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“Tangled” Sex, “Submarine” Scissored, “The Exorcist” Animated and More Discussion Fodder

"Tangled" Sex, "Submarine" Scissored, "The Exorcist" Animated and More Discussion Fodder

– It’s sad that I’ve seen the Justin Bieber movie but not “True Grit,” yet. Maybe if it was really about grits, as the above parody — part of the Photoshop meme blog Snack to the Future — seems to be. Also, now I’m really craving cheddar grits. [via /Film] By the way, that “True Grits” poster was apparently posted before Tyler Perry’s“Madea’s Big Happy Family” version of the same gag.

– Alison Nastasi at Cinematical wonders if a “Tangled” poster features the latest in Disney’s subliminal obsession with sex. Also, for historical reference, she shares a gallery of past offenses like the topless woman in “The Rescuers,” the bare crotch of Jessica Rabbit in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” the spelling-out of ‘sex’ in “The Lion King” and of course the penis on the poster for “The Little Mermaid.”

– Alex Billington at FirstShowing.net passionately argues against Harvey “Scissorhands” Weinstein making changes to “Submarine,” as mentioned in Vanity Fair‘s piece on the distributor. I agree 100% that it is quite perfect as is.

Come on, really? I’ve personally never understood why studios screen movies in some random theater and proceed to make changes that affect the entire thing, which will be seen by millions of people, just because some nobody audience member does or doesn’t think a particular scene is funny. It especially doesn’t make sense when the film is already adored by many, having shown at the Toronto and Sundance Film Festivals, where no one I know that saw this thinks it needs to be edited at all. Plus if the issues are about confusion of setting or not understanding accents – that is the audience’s concern, not the filmmaker’s or distributor’s. Museums don’t repaint/remake their artwork just because viewers can’t understand it, so why would a film studio do the complete opposite to their own piece of art? It doesn’t make any sense at all. Don’t ruin it!

– That’s a thank you card especially appropriate to send out to people who give you the gift of a Tom Hanks DVD. You can buy them from Blue Barnhouse here. [via Best Week Ever]

– How do you introduce kids to “The Exorcist”? Make them watch the most famous part in Claymation:
[via Have You Seen This?]

– John Nolte at Big Hollywood responds to a Hollywood Reporter story on how Sony attempted to eliminate physical references to and verbal acknowledgments of the Bible in the upcoming inspirational film “Soul Surfer.”

In other words, in order to avoid acknowledging that Underwood’s character is quoting scripture from the best-selling book in history, these bigoted, intolerant lame-brains wanted to plagiarize the Bible — the Bible! –by what, having her spout off like she was some kind of Joan the Baptist Surfer?

More proof of the ignorance of bigotry.

And I dare anyone to try and pitch me on the idea that “broadening the appeal” had a damn thing to do with the motivations behind any of this. This is the same studio that released the anti-Christian “The DaVinci Code” and “Angel’s and Demons,” and that sucker punch-laden (if you’re a rightie) “Julia & Julia.”

I’m confused, since sometimes Hollywood wants the ability to sell a film on its Christian themes for that Middle American appeal. Are they hoping this does business overseas? Sony is already pulling some odd stops in marketing the movie by attempting to hide the main point of the story — that the main character loses her arm to a shark. The trailers already make it look like a generic religious made-for-cable movie. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the audience ends up being those who wouldn’t be offended by seeing a Bible on screen or hearing it quoted.

– Having a bad day, Joanna Robinson of Pajiba wants to know what movies we watch when we’re in our worst mood. Here are hers:

Apparently I prefer my films with a bit of an emotional wallop. Not today, my friends. Today the category we’re looking for is “feel good,” a sappy term that is usually reserved for trite romantic comedies and saccharine family fair. Also not what I need. Being talked down to by Hollywood makes me rage-stabby. So with careful thought, here are my four go-to “feel good whilst also holding on to the few brain cells I have remaining” movies. Pithy, no? Netflix should make it a category.

4) The Philadelphia Story
3) Amelie
2) The Princess Bride
1) O Brother, Where Art Thou?

I’m not sure about my own top four, or even a one. Maybe I don’t watch anything when I’m hating the world. Or, I guess sometimes, often not on purpose, I watch a documentary about some miserable person and/or place, and that makes me appreciate my own life and day. Often, though, such non-fiction looks at suffering make me mad at and depressed for the world. It can really go either way.

– I figured this would come quickly: a mash-up trailer using footage from the “Star Wars” prequels and audio from the “X-Men: First Class” trailer:
[via Live for Films]

– Speaking of “Star Wars” mash-ups, can someone take the audio from this clip of James Earl Jones reading Justin Bieber lyrics and put it to a Darth Vader moment? I know, I probably don’t even need to ask.

– I sadly still don’t get the Documentary Channel, which will be airing AJ Schnack’s excellent and unconventional film “Kurt Cobain: About a Son” on the Nirvana frontman’s birthday, February 20. Fortunately, they’re also streaming it on their website that day, as well. Watch it.

– Don’t Panic is holding a poster design contest for Trần Anh Hùng’s upcoming film adaptation of Haruki Murakami’s “Norwegian Wood.” Ten finalists will have their work displayed in London’s Curzon Soho gallery and the winner’s design will apparently be used as the official one-sheet. If you’re not a designer, you can also participate in voting on the posters, of which there are already a bunch.

– Castor at Anomalous Material lists ‘The 20 Most Awesome Movie Deaths,’ including the following:

3. The Curb Stomp in American History X

The now infamous and shocking curb stomping scene in which Nazi skinhead Derek Vinyard (Ed Norton) forces wounded black car thief Lawrence (Antonio David Lyons) to bite down on the sidewalk curb and then stomps on the man’s head, snapping his neck in half. Painful!

Yes. Very painful. Not awesome. How is it awesome? Only a sick person would enjoy watching that scene.

– This video of a baby getting (pretend) sloshed at a bar would be awesome even if it weren’t the trailer for a 14-minute film target=”_blank” which just won the award for best short (Startsladden) and the Audience Award at the Gothenburg film fest.
[via my brother]

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