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Opening This Weekend: Last Night Written and Directed by Massy Tadjedin and The Women of Thor

Opening This Weekend: Last Night Written and Directed by Massy Tadjedin and The Women of Thor

Summer is here and the blockbusters have started. This week’s installment of your favorite superhero at the box office brings us Thor directed by Kenneth Branagh. I was way more intrigued to see this film over the insipid looking chick flick (and I mean that in a very pejorative way) Something Borrowed and from the looks of the reviews it looks like I made the right choice.

If you are interested in Something Borrowed where Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson fight over a man, have at it. I for one am so sick of these films and here is a review from someone I trust, Caryn James, who did not like it at all. I am hoping that the constant box office drubbing these films get (and Kate Hudson- you need a new agent) will make them go away. I know, wishful thinking, but a girl has got to dream big sometimes.

Back to Thor.

I wanted to see it because I wanted to understand Kenneth Branagh’s desire to make a big budget super hero film. I have to say it was way better than most of the summer blockbuster crap and part of it was because the female lead was played by Natalie Portman. She’s an astrophysicist who falls for Thor when he is banished to earth. And since this is a big summer movie there are great action sequences and things blow up a lot, but the good news is the film had heart. Portman is not just there for set decoration, she’s smart and treated with respect and her sidekick is played by Kat Dennings who gets all the funny lines that could have easily been given to a dude. The only problem female character is played by Rene Russo who sadly has about three lines and stands around looking at Anthony Hopkins and her super hero sons for most of the film (when she is on screen which is not too much.)

Kat Dennings also opens in the indie Daydream Nation today.

Last Night is another one of the films that got stuck in the Miramax purgatory. It’s been done forever and is finally getting to see the light of day. It premiered last year at Toronto and just recently at the Tribeca film festival and will be on VOD shortly. The film, written and directed by Massy Tadjedin and tells the story of a pivotal night in the life of a young couple played by Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington. Worthington goes out of town for a business meeting and finds temptation in the form of Eva Mendes. Knightley happens upon an old love, Guillaume Canet, and it stirs up old feelings. Both couples spend the evening together and unexpected things happen making Knightley and Worthington take stock of their marriage.

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