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Rights Round Up Cannes 2011 by International Sales Agent A – G

Rights Round Up Cannes 2011 by International Sales Agent A - G

The Rights RoundUp is a work-in-progress which will go on throughout Cannes until the next big show: Toronto, showing deals as they get made, listed by sales agent. It also shows all the festival films including those in Competition, out of Competition, Un Certain Regard, Directors’ Fortnight and Critics Week by sales agent or producer when there is no sales agent.

We already noticed 2 trends before the market started: Every film which already sold (before Cannes) includes a sale to a Belgian distributor. This may well be connected with the exceptional tax benefits given to Belgian companies who invest in film production, thus prompting distribution companies to prebuy top films in eary stages.

Another trend is that the Romanians are buying lots of festival films. This may be connected to the recent multiplex chain throughout Romania as well as Romania’s top TV position in Central and Eastern Europe.

A new trend started last year was the last minute announcement of major big projects. This year 5 such major big projects were announced which threw the buyers and buyers’ reps into a confused flurry of last minute script reading and project evaluating.

Finally, so many films this year were about abused or abandoned or helpless children (and young women), that perhaps Palme dOr winner Tree of Life was a welcome respite from hopeless situations to the one redeeming force in the universe: the power of love.

Below the jump we will begin tracking acquisitions of Cannes Festival and Market titles of some 400+ international sales agents who are licensing rights to some 2,500+ distributors acquiring films for some 60+ international territories.

Part 1 of 6: Rights Round Up – Cannes 2011 from A-G

2.1 Films (Producer) :
Return by Liza Johnson (U.S.) in Directors’ Fortnight

6 Sales :
Blackthorn by Mateo Gil (Spain) sold to U.S. – Magnolia Pictures & Magnet Releasing, France – BAC Films, Spain – Vertice 360, U.K. – Quickfire Films, Baltic states – NonStop Entertainment, Germany – Ascot Elite, Scandinavia – NonStop Entertainment.

The Edge went to Samuel Goldwyn for U.S.

Altadena :

Archstone :
Will by Ellen Perry (U.K.)
Crossmaglen by Kevin Connor
Girl From the Naked Eye

Arclight :
The Wedding Party by Amanda Jane (Australia)
The Power of Few by Leone Marucci (U.S.)
Salvation Boulevard by George Ratliff (U.S.) sold to: Croatia – MG Film, Spain – Savor Ediciones S.A.
Courier by Hany Abu-Assad (Australia) sold to: Ukraine – Top Film Distribution
A Heartbeat Away by Gale Edwards (U.S.) sold to: U.K. – Quickfire Films
A Few Best Men by Stephan Elliott (Australia)sold to: Czech Republic – Blue Sky Media LLC, U.K. – Quickfire Films
The Applicant by Eric Bross (U.S.)
Mental by P.J. Hogan (U.S.) sold to: Switzerland – Filmcoopi Zurich AG, U.K. – Universal Pictures International
Bombay Dreams by Deepa Mehta (U.S.)
Freaky Deaky by Charles Matthau (U.S.)
Sacrifice by Chen Kaige (China) has sold to U.S. The Samuel Goldwyn Co., Taiwan – Caichang International.

Arizona Film :
The Hunter by Bakur Bakuradze (Russia) in Un Certain Regard

Arp :

Arri Media world sales :
Porfirio by Alejandro Landes (Colombia, Spain, Uruguay, Argentina, France) in Directors’ Fortnight

Arrow :

Evidence was acquired for Italy by Eagle.

Arts Alliance
Cameron Crowe’s Pearl Jam documentary will get a U.S. release in September through Richard Abramowitz’s Abramorama.

Aspect :

Atrix Films :
The Sandman by Peter Luisi (Sweden) sold to: Germany – Neue Visionen Filmverleih, Australia – Polyfilm

Aurora Films (Producer) :
Sur la planche by Leïla Kilani (Marocco, France, Algeria) in Directors’ Fortnight

Autlook :
At Night They Dance (La Nuit elles dansent) by Isabelle Lavigne, Stéphane Thibault (Canada) in Directors’ Fortnight.
El Bulli – Cooking in Progress was picked up by NonStop for Scandinavia and the Baltics.

AV Pictures :
Twenty8k by Neil Thompson, David Kew (U.K.)

Bankside :
Jig went to ScreenMedia for No. America.

