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SPIRIT AWARDS LIVE | The Complete Event, Minute by Minute

SPIRIT AWARDS LIVE | The Complete Event, Minute by Minute

The 26th Film Independent’s Spirit Awards are currently going down on a very windy and cold afternoon here in Santa Monica. indieWIRE‘s team is on the scene, and will be offering minute by minute coverage of everything Spirit Awards.

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4:23 PM: That’s all, folks. Thanks for checking in with us, and see you again for the Oscars.

4:19 PM: And it goes to “Black Swan”, which took the most honors (4)…

4:17 PM: Uma Thurman and Don Cheadle presenting best feature…

4:13 PM: One award to go. Layer of ice on my wine in the press room #isthislosangelesorcanada

4:11 PM: Portman: “My ballet teachers every day were like, so when do we get paid?”

4:11 PM: A very, very pregnant Portman shouts out Lena Dunham, Lisa Cholodenko, Debra Granik and Nicole Holofcener.

4:09 PM: Natalie Portman.

4:06 PM: Best lead female! Portman? Or will they skew from Oscar?

4:00 PM: Aronofsky on “Swan”‘s investors: “Everyone was like ‘they’ll never make money, and now their fucking rich.”

3:58 PM: Darren Aronofsky wins his very first best director award at the Spirit Awards. He’s wearing a scarf… Which makes me jealous as I continue to freeze in the press tent.

3:55 PM: Ben Stiller takes the stage to present best director. Darren Aronofsky or Debra Granik?

3:51 PM: Best director next… Just three awards to go.

3:48 PM: “Kids” writers Lisa Cholodenko and Stuart Blumberg make out on stage… Sounds off in press room, but that much I understood.

3:47 PM: “When Lisa & I started the screenplay,we were just a couple of lesbians w a hope & a dream”- Stuart Blumberg.

“Daddy Longlegs” co-director Josh Sadie. Photo by Eric Kohn.

3:46 PM: “The Kids Are All Right” wins best screenplay.

3:43 PM: John Hawkes backstage: “I was lucky enough to be from a small town and be around people who scared me–a lot…when the camera rolls I try to forget it all and just be present…[this is] surreal, I’ve had relative anonymity for years and I like that, but whats great about this is the more people who see this movie…the more films like this will get made…one thing I think is interesting is people say Tear Drop changes…but I don’t think he changes at all,..he’s just protecting his niece.”

3:38 PM: John Waters takes the stage! To tell us the winners of first screenplay and cinematography… which we already knew. Give Waters something better to do, next time, Spirits!

3:37 PM: Josh: “Long live John Cassavetes. Without him, there’d be no independent film.”

3:35 PM: Josh Safdie on stage: “Where there’s no hope there’s no doubt.”

3:33 PM: “Daddy Longlegs” wins John Cassavetes Award. The Safdie Brothers excitedly run to the stage ..

3:31 PM: John Hawkes: “It’s so surreal being up here… Debra Granik is the best of the best.”

3:30 PM: John Hawkes! “Winter’s” sweep?

3:28 PM: Best supporting male up next… Hawkes or Ruffalo?

Dale Dickey with her Spirit Award.

3:23 PM: “The King’s Speech”‘s Tom Hooper backstage: “We dropped the audio of the ‘fucks’ out. I’m going to see the cut on Monday…”

3:20 PM: “Please Give”s grandma Ann Guilbert is so adorable. She should of got a best supporting actress nomination.

3:19 PM: They give “Please Give” its already announced and totally deserved Robert Altman Award. “It’s a huge honor to be given an award in Robert Altman’s name, obviously,” Nicole Holofcener says on stage.

3:16 PM: Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts are the prettiest pair of presenters (ever).

3:12 PM: Boooring… The King’s Speech wins foreign film.

3:07 PM: Greta Gerwig aka the only best actress nominee not nominated for an Oscar presents scene from “Greenberg.”

