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The 25 Best Nine Inch Nails Songs

The 25 Best Nine Inch Nails Songs

Definitely one of my very favorite things about this awards season has the been the presence of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, who I figured at one point would be left out of the mix for their “Social Network” score, basically because it was too innovative and contemporary for stuffy Academy voters. But now they’re nominated, and are by far the potential winner I have my fingers crossed the hardest for. Not just because I thought their score was “The Social Network”‘s best asset, but also because I have a long history with Mr. Reznor.

From roughly 1996 to 2002, I was full-fledged obsessed with Nine Inch Nails. My room was covered in photos of Reznor (down went Winona Ryder, up went Reznor… oddly enough my two childhood idols are both fixtures in this year’s best picture nominees). All I wore was Nine Inch Nails t-shirts. I genuinely believed Reznor’s lyrics (especially on “Pretty Hate Machine”) spoke from a queer male perspective, and thus give him significant credit in my coming out process. Blah, blah, blah….

So I’ve loved the nostalgic element that this awards season has given me via a renewed interest in Reznor’s work – and a renewed rotation of NIN songs on my iPod. I got bored on the subway a few days back, and in the midst of a day of listening to Reznor, I decided to kill time my listing my favorite Nine Inch Nails song on my blackberry notepad. I figured I’d share, if only because I’ve exhausted all actual awards season-related lists, and in the offchance that “The Social Network” score is your introduction to Reznor’s work: Please take some time to appreciate what led up to it (it’s really an incredible body of work).

1. Hurt (The Downward Sprial, 1994)

2. Closer (The Downward Sprial, 1994)

3. The Perfect Drug (Lost Highway Soundtrack, 1997)

4. Something I Can Never Have (Pretty Hate Machine, 1989)

5. The Day The World Went Away (The Fragile, 1999)

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6. March of the Pigs (The Downward Sprial, 1994)

7. Head Like a Hole (Pretty Hate Machine, 1989)

8. We’re In This Together (The Fragile, 1999)

9. Sin (Pretty Hate Machine, 1989)

10. Wish (Broken, 1991)

11. Starfuckers, Inc. (The Fragile, 1999)

12. Discipline (The Slip, 2008)

13. Only (With Teeth, 2005)

14. The Fragile (The Fragile, 1999)

15. That’s What I Get (Pretty Hate Machine, 1989)

16. Terrible Lie (Pretty Hate Machine, 1989)

17. Right Where It Belongs (With Teeth, 2005)

18. Piggy (The Downward Spiral, 1994)

19. My Violent Heart (Year Zero, 2007)

20. A Warm Place (The Downward Spiral, 1994)

21. The Hand That Feeds (With Teeth, 2005)

22. The Only Time (Pretty Hate Machine, 1989)

23. Survivalism (Year Zero, 2007)

24. The Great Below (The Fragile, 1999)

25. Ghosts 13 (Ghosts I-IV, 2008)

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