Bavaria :
Code Blue by Urszula Antoniak (Netherlands) in Directors’ Fortnight sold to: Netherlands – Wild Bunch Film

BBC Worldwide :

Beta Cinema :
Munich-based international seller Beta Cinema, headed by Dirk Schuerhoff, signed almost 24 deals on the Croisette, mainly with key territories.
In Darkness by Agnieszka Holland (Poland) presold to U.S. – Sony Pictures Classics , Metrodome for U.K. and Ireland, Australia/New Zealand (Roadshow Films), Mexico (Cine Video), Hong Kong (Edko), China (Champs Lis International) Spain (Alta) and Israel (Lev Cinemas).
Princess Lillifee sold to the U.S. cable channel Starz. With the US deal, Princess Lillifee has now been sold to 64 territories worldwide by Beta’s family entertainment label Wunderbox.
Moonbeam Bear signed with the Disney Junior channel in Spain, and U.S. cable channel Starz.
My Best Enemy sold to Sundance Select for U.S.
Almanya – Welcome to Germany which also screened out of competition at Berlin and attracted over 1m German cinemagoers was bought by Moonlight Films (Benelux), Lightbox (Greece), BMP (South Korea) and Swallow Wings (Taiwan).
Lessons Of A Dream – with Daniel Brühl as a teacher of English introducing the beautiful game of football to Germany sold to Japan (Gaga)
Augustí Villaronga’s Goya winner Black Bread was picked up by Alcine Terran for Japan and Champs Lis for China.
Kokowääh, which is the most successful local film at the German box office so far this year, will be distributed in Taiwan by Swallow Wings
Vincent Wants To Sea, the German Golden Lola winner, was bought by Champs Lis for distribution in mainland China and went to Taiwan’s Swallow Wings
Hell by first time director Tim Fehlbaum and executive produced by Roland Emmerich, was sold to China’s Champs Lis.
Augustí Villaronga’s Spanish arthouse hit and multi-Goya winner Black Bread will be distributed in Japan by Alcine Terran and in China by Champs Lis.
Keep Surfing was sold to Australia / New Zealand (VAS Entertainment).

BF Distribution :
Drama (1st Film) by Matias Lira has sold to: Outplay for France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg distribution

Blairwood :
Apocalypse (According to Doris)

Bleiberg Entertainment:
There Be Dragons by Roland Joffe sold to U.S. – Samuel Goldwyn Films, Spain – Alliance Films – Aurum Producciones, Airlines – Entertainment In Motion, Latin America – Tayrona Entertainment, Middle East – Eagle Films, Philippines – Suraya Filem, Portugal – Lusomundo, South Africa – Okhma, Spain – Aurum Producciones, Turkey – Özen Film.
Ingenious by Jeff Balsmeyer (U.S.)
Episode 50 by Tess & Joe Smalley (U.S.)

Bogeydom :

Breakaway Media :

Breaking Glass Pictures :
Go Go Crazy by Fred Caruso has sold to: Germany – Pro-Fun Media, France – Optimale

Broadview Pictures (Producer) :
Klitschko by Sebastian Dehnhardt (Germany)

Miss Bala by Gerardo Naranjo (Mexico) in Un Certain Regard sold to 20th Century Fox (its Mexican coproducer) for Mexico, Transmission for Australia/ N.Z.

Miss Bala by Gerardo Naranjo

CDP (Producer) :
Le Maitre des forges de l’enfer by Rithy Panh (Cambodia/ France) Cannes Out of Competition

Caramel Films :
Starbuck by Ken Scott (Canada)

Cats & Docs :
The Ballad Of Genesis & Lady Jaye by Marie Losier (U.S.) has sold to: Canada – Films We Like

Celluloid Dreams :
Maya Entertainment has acquired U.S. rights to Juan Philipe Orozco’s Colombian filmGreetings To The Devil from Celluloid Nightmares. The film was also sold to (Mongrel), U.K. (Revolver), Australia/ N.Z. (Madman), France (Wild Side), Germany (Senator), Peru/ Ecuador/Bolivia (Star), Turkey (Calinos), Middle East, and Indonesia (Pt Amero).
Sorelle Mai went to Palace for Australia/ N.Z.

Loverboy by Catalin Mitulescu (Romania) in Un Certain Regard

Celsius :
Turn Me On, Goddammit went to Madman for Australia/ N.Z.

