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Guy Pearce Says It Was A “Joke” That ‘L.A. Confidential’ Lost Best Picture To ‘Titanic’

Guy Pearce Says It Was A "Joke" That 'L.A. Confidential' Lost Best Picture To 'Titanic'

Also Says He Was Offered ‘Daredevil’ & Was In Early Talks For Henri Ducard In ‘Batman Begins’

Perhaps taking a page from Charlie Sheen, in an interview with Vulture on the eve of the Oscars, Guy Pearce — who stars in the frontrunning picture “The King’s Speech” — has decided to drop some truth bombs all over the place. And what does he care really, because he’s not even going to the Oscars. Boo ya. In fact, he doesn’t really dig the whole awards show thing and there may be a good reason, as he’s still feeling the sting from a film he made over a decade ago.

“I do think it was a bit of a joke that ‘L.A. Confidential‘ got beaten by ‘Titanic‘ ten years ago,” Pearce said. “I just kind of went, ugh, all right, okay. But at the same time, if something’s out of your hands, there’s no point in being too disappointed.” We feel you, bro.

Looking back over his impressive resumé it’s sort of surprising that Pearce never landed in any major tentpole roles, but he reveals that he did get offered gigs but the projects were less than desirable. “There were a couple of things that sort of came my way but were terrible. I think I was the guy who people thought was getting a bit of a name, but was cheap enough that they could afford. They couldn’t get Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, so, ‘Let’s get the cheap Aussie guy. Yeah, he’s an up-and-comer!’ And they were terrible scripts. So I just stayed away from terrible scripts. Had they been good films, then I might have said yes.”

So what crossed his desk? How about notorious red suited comic franchise directed by Mark Steven Johnson. “Oh, well I was offered the first ‘Daredevil,’ yeah,” Pearce said. “It wasn’t really my — I mean, I wasn’ t really sort of — I don’t know. Comic-strip stuff isn’t really my cup of tea, really.”

That being said, he must have paid attention when “Memento” director Christopher Nolan came knocking when he was starting work on “Batman Begins” and it turns out he was eyed for the part of Henri Ducard, which wound up being played by Liam Neeson. “Chris Nolan flew me to London to talk about one of the other roles in [Batman Begins], ‘cause he sort of had this idea of going a different kind of way. But it didn’t happen, and I don’t know why exactly, and that’s cool,” Pearce said adding, “It was Liam Neeson’s role. And there was talk about having the mentor be the same age as Christian Bale, rather than be an older mentor. But maybe they tossed the idea around and other people went, ‘No, that’s not gonna work.'”

But no need to cry for missed opportunities, as Pearce is doing just fine. He stars in Todd Haynes‘ forthcoming HBO mini-series “Mildred Pierce” and is reteaming with John Hillcoat for “The Wettest County“; just a couple of the projects he’s got coming along.

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