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Intern Gets To Design Teaser-Sale Promo Poster For Paul Thomas Anderson’s Untitled New Project

Intern Gets To Design Teaser-Sale Promo Poster For Paul Thomas Anderson's Untitled New Project

Wouldn’t it be better if Paul Thomas Anderson named his new upcoming movie “Master of Puppets” and scored it with Metallica? Ok, maybe that wouldn’t work so much.

Still his new untitled project, which is referred to as “The Master” colloquially by fans, is shooting this June with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix in the lead roles. The more recent logline said the film was about a man who returns after witnessing the horrors of WWII and tries to rediscover who he is in post-war America. He creates a belief system, something that catches on with other lost souls, and while we’re sure that’s correct, the screenplay that leaked last year was also a not-so-veiled screed on the early days and creation of Scientology with a “Master” character standing in for a Ron L. Hubbard character (you surely perused our in-depth look at the script last summer.

Anyhow, with filming set to starting less than a month (and potentially shooting in the Bay Area), it looks like Annapurna Production, who are financing the film, put together what looks like a quick teaser sales poster for Cannes that went like this.

“Howard, you know photoshop, right”
“Oh hey, Eugene, I’ve been monkeying around with it lately and you know –“
“Awesome, here. Take this photo, these names, this title and make a film poster.”
“Wait, what?”
“Thanks Tim, need it by my desk by COB.”

So is it real? Does it matter? It’s just a teaser to have some kind of representation at Cannes. The film hasn’t been shot yet, obviously and they’re still casting. So no need to be worried about its shoddiness. And hey, new PTA film! Choice!

The slightly larger, yet no more illuminating sale poster below.

[Twitpic via Cigarettes & Red Vines]

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