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Ronald Reagan, “Yogi Bear” Environmentalism, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Other Discussion Fodder

Ronald Reagan, "Yogi Bear" Environmentalism, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Other Discussion Fodder

– Honoring Ronald Reagan‘s centennial yesterday, Big Hollywood’s Leo Grin looks at the age of cinema that corresponded to “Dutch”‘s Presidency, noting that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were transformed Hollywood about the same time Reagan was transforming politics. In summation:

He brought optimism and rejuvenation to an America wrecked for over a decade by liberalism (in both parties), and in so doing set the stage for one of the Golden Ages of cinema: the era of the populist, family-friendly, PG-rated blockbuster. It was a great time, for both the nation and its moviegoers.

Ah, but the 80s were also pretty heavy on the R-rated blockbusters, too, at least compared to decades following. But I get his point, even if Spielberg and Lucas’ revolution initially coincided with the Carter years. In any event, if you have HBO watch Eugene Jarecki’s great new documentary “Reagan” tonight. Also, check out “Let Me In,” which hit DVD last week. It’s pretty Reagan-centric and worth seeing, even if you’re a fan of the original.

– Speaking of Spielberg and Lucas, according to Vulture the cave from “The Descent” is better than the caves from “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and “The Empire Strikes Back” in a slideshow tied to “Sanctum.” I think neither “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” nor “The Troll Hunter” qualified or they’d have placed high. Also, I’m sure nobody else remembers this movie, but I’ll always think of the 1986 Australian film “Fortress,” in which a classroom of kids and their teacher are locked inside a cave by kidnappers. Scared me to death as a kid.

– Why does Humphrey Bogart look so strange riding a bike? This image and many more pics of Hollywood and foreign film stars with bicycles can be found on the photo blog Rides a Bike. Some of my favorites include Bill Murray, Alfred Hitchcock and W.C. Fields and Baby Le Roy.

– In case you missed it on “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend, here is Justin Bieber and Andy Samberg parodying “The Roommate.” I bet this version would have made a lot more than the actual film’s $15.6 million opening gross.

– Is “127 Hours” an environmental film? According to Mother Nature Network’s list of the best such films from 2010. Apparently it has to do with nature getting even? The list, which is obviously mostly filled with documentaries, also includes kid fare like “Furry Vengeance” and “Yogi Bear,” both for their anti-deforestation themes. On the latter:

A goofy blend of live action and computer animation, “Yogi Bear” has the iconic Hanna-Barbera character doing not only what he does best (scheming to steal picnic baskets) but also trying to protect Jellystone Park from becoming a logging site.

– A trailer has finally arrived for Richard Ayoade’s “Submarine,” one of my favorite films at Sundance this year. There’s no embed, since you have to *like* the film on Facebook in order to watch it. Do it.

– Colin James Marshall finds connections between Lady Gaga and the French New Wave at Gaga Stigmata. I’d embed the video essay but you should go to the site to read Marshall’s statement.

– Celebrating the Packers’ Super Bowl win with “MST3K” and “Giant Spider Invasion” (via BuzzFeed):

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