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Lois Lane, “The Dark Knight,” “Ferris Bueller,” “Dazed and Confused” and More Discussion Fodder

Lois Lane, "The Dark Knight," "Ferris Bueller," "Dazed and Confused" and More Discussion Fodder

Happy Chinese New Year! In honor of the year of the rabbit, go watch a movie starring any of the bunnies listed here. Except the unavailable “Song of the South,” I suppose. Maybe this will be the year Disney finally brings it back? Also, I recommend “Rabbit Hole,” currently in theaters, even though there are no actual rabbits in the film.

– Den of Geek lists 12 possible actresses for the role of Lois Lane in the new “Superman” movie. Some, like Parker Posey, are nonsense. But I would be fine with Rashida Jones, Carey Mulligan or Rachel McAdams. And if Jones’ race is really an issue, I give up on you, Hollywood.

– Anomalous Material throws in some extra names for Lois, including the excellent choice of Rebecca Hall.

At Tor.com [via Matt Zoller Seitz], Ryan Britt explains why Batman is a science fiction hero. Movie related:

In Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne briefly entertains the notion of giving up his whole Batman gig in favor of letting the new “white knight,” Harvey Dent, take over. How is this a science fictional dilemma, you ask? Well, simple. Remove the science fictional aspects of Batman’s arsenal, remove the way psychology is handled in a fictional way, and BIFF! POW!!!, suddenly, you’re got no story. The way the drama of Batman unfolds is thanks to a science fictional premise. BUT, the drama itself is deeply human.

– Shall we play a game? How about the “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” board game?

– Speaking of games, there will be a big scavenger hunt in NYC this Saturday afternoon in conjunction with the opening of Aaron Katz’s “Cold Weather,” which is a kind of modern detective story. From the press release:

The scavenger hunt, imagined and created by Stray Boots, will take fans on a similar adventure through the streets of New York. While they won’t be searching for their Exes, winning the scavenger hunt will require them to use some of the same techniques employed by Doug and his unlikely band of cohorts, such as solving riddles texted to their phone and finding hidden messages stuffed in a novel at a local bookstore. By cracking each code, hunters will be led along a string of clues that take them to items planted somewhere in the Village. The team that collects the most items by the end will win.

For more details and to sign up (free for now, $5 on the day) go to the Eventbrite page.

– Also new this week is the sci-fi-like documentary “Into Eternity,” which I strongly recommend to those in or near NYC (it’s playing at Film Forum). From my Tribeca Film Festival review at Cinematical:

watching Into Eternity is indeed very much akin to reading The Time Machine. Only it’s far more real and far more scary, as the underground threat here is invisible and has a longer lifespan than the Morlocks of Wells’ story. But in the end, like Wells’ traveler, our new found knowledge and perspective has little affect on our day to day life, at least outside our minds.

From Screen Junkies, the Greatest Sports Pep Talk Ever, including bits from all your favorite underdog movies:

– See which Nic Cage characters are brilliantly mental and seriously rubbish (or is it rubbishly serious?) in The Shiznit’s Nicholas Cage Matrix. I disagree with some of the placement, such as how low on the brilliant/rubbish axis his “Peggy Sue Got Married” character is. [via Slashfilm]

– Someone named Mac Lethal, who I believe could be the illegitimate son of fast-talking ad star John Moschitta, Jr., has come up with a rap to sum up “Dazed and Confused” in two minutes:

[via Slashfilm]

– Like Swedish cinema? No, not Bergman or even the “Millenium” franchise. The good stuff labeled sensationsfilm. If you’re not familiar with these grindhouse exploitation films of the ’70s, you might want to read an upcoming book by Daniel Ekeroth titled “Swedish Sensationsfilms,” out in April. For now, you can check out some clips and trailers of examples on the Bazillion Points site.

– An orchestra made up of young kids with guitars (and two on percussion) plays the “Jurassic Park” theme:

– I’m not the only Film Cynic apparently. A site called The Film Cynics lists 5 Directors Who’ve Lost “It.” I bet you can’t guess who is on it. Also, of all of them I really hope Gilliam gets “it” back soon.

– Kirby Ferguson’s latest installment of “Everything is a Remix” hardly tells us anything new about George Lucas or Quentin Tarantino as mash-up filmmakers, but it is well put together:

Everything is a Remix Part 2 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

– Want to know which documentaries from Sundance are worth watching, Oscar-friendly and otherwise great? Check out my summary of the best of the non-fiction selections from this year’s fest, at Cinematical.


“Pet Semetary” is back on track at Warner Bros. with a script from Matthew Greenberg (“Halloween H20”)


– The “Jack Ryan” franchise is moving forward with “Ryan” vet Steve Zaillian (“Clear and Present Danger”) hired for a rewrite.


Maria Schneider, best known for her role in “Last Tango in Paris” has died at age 58 after a long illness. I’ve never seen “Tango” so here’s a scene from “The Passenger”:

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