China 3D Digital Entertainment :
3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy by Christopher Sun (China) has sold to: Thailand – M Pictures.

Cinema Management Group (CMG) :
Cannes 2011 with over 30 sales across its line-up, including numerous 10 pre-sales on its new 3D animated features and some 20 sales on its action genre features.

House Of The Rising Sun by Brian Miller (U.S.) sold to U.S. – Grindstone Entertainment Group, Australia – Transmission Films
Liars All by Brian Brightly (U.S.)
Deadheads by Brett Pierce & Drew Pierce (U.S.)

“With five new animated features of which 3 are in 3D and six new action titles, we had what distributors were looking for at this year’s Market,” stated CMG head Edward Noeltner. “The quality of our completed films as well as the promo reels we showed, particularly the 3D promo for animated feature Zambezia CMG aided our pre-sales efforts.

The animated 3D feature Zambezia, directed by Wayne Thronley, sold to Film House for Israel; Bloomage for South Korea; Praessens for Switzerland; Picture Works in India and Blancicia for Venezuela. CMG offered distributors in Cannes a chance to win an all-expenses-paid round trip ticket to visit the Triggerfish Animation Studios in Cape Town, S. Africa in to witness first-hand the post-production work on Zambezia and the start of animation on its next production Khumba. Winner of the trip was Polish distributor Vision Films President Wlodzimierz Otulak. Vision Films acquired both Zambezia and Khumba for Poland.

CMG also pre-sold the 3D animated feature Khumba to Film House for Israel and Blancicia for Venezuela.
3D CGI title The Littlest Angel sold to LionsGate for the UK, Ascot Elite for Germany, and Swen for Pan Latin America.
3D CGI title Killer Bean sold to Next Entertainment for South Africa.
Animated series The Adventures of the Little Prince sold to PFA Films for Italy
3D animated feature Sarila sold to HPM China for China.

Cinemavault :
Boca by Flavio Frederico (Brazil) has sold to: Universal Picture International for distribution in the U.K., Benelux and France; Thailand – J-BICS Film, Turkey – Media Max
Wargames by Cosimo Alema has sold to: Universal Picture International for distribution in the U.K., Benelux, France, & Scandinavia; Thailand – M Pictures, Japan – Nikkatsu, Australia – Transmission, Turkey – Media Max, Germany – KSM, Hong Kong – Sundream, & MIP for distribution in the Middle East
Lymelife went to ScreenMedia for No. America. It already went to Apex and PreVision for So. Korea, P&I for Russia, Network for U.K.

CinemaNX :
TT3D: Closer To The Edge by Richard De Aragues (U.K.) has sold to: Icon for distribution in Australia and New Zealand, U.K. – Isle Of Man Film

Cinephil :

Cinepool signed Cannes deals for two stereo 3D animation features.
Niko 2 – Family Affairs was sold to France (Bac Film), Benelux (Just Bridge), CIS/Russia (Paradise), Poland (Kino Swiat), China (HGC Entertainment), Indonesia (PT Media Bermutu) and Bulgaria (Pro Film).
Legends Of Valhalla – Thor has now been picked up for Israel (Five Stars) and Bulgaria (Pro Film).
Yoko, Hanni & Nanni, Three Quarter Moon, Color Of The Ocean and Single By Contract all went to China’s HGC Entertainment and Indonesia’s PT Media Bermutu.
Wunderkinder went to HGC for China.
The Coming Days was sold to the U.S. (Corinth) and Australia (Accent Film)
Bold Heroes was bought by Iran’s Irib.
When We Leave was sold to Denmark’s Sunrise Film Distribution
Cargo was picked up by Bulgaria’s Pro Film.

Cinetic Media :

CJ Entertainment :
Secret Sunshine sold to Criterion for U.S., its first ever Korean title.

Coach 14 :

Tarzan 3D sold to Benelux – Belga, France – Metropolitan Filmexport, Italy – Medusa Film, Latin America – Imagem, Scandinavia – Nordisk Film, Spain – Aurum Producciones, UK – eOne Distribution
Resident Evil 5 sold all other territories except German speaking and French speaking territories to Sony Pictures International.
The Mortal Instruments went to Sony/Screen Gems for the worldwide rights (excluding German language territories, France and Spain). Spain and France were sold by Constantin to Aurum and TF1, respectively.

