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“Logan’s Run” Remake Wins Over Skeptics By Wooing Ryan Gosling

"Logan's Run" Remake Wins Over Skeptics By Wooing Ryan Gosling

So much for the original idea of a new adaptation of “Logan’s Run” being skewed younger than Michael Anderson’s Oscar-winning 1976 film. Like that version, Warner Bros.’ remake (produced by Joel Silver, scripted by Alex Garland) will be about a future society in which people are put to death at the age of 30 (in the novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, the age cap is 21). Deadline has reported that 30-year-old Ryan Gosling will star as the title character, a kind of death enforcer who goes on the run when his expiration date arrives. Ironically, Gosling now seems too old for a part after being fired from another adaptation (“The Lovely Bones”) for being too young for his role. Just for comparison, by the way, original star Michael York was around 33 when he played the part.

Nicolas Winding Refn (“Bronson”) has been chosen as director of the project. Now we just need an actress to play Jessica 6 — fittingly it should be someone who gets naked in every part, like the original’s Jenny Agutter. Not that I even knew there was nudity in the film until maybe the 1000th time I saw it, which would be the first time I didn’t see it on basic cable (USA I think?). Suggestions made to me on Twitter include the appropriately nudity-friendly Paz de la Huerta, Malin Ackerman and Amber Heard. Meanwhile, if he can pass for under 30, I’d like Tom Hardy to portray Francis 7 (originally Richard Jordan — who was nearly 40 at the time). As for Peter Ustinov’s role of “old man,” that must go to the aging Michael York.

Also, the new version must have the best special effects we’ve ever seen. If the cheesy original remains the sole adaptation of “Logan’s Run” to have an Oscar for effects, that will really be a shame on Refn.

After the jump, see what others are saying about the hiring of Gosling — mostly that he’s finally warmed up to blockbuster territory with this — and Refn around the Film Blog Water Cooler.

Scott Weinberg at Cinematical:

Mr. Gosling, who is riding a strong wave of performances in mostly indie fare like ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ and ‘Blue Valentine,’ looks like he’s interested in entering the “summer tentpole” territory, and we’re hoping this project works a lot better than, say, Christian Bale’s attempt at a big, fat sci-fi sequel/remake. (Our apologies to ‘Terminator 4.’)

Kyle Buchanan at Vulture:

After turning down countless studio action movies — including The Green Lantern and Paramount’s rebooted Jack Ryan series — Ryan Gosling is finally ready to play the big-budget studio game.

Krystal Clark at ScreenCrave:

Gosling is known for his indie films and this will be the first major tentpole project that he’s headlined. We’re ready to see the actor take on something of this caliber. He’s ridiculously talented and deserves to have his pick of big budget films. The new Logan’s Run could be just want the doctor ordered.

Wookie Johnson at Screen Junkies:

Having had enough with the craft services available on independent film sets, Ryan Gosling would like to move onto projects with better food. Or an espresso maker at the very least. […] Be warned, Jake Gyllenhaal. Ryan Gosling is trying to become you.

James White at Empire:

Ryan Gosling has been famously leery of signing on to a blockbuster. Superhero pics have tried and failed to win him over, but it looks like things are changing as he’s just locked down a deal to star in Logan’s Run.

Matt Goldberg at Collider:

Studios have been eager to get Gosling and his “Hey Girl” looks and acting talent into a tent pole flick and while he’s going more mainstream with the rom-com Stupid, Crazy, Love this summer with Steve Carell, this is definitely a big transition for the in-demand actor.

Alex Billington at First Showing:

It’s obvious that studios have wanted to get Gosling back into the mix since The Notebook in 2004, but he’s been staying on the edge with indies and working with directors like Refn and Cianfrance. […] I’m going on my experience with a few of his other films, and I’m not a fan. I don’t really enjoy Refn so I’m worried about his involvement, as this is a sci-fi remake that I have been very excited to see come together, but I’m still hoping for the best. At least we’ll have the very handsome and very talented Ryan Gosling in the front seat. I wonder which beautiful actress Refn will cast to star with him?

Russ Fischer at /Film:

I hadn’t been wildly enthusiastic about the Logan’s Run remake prior to this. Another big-budget remake of a dated sci-fi film? Seems like they’re a dime a dozen lately. The original, cheesy and overlong but fun, is ripe for a remake (hate to lose those dated sets and costumes) but could so easily lead to something that is just studio product. With these two on board, I expect something more than product.

Vince Mancini at Film Drunk:

After a year of lovingly playing the ukulele for Michelle Williams, Baby Goose is about to make the jump to full-fledged action star. Haha, as long as that’s okay with you, girl. I promise they’ll all still be rated PG, which according to my personal rating system, stands for “Pure Grins.”

Katey Rich at Cinema Blend:

Ryan Gosling already has one surprisingly action-heavy project coming down the pike, the heist movie Drive, and now he’s already teaming up with that film’s director Nicholas Winding Refn to bring us another. […] Refn, known for violent indies like the Pusher trilogy and Bronson, seems about as unlikely as Gosling does for a major studio tentpole job. Maybe it’ll be a fit that’s so wrong it turns out to be right?

Kevin Jagernauth at The Playlist:

So, Nicolas Winding Refn getting money to play in the studio sandbox? Fuck. Yes. We can’t wait to see what the visually ambitious director dreams up for this reboot and with Gosling along for the ride into his first tentpole movie, this will certainly be hugely exciting.

Take a look at the making of some of my favorite effects ever to be honored by the Academy:

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