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Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival Celebrates its Quinceanera

Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival Celebrates its Quinceanera

Fifteen years old! Under Marlene Dermer’s leadership, with her founding partner, Eddie Olmos, LALIFF shows the best of Latino films.

76 films, including 42 feature films (29 narrative and 13 documentaries) and 34 short films from 14 different countries. The feature films selected include 2 World Premieres, 6 USA Premieres, 5 West Coast Premieres and 11 Los Angeles Premieres. This year’s program offers a balanced selection of new voices and voices that we have heard before. Together and individually they go beyond telling Latino stories; they narrate in film the human experience.

LALIFF is one of few film festivals in the world recognized by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science as a qualifying festival, making the winner of its Short Film Category eligible for Oscar® consideration. In the spirit of celebration, this year LA Times / Hoy launches the first ever Best Short Audience Award at LALIFF. Please check out this year’s Shorts’ trailers at

Feature Length Narrative Films (in alphabetical order):

A Tiro De Piedra (A Stone’s Throw Away), Sebastián Hiriart, 118min. Mexico – West Coast Premiere
¿Alguien Ha Visto A Lupita? (Have You Seen Lupita?), Gonzalo Justiniano, 86min. Chile/Mexico
All She Can, Amy Wendel, ♀ 91 Min.Usa
América… Ella Se Atrevió (America… She Dared), Sonia Fritz, ♀ 90min. Puerto Rico
Boleto Al Paraíso (Ticket To Paradise), Gerardo Chijona, 88min. Cuba/Spain/Venezuela
Cápsulas (Capsules), Veronica Riedel, ♀ 103min. Guatemala – L.A. Premiere
Chico & Rita, Fernando Trueba, Javier Mariscal, Tono Errando, 94min. Spain/U.K. – West Coast Premiere
Didi Hollywood, Bigas Luna, 102 Min. Spain
Dormir Al Sol (A Sleep In The Sun), Alejandro Chomski, 85min. Argentina – L.A. Premiere
El Premio (The Prize),Paula Markovitch, ♀ 120min. Mexico/France/Germany/Poland – U.S. Premiere
Entrelobos (Among Wolves), Gerardo Olivares, 114min. Spain – U.S. Premiere
Escribeme Postales A Copacabana, (Schreibe Mir Postkarten Nach Copacabana), Thomas Kronthaler, 96min. Bolivia – World Premiere
Gun Hill Road, Rashaad Ernesto Green, 88min. Usa
Hidalgo, La Historia Jamás Contada (Hidalgo. The Untold Story), Antonio Serrano, 100min. Mexico – U.S. Premiere
Ispansi (Españoles), Carlos Iglesias,100min. Spain -U.S. Premiere
La Hora Cero (The Zero Hour), Diego Velasco, 102min. Venezuela -U.S. Premiere
La Mirada Invisible (The Invisible Eye), Diego Lerman, 95min. (A Co-Presentation With Global Film Initiative.) -Argentina/Spain/France – L.A. Premiere
La Vida De Los Peces (The Life Of Fish), Matías Bize,83min. Chile – L.A. Premiere
La Vida Útil (A Useful Life), Federico Veiroj, 63min. (A Co-Presentation With Global Film Initiative.) Uruguay – L.A. Premiere
Los Colores De La Montaña (The Colors Of The Mountain), Carlos César Arbeláez, 88min. Colombia – West Coast Premiere
Octubre (October), Daniel Vega, Diego Vega, 83 Min. Peru – L.A. Premiere
Post Mortem, Pablo Larraín, 98min. Chile – L.A. Premiere
Tequila Historia De Una Pasión (Tequila History Of A Passion),Sergio Sánchez Suárez, 109min. Mexico – U.S. Premiere
Todos Tus Muertos (All Your Dead Ones), Carlos Moreno, 90min. Colombia – L.A. Premiere
White Knight, Jesse Baget, 85min. Usa/Mexico – L.A. Premiere
Without Men, Gabriela Tagliavini, ♀ 83min. Usa

Feature Length Documentary Films (In Alphabetical Order):