3:06 PM: @erickohn tweets from inside: “Mr Brainwash gave a non-sensical acceptance speech for Gift Shop. I hear Banksy wrote his own speech; Guetta didn’t read it.”

3:05 PM: Mr. Brainwash: “I had a speech, but I forgot it…I would like to give this to Banksy.”

3:04 PM: Mr. Brainwash accepting!

3:03 PM: Banksy wins!

2:59 PM: Jesse Eisenberg and Rosario Dawson presenting best documentary. Where’s Banksy?

2:56 PM: Franco in the press tent, and everyone is going berzerk. He informs us he’s given away his Oscar seat to a family member (his whole family is attending tomorrow night).

2:52 PM: Bragging alert: I’m 5 for 5 on my predictions.

2:51 PM: I don’t understand how he looks so good but sleeps so little.

2:50 PM: More Franco: “It was a crazy experience that I don’t think I’ll ever repeat.”

2:49 PM: Franco: “I just went thru film school at NYU so indie film is a big part of my life.”

2:47 PM: Oscar host and now two-time Spirit Award winner: James Franco, best male lead

Nicole Kidman at the 2011 Spirit Awards. Photo by Brian Brooks.

2:45 PM: Nicole Kidman and a remarkably shorter then her Jeremy Renner presenting best male lead…

2:43 PM: Dale Dickey backstage: “Everytime I see the film again I’m more in awe of Jennifer Lawrence’s performance.”

2:42 PM: Care of Eric Kohn, a quote from “Low” director Schneider, who calls the film “a wonderful end to a beautiful journey.”

2:41 PM: “Get Low” wins best first feature (but Dale Dickey has arrived in the press room so the sound on the telecast has been muted).

2:38 PM: “Arrested Development” reunion! David Cross and Will Arnett announcing best first feature…

2:33 PM: James Franco – or perhaps one of his clones – introduces a scene from “127 Hours.”

2:31 PM: Clearly touched, Dickey thanks the people of Missouri – where the film was shot – for opening their hearts.

2:29 PM: And the Spirit Award goes to… Dale Dickey!

2:26 PM: Mark Ruffalo and Vera Farmiga present the first award officially being announced tonight: Best supporting female. Dale Dickey for the win?

James Franco at the 2011 Spirit Awards. Photo by Eric Kohn

2:24 PM: McHale on “Black Swan”: “That movie where the girl from ‘That 70s Show’ eats out Luke Skywalker’s mom”

2:22 PM: James Franco is indeed in attendance. “What are you doing tomorrow night, James,” McHale quips.

2:19 PM: McHale’s opening monologue: “Unlike other award shows, we don’t limited the length of your speeches. But… If you go long, we we may escort you to a holding area in the back… I think Mo’Nique is back there still from last year.”

2:15 PM: Show beginning… Feed back on in press tent… Here we go.

2:13 PM: The show hasn’t actually begun… But cinematography and first screenplay were handed out beforehand, and won’t be telecast. Show is beginning momentarily.. Press tent still hasn’t blown away.

2:07 PM: “Black Swan”‘s Matthew Libatique wins cinematography. “This is my Academy Award,” he says backstage.

2:02 PM: The feed from inside the tent has gone out in the press tent, but we’ve been told “Tiny Furniture”‘s Lena Dunham has won the first award of the evening for best first screenplay.

1:57 PM: Samuel L. Jackson enjoys a bite with his “Mother and Child” co-star Naomi Watts.

1:50 PM: Ten minutes and counting… Press tent genuinely seems like it could blow away at this point.

1:45 PM: Melissa Leo shows off her tattoo as the show gets ready to begin.

1:15 PM (PST): Roughly 45 minutes until the show starts, and indieWIRE‘s team is spread out across the intense cold and windy scene at the 2011 Spirit Awards. Follow us all on Twitter: @peterknegt, @erickohn and @theknife, and check back with this article for minute by minute (more or less) coverage of the show.

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