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Sanctum: “Visually Arresting,” “Paper-Thin Personalities”; Cameron Promos on Twitter

Sanctum: "Visually Arresting," "Paper-Thin Personalities"; Cameron Promos on Twitter

Sanctum opens February 4. James Cameron produced (along with a handful of others), and Aussie director Alistair Grierson helmed the 3-D project. Cameron joined Twitter on January 28 per Ryan Seacrest’s suggestion. The filmmaker has already amassed 48,200 followers (he’s following 38, mostly scientific orgs). Since joining, Cameron’s focus has been mostly #Sanctum promos (see tweets below), for which he calls himself “such a ho”:

More reviews, the trailer and tweets are below:

Neil Smith, Total Film


“Cardboard has a tendency to go wobbly when wet, and the same applies to the cut-outs co-writers John Garvin and Andrew Wight attempt to pass off as flesh-and-blood protagonists…Such paper-thin personalities hardly improve for being shot in 3D…we’re enveloped by the submerged caverns’ awe-inspiring expanses. It’s ethereal imagery like this that sustains fascination, not the buffed-up mannequins squabbling in the foreground in their figure-hugging wetsuits.”

Justin Chang, Variety:

“A subterranean survival epic that expertly tightens the screws even as one wishes it would keep a tighter mouth-clamp on its increasingly whiny characters.”

Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel:

“It’s a solid, old-fashioned action yarn filled with the very latest dive gear and the oldest plot formula in the movie-maker’s playbook…dully predictable, with touching moments of noble sacrifice and cliched scenes of rank cowardice. But the filmmakers make its stock-in-trade situations visually arresting…Lacking supernatural elements, sex and over-the-top gore, [it] would have played better as a PG-13 picture. Gratuitous profanity doesn’t add edge to the Cameronesque tough-guy dialogue. And since you can figure out where it’s going long before our divers do, it seems too long.”

Andrew Urban, Urban Cinefile:

“The landscape and the giant cave mouth, the underwater work and the dramatic flooding are superbly realized, enough to hold our attention.…It’s not really a plot. But the stunts are so well done, the dramatic loss of life so effectively and emotionally presented that we can’t really quibble…David Hirschfelder’s score expands the film beautifully, with plenty of cues (but never overdone) and great sensitivity when required; it lifts the tone and the emotional weight of the film to the pitch the filmmakers aim for.”

Graham Young, Birmingham Post:

“Yes, it’s better looking than post-production 3D vehicles like Clash of the Titans and The Green Hornet, but the trite script means Cameron might have been better off remaining as anonymous as the film’s other eight producers…Documentary filmmaker turned writer Andrew Wight is unable to convert his own real-life experiences of being trapped by flood waters into the emotional depth of other survival movies like The Descent, Buried and 127 Hours.”

James Cameron @jimcameron

– I’m at the press junket for #Sanctum. It’s basically ten hours of back to back interviews. Fun times.
– Just finished a big international press conference for #Sanctum w/ @AlisterGrierson & Andrew Wight http://yfrog.com/hs3y5ij
– Day 1 of #Sanctum press down. The junket marathon is over. I’m spent baby. JC out.
– Back at the #Sanctum junket reunited w/the whole cast. Love these guys. Another marathon day of interviews ahead http://yfrog.com/h2cby3j
– ‘My worst nightmare come true’ – that’s producer Andrew Wight whining about the real cave collapse he lived through. #Sanctum
– We’ve got a big jar of F-bombs in #Sanctum. It’s not ‘gosh darn it’ when you cut your finger off.
– Welcome to our little man-cave. I’m w/ #Sanctum director @AlisterGrierson & Andrew Wight, my old exploration buddy http://yfrog.com/gyh67ej
– Thank god the #Sanctum press junket is over At least they liked the movie. SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: They all said they couldn’t breathe.
– Back in the saddle today w/ my game face on for the #Sanctum premiere tonight. It’s nice to see the team getting recognition for their work
– Just in Australia doing #Sanctum press. Worst floods in their history. See Joe Romm’s blog for global warming link – http://bit.ly/f4i2Pz
– Shot of Richard Roxburgh and I at the #Sanctum premiere http://yfrog.com/gz6ec8j
– Another shot from the #Sanctum premiere. Talk about the glare http://yfrog.com/h8b485j
– Full day of radio phoners tomorrow. Time to get the level of awareness for #Sanctum to match its intensity.
– Right now it’s a #Sanctum promotion (I’m such a ho)…but who knows? It’s fun. RT @tenaciouslibbs: Are you here for the long haul?

[Photos: Jasin Boland / Universal Pictures]

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