Content Media :
96 Minutes by Aimee Lagos (U.S.) was acquired for world sales by Content at SXSW. Paradigm reps U.S.
Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold went to The Works for U.K.

Coproduction Office :
Play by Ruben Östlund (Sweden, France, Denmark) in Directors’ Fortnight
Blue Bird by Gust Van den Berghe (Belgium) in Directors’ Fortnight

Corsan :

Crimson Wolf :

Curb :
White Irish Drinkers went to Screen Media for No. America

D Street Media :

David Linde’s unnamed company with Reliance Entertainment will have its films released by Entertainment One in Canada, Britain and the Benelux. The multi-year deal with E1 will release two to four new pictures annually from Linde’s new film production and financing company. Linde created his new film venture with COO Adam Rymer and head of production Tory Metzger, and received an equity investment from India’s Reliance ADA Group. Universal Pictures has a first-look deal to release Linde’s films in the U.S. and other major international territories. The first films under the new deal are expected to be delivered in late 2012. The company, which is looking to create a brand that will work in the worldwide market, has set up output deals for all its productions to handle territories that aren’t included in its studio deals. They consist of Entertainment One (eOne) for Canada, the U.K. and Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg); Italia Films for the Middle East, Greece and Turke; Nordisk Film for the Nordic Countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland); Revolutionary Releasing for Eastern Europe (excluding Russia; Sun Distribution for Latin Ameria; and Tele München Group (Germany, Austria along with German language rights in Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein). Reliance, which is providing the capital for the new venture, will handle distribution of the films in India.

DeaPlaneta :
The Opposite of Love by Vicente Villanueva (Spain) goes to Sony for Spain.
Blind Alley by Antonio Trashorras (Spain)

Doc & Film :
El Velador by Natalia Almada (U.S., Mexico, France)
La Fin du silence (1st film) by Roland Edzard (France) in Directors’ Fortnight

L’Exercice de L’Etat by Pier Schoeller

L’Exercice De L’etat by Pier Schoeller (France/Belgium) in Un Certain Regard sold to France – Diaphana Distribution

Double Edge Entertainment :
Mayday 3DNA by Kung Wen-yen, Chang Rong-ji and Sean Kao has sold to: Australia – Icon, Hong Kong – Deltamac, China – Beijing Galloping Horse

Dream Entertainment :

E1 :

Ealing Studios :
Page One: Inside the New York Times by Andrew Rossi sold to U.S. – Magnolia Pictures & Magnet Releasing, France – Pretty Pictures
Trap For Cinderella by Iain Softley has presold to Lionsgate U.K. for U.K.

Easternlight Films:
Sacrifice was sold to U.S. – Samuel Goldwyn Films

Echo Bridge :

Egoli Tossell :

Element Pictures :

Elephant Eye :
The Other F Word was sold to U.S. – Oscilloscope and Showtime
Wasted Youth by Argyris Papadimitropulos & Jan Vogel (Greece)

Elle Driver :
The Assault (L’Assaut) was picked up by NonStop for Scandinavia and The Baltics.
Bunker: La Cara Oculta” (The Hidden Face)
Farewell My Queen by Benoît Jacquot (France) presold to: France – Ad Vitam for French Distribution
Elzevir (Producer) :
Tous au Larzac by Christian Rouad (France) Cannes Out of Compeitition.

Let the Bullets Fly sold to Japan, Australia/ N.Z. and U.K.

Epic Pictures :

Entertainment One Films International:
Toronto-based eOne operates as a distributor as well in the U.K., the U.S., Canada, Benelux, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Scandinavia and South Africa,

Sleeping Beauty, the 1st film by Julia Leigh (Australia) in Competition sold to Sundance Selects for U.S., Australia/ N.Z. – Transmission, France – Arp, Benelux – WIld Bunch, Greece – Seven Films, Switzerland – Xenix, Incognito for distribution in The Baltics, Carmen Films for distribution for the former USSR, eOne for Canadian distribution, & Lev Cinemas for distribution in Israel
The Bengali Detective by Phil Cox (Canada)

Essential Entertainment :
The Expatriate by Philipp Stolzl (U.S.) presold to: Canada – Entertainment One LTD, Poland – Telewizja Polsat. Producer in the U.S. is Grandview Castle Enterainment.

