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In Theaters: Bid Adieu To Harry & Pals In ‘Deathly Hallows Part 2’ Or Take A ‘Pooh’

In Theaters: Bid Adieu To Harry & Pals In 'Deathly Hallows Part 2' Or Take A 'Pooh'

Break out your wands and Gryffindor scarves, people! It’s time to bid adieu to Harry Potter and pals in the conclusion of this eight film series this weekend. I don’t care that it’s the dead heat of July, put your damn wizarding cloaks on and get thee to a theatre right quick. Beat back those feisty little tweens and crack a butter beer for your fallen homies. Also opening this weekend: a few docs, some indie fare and a childhood revisited with “Winnie the Pooh.”

So yes, like we said, magic, wizards, Harry Potter, cloaks, wands, Expecto Patronum, you know the drill. Say goodbye to your magical friends in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- Part 2” directed by David Yates, and starring everyone who’s been in all the other Harry Potter movies! You know them by now! Make some butter beer to smuggle into the theater with you! I think last time we used a recipe of rum, apple cider and amaretto. Our review says the film is “is the rare fantasy epic that makes you actually feel something beyond empty spectacle,” and “you’ll most likely be clapping – and wiping the tears from your face.” Expecto Awesome! RT: 97% MC: 87

Winnie the Pooh,” Winnie the Pooh, cuddly, wuddly silly old bear! I can’t remember the song! Your favorite childhood characters are back in this traditionally animated (NOT CGI 3D OMG) feature. Our review says, “is unquestionably the summer’s best animated feature – charming, funny, warm, and beautiful; it’s a reminder that simplicity isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and that you shouldn’t have to wear 3D glasses to truly appreciate animation. ” Sold! RT: 91% MC: 74

I have to admit that Errol Morris‘ latest “Tabloid” is one of my most anticipated films of the year. The documentary follows the bizarre tale of an American beauty queen who kidnaps a Mormon missionary for a weekend of kinky exploits and/or sexual assault. British tab mayhem (the very best kind of mayhem) ensues. Our review calls the film, “outrageously good.” RT: 87% MC: 76

Charlotte Gainsbourg stars as a grieving widow and mother (geez, Char can’t catch a break, huh?) in “The Tree,” an Australian film from director Julie Bertuccelli. Our review says the film, “is beautifully filmed and well-acted, but can’t ever quite rise above being only mediocre in terms of the story it is trying to tell and the vast implications it tries to explore.” RT: 75% MC: 60

Salvation Boulevard” stars Pierce Brosnan as the pastor of a a megachurch and Greg Kinnear as a wayward soul caught up in his murderous secret. Our review says, “It’s a testament to how waterlogged the premise ends up and how strong Brosnan is that there isn’t much ‘Salvation’ when he isn’t onscreen.” RT: 10% MC: 34

Daylight” by David Barker stars Aidan Redmond and Alexandra Meierhans as an expectant couple kidnapped by a some thugs played by Ivan Martin and Michael Godere. Our review says Barker “does manage to successfully carve a convincing story and include some personal, weighty substance within,” and the film ” isn’t perfect, it still manages to outdistance some of the more seasoned vets.” RT: 83% MC: 72

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan,” a Chinese film about two women in modern day China bound by an ancestral connection, directed by Wayne Wang, starring Giana Jun and Bingbing Li (I wish my name was Bingbing). RT: 19% MC: 42

South African filmmaker Oliver Schmitz‘s latest film, the drama “Life, Above All.” RT: 84%

Lucky” is a comedy starring Colin Hanks as a novice serial killer who wins the lottery. I don’t write this stuff people, I just report the facts! Costarring Jeffrey Tambor, Mimi Rogers and Ari Graynor. Oh and Ann Margret, natch. RT: 27%

A young man with Down’s syndrome pursues his high school crush in TIFF film “Girlfriend” by Justin Lerner. The awkward vampire from “Twilight,” Jackson Rathbone co-stars as her no-good boyfriend. RT: 20% MC: 42

A Buenos Aires man must protect his pregnant wife in their quarantined building in Argentinian sci-fi flick “Phase 7.” RT: 67%

Barf puke. I’m not even giving this swamp beast more attention. “The Undefeated,” the documentary by and about that hideous creature whose name may or may not sound like Parah Salin. Parasailin’! There, that’s better… RT: 0% MC: 34

A faux doc about a young American soldier disposing of German armaments after WWII in “Impolex” by Alex Ross Perry. MC: 32

Oh boy. Western comedy “Gunless” about a gunslinger stranded in Canada with no gun.

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