching from a industry-laden hotel viewing party in West Hollywood, and Bryce Renninger will be tweeting from New York City. Also check out coverage from the rest of the indieWIRE family: Anne Thompson at Thompson on Hollywood and the crew at The Playlist. Happy Oscar night, everyone!

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