EuropaCorp :
La Source Des Femmes by Radu Mihaileanu (France) in Competition sold to France – Canal +, Spain – Vertigo Films, Australia/ N.Z. – Madman, Belgium – Cineart, Former Yugoslavia states – MegaCom Film, Italy – BIM

Exclusive Media Group:

Exclusive FIlms International:
Woman In Black by James Watkins (U.K.) has sold to U.S. – CBS Films, Italy – Videa – CDE SPA, Malaysia – Suraya Filem Production & Distribution, Poland – Best Film Co, Taiwan – Long Shot International, Turkey – D Productions, Middle East – Front Row Filmed Entertainment LLC
Snitchsold to Summit for No. America, Hoyts and Sony Home Video for Australia/ N.Z., Alliance for Canada, Aurum for Spain, Front Row for the Middle East, Momentum for U.K.

Fabrication :

Fandango Portobello :
Habemus Papam by Nanni Moretti (Italy) in Competition sold to Australia – Transmission Films, Belgium – Cineart, Brazil – Mares Filmes Ltda, Former Yugoslavia states, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania – MegaCom Film, France – Le Pacte, Germany – Prokino Filmverleih, Italy – 01 Distribution, Poland – Gutek Film, Portugal – Midas Filmes, Romania – Independenta Film, South Korea – Thomas Entertainment
Sweden – Tri-Art Film, Switzerland – Frenetic Films, Greece – Seven Films, Taiwan – Cineplex Development. The film has made close to €5 million since its release in Italy three weeks ago.
The Salt of Life by Gianni Di Gregorio (Italy) sold to U.S. – Zeitgeist Films, Germany – Neue Visionen Filmverleih GMBH, Greece – Filmtrade, Hungary – Cirko Film – Maskepp Foundation, Netherlands – ABC – Cienmien, Switzerland – Xienix Film Distribution GMBH, U.K. – Artificial Eye Company LTD

Figa Films :

Film Bridge :

Film Factory
Mini-series Crematorium (Crematorio) was picked up by NonStop for Scandinavia and The Baltics.
Filmax :
No Rest for the Wicked by Enrique Urbizu (Spain) will be released by Warner Brothers in Spain.
Verbo by Eduardo Chapero-Jackson (Spain) sold to: Poland – ITI Cinema Z.O.O.
Sleep Tight by Jaume Balaguero (Spain) sold to: Australia – Rialto Distribution, Germany – Senator Entertainment AG, Hong Kong (China) – Edko Films LTD, Switzerland – Frenetic Films
Rec Genesis by Paco Plaza (Spain) sold to: Japan – Broadmedia Studios Corporation, Hong Kong (China) – Edko Films LTD

FilmNation :
The Brothers Grimm: Snow White sold to Kinowelt for Germany.
House at the End of the Street went to Relativity for U.S.

La Piel que habito by Pedro Amodovar (Spain) in Competition sold to Australia –Transmission Films, Belgium – Alternative Films S.A., Ecuador -Venus Films, Germany –Tobis Film , Greece – Odeon, Hong Kong (China) -Edko Films, Hungary – Budapest Film, Poland – Gutek, Romania – Independenta, Switzerland – Pathe, U.K. – Pathe Entertainment, No. America – Sony Pictures Classics

Take Shelter by Jeff Nichols (U.S.) has gone to U.S. – Sony Pictures Classics

The Wettest County in the World by John Hillcoat (U.S.) has sold to The Weinstein Co for U.S. in a bidding war conducted by CAA and Cassian Elwes for $5 -6 million. Other deals were made with Metropolitan for France, Imagen for Latin America, Svensk for Scandinavia, West for Russia, Dreamscape for So. Korea, Wild Bunch for Italy and Germany. Previous deals were made with Momentum for U.K., Canada, Australia/ N.Z.