Checkpoint Rock, Canciones Desde Palestina (Checkpoint, Songs From Palestine),Fermín Muguruza, Javier Corcuera, 70min. Spain – West Coast Premiere
El Velador (The Night Watchman),Natalia Almada, ♀ 52min. (Lpb Showcase) Mexico/Usa – L.A. Premiere
Granito: How To Nail A Dictator, Pamela Yates, ♀ 90min.(Lpb Showcase) Usa – L.A. Premiere
Harlistas: An American Journey,Alfredo De Villa, 91min. Usa – West Coast Premiere
Havana Surf, Rodrigo Diaz Mcveigh, 54min. Cuba/Spain – L.A. Premiere
La Historia En La Mirada, Jose Ramon Mikelajauregui, 78min. Mexico
La Maleta Mexicana (The Mexican Suitcase), Trisha Ziff, ♀ 86min. Mexico – U.S. Premiere
Los 100 Sones Cubanos (The 100 Cuban “Sones”), Edesio Alejandro, Rubén Consuegra, 81min. Cuba/Dominican Republic – World Premiere
Nostalgia De La Luz (Nostalgia For The Light), Patricio Guzmán, 90min.Chile/France/Spain/Germany
Pablo’s Hippos, Antonio Von Hildebrand, 83min. Colombia
Paraíso For Sale (Paraiso En Venta),Anayansi Prado, 75min. (Lpb Showcase) Panama/Usa
Precious Knowledge, Ari Luis Palos, 90min. (Lpb Showcase) Usa
Revolution, Mayckell Pedrero Mariol, 50min. Cuba – L.A. Premiere

Nostalgia for The Light:

LALIFF’s selection of 34 short films is divided into 8 programs: Urban Stories – Coming of Age, Family, Relationship, Suspense/Drama, Unspoken Stories I & II, Urban Stories – Drama, and A Kid’s World. In the spirit of celebration, this year LA Times / Hoy launches the first ever Best Short Audience Award at LALIFF.

Short Films (By Program):

Coming Of Age – Urban Stories
A Man Made Early, Cruz Angeles, 15min. 32sec. United States West Coast Premiere
Beyond The Ropes, Johnny Kirk, 17min. United States L.A. Premiere
Maddoggin’, Terence Heuston, 23min. 50sec. United States World Premiere
Papelero (The Paper Boy), Olicer J. Muñoz, 15min. United States World
Aurora, Roney Freitas, 20min. Brazil World Premiere
Martin, Osvaldo Montaño, 15min. Mexico L.A./U.S. Premiere
Sin Palabras (No Words), Bel Armenteros, 14min. 10sec. Spain
The Big Deal, Lucy Rodriguez, ♀ 13min. 35sec. United States
Una Caja De Botones (A Box Of Buttons), María Reyes Arias ♀, 21min. Spain L.A. Premiere

Amores Ciegos (Love, Intertwined), Marisé Samitier, ♀ 23min. 30sec. United States
U.S. Premiere
Better, John Cantu, 42min. United States L.A. Premiere
Remember, Jason Chaet, 14min. 30sec. United States
Tijereto (Flycatcher), Camila Jiménez Villa, ♀ 21min. Colombia U.S. Premiere

70m2, Miguel Angel Carmona Estevez, 15min. Spain West Coast Premiere
Colmillo (Fang), Albi De Abreu, 19min. Venezuela West Coast Premiere
El Pozo (The Well), Guillermo Arriaga, 4min. Mexico
Mile 27, Merilay Fernandez, ♀ 14min. 24sec. United States World Premiere
The Recipient, Javier Bermudez, 11min. United States World Premiere

Unspoken Stories – I
Background (Trasfondo), Jose Valladares, 15min. Guatemala World Premiere
Shadows, Javier Barbera, 23min. 49sec. United States World Premiere
Sold, John Irwin, 12’20” United States L.A. Premiere
Topo Gigio Is Dead, David Miranda Hardy, 23min Chile/United States West Coast/U.S. Premiere

Unspoken Stories – II
Angelito, Paula Lima, ♀ 13min. 20sec. United States/Brazil L.A. Premiere
Despertar (Awaken), Cristina Kotz Cornejo, ♀ 14min. Mexico World Premiere
Espérame, Daniel Galo, 5min. United States/Mexico U.S. Premiere
Noche Sin Luna (Moonless Night), Bethynia Cárdenas Íñiguez, ♀ 13min. Mexico L.A. Premiere

Urban Stories – Drama
Lilia, Sam Lerma, 20min. United States World Premiere
Stuffer, Nathan Crooker, 20min. United States L.A. Premiere

A Kids World:
A Mula Teimosa E O Controle Remoto (The Stubborn Mule And The Remote Control), Hélio Villela Nunes, 15min Brazil U.S. Premiere
El Bolerito (The Shoe Shiner), Julio O. Ramos, 10min., United States /Mexico L.A. Premiere
Paraíso Terrenal (Earthly Paradise), Tomas Welss, 18min. Chile, Animation
U.S. Premiere
Philippe’s Sandwich, James Hanlon, 15min. United States U.S. Premiere
Sábado De Gloria (Glorious Saturday), Santiago López, 14min. Colombia/United States

Topo Gigo Is Dead:


VIP PASS: $450.00 – All Access (access to all Films, Panels, Nightly Receptions, Filmmakers Café, Galas and Festival Catalog)
ALL MOVIE PASS: $350.00 – Ticketed Access to all regular screenings during the Festival. It also includes a festival catalog. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE GALAS. Limited Amount will be sold
INDUSTRY PASS: $250.00 – This pass is for Executives working in the Entertainment Industry (distributors, sales agents, Studio Executives etc.). They must have a business card and the request needs to be on company stationery. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE GALAS. Limited Amount will be sold
STUDENT PASS: $75.00 – Ticketed Access to all regular screenings during the Festival. It also includes a festival catalog. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE SPECIAL SCREENINGS OR GALAS. You must have a current school ID. Limited Amount will be sold

LALIFF presents Hollywood Connect.
A series of meetings, receptions, panels, and conversations created to build bridges between participating filmmakers and the professionals from the Hollywood film community.

Come join our “Café con…” series.
This year LALIFF will be hosting one-on-one conversations with top innovative professionals in the Film and Television industry. “Café con…” will be scattered over the course of the Festival as – so be sure to check in, re-energize and be inspired. You don’t want to miss this!

These events will take place at the Arena Stage & Filmmakers Café beginning Monday July 18th through Sunday, July 24.

Presented by Creative Artists Agency (CAA)
at The Arena Stage

Presented by Hollywood’s leading talent agency, CAA, this panel will explore the role of a talent agency and how to break into the business.

Special guest speakers will include:
Ryan Tarpley-Executive-Foundation
Jacqueline Sacerio- Agent-Motion Picture Literary
Christy Haubegger-Agent-Lifestyles/Brand Coverage
Marisa Garcia-Agent-Motion Pictures Marketing
Laura Walker-Agent-Film Finance
Gisselle Ruiz-Executive-Human Resources
Matt Mazzeo-Agent-Business Development


“CAFÉ CON…Sandra Pedlow”
New Executive Director of Latino Public Broadcasting.
at the Filmmakers Café

Join us in this special meet and greet with the New Executive Director of Latino Public Broadcasting. Latino Public Broadcasting (LPB) supports the development, production, acquisition and distribution of non-commercial educational and cultural television that is representative of Latino people, or addresses issues of particular interest to Latino Americans. These programs are produced for dissemination to the public broadcasting stations and other public telecommunication entities. By acting as minority consortium, LPB provides a voice to the diverse Latino community throughout the United States.


Presented by LA Business Today
at The Arena Stage

LA Business Today will explore how to bring money to marketable independent film making. Invited panelists include featured guests on LA Business Today. Panelists subject to change. Moderated by Bob and Sharon Jimenez, Hosts LA Business Today

Special Guests:
Bill Mundell – Executive Director, Gerrymandering the Movie
Tim Mc Hugh – Cinematographer, Film and TV Action Committee
Mimi Kennedy – Actress, Activist
Martin Guigui, President, Sunset Pictures
Haskell Wexler – Cinematographer, Two-time Oscar winner
Jordi Vilasuso – Actor


Presented by the Writers Guild of America, West
1:00PM – 2:00PM at The Arena Stage

Join us for an intimate talk with the Latinos in front and behind the camera, Executive Producer and writer, Manny Coto and actors Lauren Velez and David Zayas, who help give Dexter it’s authentic Latin sabor. Moderated by: Oscar Garza, former Senior Editor, LA Public Media

2:45PM – 3:45PM at The Arena Stage

What are traditional distributors doing digitally for their films and what are the new distributors offering? We will have specialists in Latino film distribution discuss their most recent successes and failures. Moderated by Sydney Levine, indieWIRE, SydneysBuzz

Special Guests:
Brenda Rios, Pantelion, Co-Head of Marketing
Viviana Pendrill, Pantelion, Co-Head of Marketing
Tonantzin Esparza, Maya, Director of Acquisitions
Orly Ravid, Film Collaborative


Award winning Mexican Cinematographer and this year’s LALIFF GABI Award Recipient
6PM @ The Arena Stage

Come and celebrate his great artistic achievement and join us in an intimate and compelling discussion with Guillermo Navarro, Academy winner for Best Cinematography (Pan’s Labyrinth) and the Independent Spirit Award for Best Cinematography (Pan’s Labyrinth) in 2006. His most recent project The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is currently in post-production and will be released later this year.

Please visit for updated calendar of panels, information and additional events. You may also write to or call 323.446.27700.

Admission tickets to regular screenings are available on pre-sale online at $12 with a $2 discount to LALIFF members. Metro riders could purchase general admission tickets with a $1 discount at the festival’s box office. For more information, purchase advance tickets and to see the list of films and countries represented, please go to

Marlene Dermer
LIFI/LALIFF Co-founder & Executive Director

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