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TV Review: Hugh Laurie, Zombie Killer

TV Review: Hugh Laurie, Zombie Killer

I’m devoted to House, but it’s no Singing Detective, even when a special Stunt Episode has Hugh Laurie in top hat and eye liner singing “Get Happy” with a chorus line of garishly made-up docs and nurses. Like most over-produced musical scenes – and it was a fairly short scene – this one took itself too seriously. Throughout last night’s episode of movie and TV parodies, the lighter the touch, the better.

The supposedly dramatic plot turn: Cuddy, the hospital administrator and House’s conflicted girlfriend, has a potentially lethal medical problem (as if they’d kill her off). While waiting for her biopsy, we see House and Cuddy’s dreams, nightmares and drug-induced hallucinations, all thinly veiled expressions of their fears, all extremely well-produced and shakily written.

The best turned House’s team of doctors into zombies, destroyed by House himself, who can slice a head off with his cane. “Lucky I brought my axe-cane,” is a pretty good throwaway line.

The Butch Cassidy shootout scene looked fantastic, complete with a row of Bolivian solders, but the dialogue was disappointing. Instead of suggesting they go to Australia next, Butch/House suggests a karaoke bar that plays Australian songs (sounds funnier than it played).

There were couple of mild sitcom parodies, including one of House and Cuddy in black-and-white as a perfect 50’s family (see it here). And just when you thought you were escaping Charlie Sheen, here are House and Wilson as roommates raising a child in a fake sitcom the Fox clips (though not the episode) labels “Winning.”

The best thing that happened on House last night? Skip the rest if you don’t want to know. . . . Cuddy broke up with him and he went back to taking vicodin. Now in real life that would be a tragedy, but for House it’s fantastic. He was always most interesting when crankiest, most miserable, most messed up, and the endless back-and-forth on-and-offness of the Cuddy-House romance was tiresome from the start. So, good for House for falling off the wagon, and here’s to his miserably wonderful future.

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