The Last Days of American Crime went to Momentum for U.K., Alliance for Canada, Icon for Australia/ N.Z., EEAP for Eastern Europe, also to So. Korea and others.
Specter went to Icon for Australia/ N.Z., Koch for Germany, Gussi for Latin America, Top Film for Russia , Aurum for Spain, Momentum for U.K., Welcome to the Punch to Square One for Germany, Pinnacle for Australia/ N.Z. It sold to: U.K. – Alliance Films – Momentum Pictures

Untitled Film by Terrence Malick (U.S.)
Gambit by Michael Hoffman (U.S.) presold to: Australia – Roadshow Films, Canada – Alliance Films, Hong Kong (China) – UA Films, Indonesia – PT Amero Mitra Film, Sweden – Svensk Filmindustri AB, Switzerland – Ascot Elite Entertainment Group, U.K. – Alliance Films – Momentum Pictures. CBS Films is distributing in U.S. Aurum has Spain.
The Raven by James McTeigue (U.S.) sold to: Switzerland – Ascot Elite Entertainment Group, Ukraine – Top Film Distribution, U.K. – Universal Pictures International
Looper was sold to U.S. – FilmDistrict, France – SND, Greece – Odeon, Hong Kong – Deltamac, India – Multivision Multimedia, Israel – Lev Film, Lebanon – Italia Film, Netherlands – Entertainment One Benelux, Portugal – Zon Lusomundo Audiovisual, Switzerland – Ascot Elite Entertainment, Turkey – TMC Film, U.K. – Entertainment One UK

Films Boutique :
En Ville by Bertrand Schefer,Valérie Mréjen (France) in Directors’ Fortnight
Koi no Tsumi by Sono Sion (Japan) in Directors’ Fortnight
The Turin Horse by Béla Tarr (Hungary) has sold to New Horizon for Poland. It also went to: Italy – Movies Inspired, Japan – Bittersend Inc., Poland – Era New Horizons, Portugal – Midas Filmes, U.K.- Artificial Eye Company LTD U.S. – The Cinema Guilt

Films Distribution :
House of Tolerance (L’Apollonide) by Bertrand Bonello, in Competition (France) went to Sundance Selects for No. America, Australia – Rialto Entertainment, Brazil – Petrini, Ex-Yugoslavia states – MegaCom Film,
France – Haut et Court, Germany – NFP, Greece – Strada Films, Portugal – Atalanta Filmes.

Les Neiges Du Kilimandjaro by Robert Guédiguian (France) in Un Certain Regard was picked up by NonStop for Scandinavia and the Baltics. It also went to Australia/ N.Z. – Hopscotch, Baltic states – NonStop Entertainment, Benelux – Cineart, Brazil – Imovision, France – Diaphana, Greece – Feelgood Entertainment, Japan – Crest International, Portugal – Atalanta Filmes, Scandinavia – NonStop Entertainment, Spain – Golem Distribución
Monsieur Hubert de Givenchy was picked up by NonStop for Scandinavia and the Baltics.
Jeanne Captive by Philippe Ramos (France) in Directors’ Fortnight
Atmen (1st Film) by Karl Markovics (Austria) in DIrectors’ Fortnight
17 filles (1st film) by Delphine Coulin, Muriel Coulin (France) in Critic’s Week
The Slut (1st film) by Hagar Ben Asher (Israel, Germany) in Critic’s Week4
Goodbye First Love (aka Un Amour de Jeunesse) by Mia Hansen-Love has sold to: No. America – Sundance Selects, U.K. – Artificial Eye, Australia/ N.Z. – Palace, Switzerland – Frenetic, Italy – Teodora, France – Les Films Du Losange

Films du Losange :
Amour by Michael Haneke (Australian) has sold to: U.K. – Artifcial Eye
King of Devil’s Island sold to Palace for Australia/ N.Z.

House of Tolerance (L’Apollonide) by Bertrand Bonello

Film Factory Entertainment :
Saint by Dick Maas (Netherlands) sold to U.S. – IFC Midnight, U.K. – Metrodome, Mexico – Corazon Films, Japan – New Select, Australia/New Zealand – Vendetta, Czech Republic/ Slovakia – Vapet, China – HGC, Hong Kong – Sundream, Tawain – Schenci Media, E1 for France, Germany, & Scandinavia, Gulf Films for the Middle East, Leda Films for PayTv Latin America, Euro Films for Peru Bolivia, & Ecuador
Ghost Graduation by Javier Ruiz Caldera (Spain)

Film Sales Company :
Chasing Madoff went to Cohen Media Group for U.S. E1 has Canada.
Shakespeare High by Alex Rotaru (U.S.)

Films Transit :

Films We Like : p://
Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec God? by Michael Hirsh, Jack Christie (Canada)

FilmSharks :
The Misfits by Jorge Ramírez Suárez (Mexico) has sold to: Latin America – Gussi, Distrimax for No. America.

