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More Good News on Bridesmaids

More Good News on Bridesmaids

This film is shaping up to be the one of the movies I am most looking forward to seeing this year. Now I know that it is a movie about a wedding, and I have said that I would be perfectly fine with my life never seeing another wedding movie EVER, but this report from Jen Yamato at Cinematical/Moviefone has pretty much sealed the deal for me. And, I watched the trailer again and laughed again.

I trust Jen having met her once. She’s the real deal, takes her work seriously and doesn’t get excited needlessly. Here’s what she says:

Also, ‘Bridesmaids’ ain’t your average rom-com / chick flick. It’s a comedy (co-scripted by Wiig and writing partner Annie Mumolo) about awkwardness, insecurity and friendship that talks the way real women talk and aims to skewer the catty, bizarre dynamics native to the pre-wedding rituals of women. If Feig, Wiig and co. pull off what they intend, ‘Bridesmaids’ could be celebrated as a raunchy, honest, female version of ‘The Hangover.’

And why it is an honest version of Sex and the City:

‘Bridesmaids’ deserves every moviegoer’s support based solely on its defiance of the lame rom-coms and female-oriented dreck that routinely comes out of the Hollywood machine. “My goal is really to do a comedy for women where women go, ‘That’s so honest and that’s so funny but that’s how we really talk and do things,'” said (Paul) Feig (the director) . “I wanted to do, for lack of a better term, an honest ‘Sex and the City.'”

Women are desperate to have their funny and real lives reflected onscreen like the dudes do. Here’s to praying that this film doesn’t pander to the lowest common denominator that so many of the boy comedies do. I’m not just looking for the women’s version of The Hangover. It’s not like you can just change the gender of the guys and make it work for women. It would be horrible. Hopefully Kristin Wiig in her first starring vehicle — which she also co-wrote — doesn’t pander for the sake of pandering.

One side of me hopes it is a big gigantic hit so that we can see more R rated comedies for women (that men will also like), but the other side of me is scared that if a movie about a wedding is the women’s comedy hit than we are going to be destined for more derivative wedding comedies through eternity. I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

A work in progress version of Bridesmaids will screen at SXSW later this month before it opens on May 15.
Set Visit: 10 Reasons ‘Bridesmaids’ Is the Female ‘Hangover’ (Cinematical)

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