First Hand Films :

Finecut :
The Day He Arrives by Hong Sangsoo (South Korea) in Un Certain Regard went to Cinema Guild for U.S.
Arirang by Kim Ki-duk (South Korea) in Un Certain Regard

Flanders Image :
Blue Bird by Gust Van Den Berghe (Belgium) in Directors’ Fortnight

Focus Features :
Mister Pip by Andrew Adamson (New Zealand) presold to: Transmission Films, Paramount for Australia / N.Z. United Talent Agency reps U.S. sales rights
Hyde Park on Hudson presold to Icon for Australia/ N.Z. FilmFour has U.K.
Cloud Atlas by Tom Tykwer pre-sold to U.S. – Warner Brothers for No. America.
Untitled Colin Firth and Emily Blunt dark comedy, with UTA and CAA repping No. America.
Moonrise Kingdom by Wes Anderson
Para Norman by Sam Fell and Chris Butler has presold to: Universal Pictures International for distribution outside of North America

Foresight Unlimited :
The Ledge by Matthew Chapman (U.S.)

Fortissimo :
Jiro Dreams Of Sushi by David Gelb (U.S.), sold to U.S. and Canada – Magnolia
Corman’s World: Exploits Of A Hollywood Rebel by Alex Stapleton (U.S.) has sold to Anchor Bay Pictures for U.S. and Canada.
Sur La Planche by Leila Kilani (Morocco)
Good Bye by Mohammaed Rasoulof (Iran) has sold to: Pretty Pictures for French Distribution
Egyptian drama 678 which Fortissimo took to R’dam, Berlin, Geneva, and N.Y. fests, was sold to Pyramide for France, Golem for Spain, Lusomundo for Portugal, Imovision for Brazil.

Fortune Star :

Forward Motion :

Fox International Pictures (FIP):
Everybody Has A Plan (1st Film) by Ana Piterbarg (Argentina) ; Fox International will distribute directly in Spain and Argentina.

Fox Searchlight Pictures :
Sound of My Voice by Zal Batmanglij

France Television Distribution :

Funny Balloons :

Gaumont :
La Conquete (The Conquest) by Xavier Durringer (France) Out of Competition. Prior to Cannes rights were with Lumiere for Benelux, Pathe for Switzerland.
Untouchable sold to Benelux – Victory Productions, Czech Republic – Hollywood Classics Entertainment, France – Gaumont, Germany – Senator Film Verleih, Hungary – MTVA, Italy – Medusa Film, Korea – Line Tree Entertainment, Slovakia – Hollywood Classics Entertainment, Spain – A Contracorriente, Switzerland – Frenetic Films
The Chef went to Icon for Australia/ N.Z., Bulgaria – A Plus Cinema, China – Delta Films, CIS – Top Films, Czech Republic – Hollywood Classics Entertainment, Greece – Village Roadshow, Hong Kong – Delta Films, Hungary – MTVA, Indonesia – PT Amero Mitra Film, Italy – Videa-CDE, So. Korea – Mirovision, Latin America – Gussi Films, Middle East – Four Star, Poland – Monolith Films, Slovakia – Hollywood Classics Entertainment, Taiwan – Serenity Entertainment

A Lonely Place to Die sold to Kaleidoscope for U.K.

GK Films:
In the Land of Blood and Honey was picked up by FilmDistrict for U.S.
Rum Diary was picked up by Entertainment One for Canada.
London Boulevard was picked up by Entertainment One for Canada.

Global Cinema Group :

Goldcrest :
Cheerful Weather for the Wedding (1st Film) by Donald Rice (UK)
The First Grader by Justin Chadwick (UK) sold to U.S. – National Geographic Feature Films, Argentina – LEDAFILMS SA, Australia – Rialto Distribution, Canada – Maple Pictures Corp, China – Dark Light Media, Hong Kong (China) – Edko Films LTD, Japan – The Klockworx Co, LTD, Netherlands – A Film Distribution, Portugal – Zon Lusomundo Audiovisuais, SA, Turkey – Calinos Entertainment, U.K. – Diffusion Pictures, U.K. – Soda Pictures
Dark Horse by Todd Solondz (U.S.) sold to: United Arab Emirates – Prime Pictures
Homework by Gavin Weisen (U.S.) sold to: U.S. – Fox Searchlight Pictures, U.S. – Twentieth Century Fox International

Golden Network :

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