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Watch: Bikini & Butt Is Bait In ‘Shark Night 3D’ Clip; ‘Arena’ May Be The Worst Sam Jackson Pic Yet

Watch: Bikini & Butt Is Bait In 'Shark Night 3D' Clip; 'Arena' May Be The Worst Sam Jackson Pic Yet

It’s Monday, the beginning of August and another long work week so here’s some pulp nonsense to rest your brain with.

Granted, the bikini and butt in the clip isn’t that of Sara Paxton as pictured above, but does it matter? A new clip from “Shark Night 3D” has hit making ample use of a lithe young woman with a fine posterior that acts as bait for the titular creature who is swimming in surprisingly shallow water. We’re not sure of the science here, but that doesn’t seem right. But who needs facts when you got bikinis, blood and jump scares? Admittedly, this is charming in a totally dorky way and at least confirms everyone is aiming very, very low with this one. Katharine McPhee, Joel David Moore and a bunch of other people who will probably die co-star in the film that will get you wet on September 2nd. [STYD]

Oh, Samuel L. Jackson. We love the guy, but as long as there is a paycheck and well stocked catering table, it seems he’ll sign on to do about anything. For all the solid work he’s done, his filmography is still littered with junk like “Astro Boy,” “The Man,” “Farce Of The Penguins,” and other B-movie filler. The actor doesn’t seem to have any real quality control filter which is the only explanation we have for his appearance in “Arena.” Formerly titled “Fury” and changed so audiences wouldn’t get confused with his Marvel character sharing the same handle, Movieline has dug up the trailer and it proves one thing: it is possible to make a movie worse than “Gamer.”

Co-starring Kellan Lutz, the film is about a guy who is forced into a gladiator battle for the entertainment of folks watching online. And someone he has to save is his wife or something and Nina Dobrev is involved somehow. Jackson did the smart thing and has his character sitting down for most the trailer — we wouldn’t want to stand up and act in this thing either. Visual effects guy Jonah Loop ( “Collateral,” “The Perfect Getaway“) makes his directorial debut on the film and it will likely be his last. With everyone chewing scenery and trying to make the $15 sets look plausibly futuristic, the rich irony here is that Loop’s biggest failing are the virtual worlds that seem lifted out of a pre-“Matrix” ’90s movie. Brutal. Anyway if your curiosity is piqued, you can pick it up on DVD on October 11th.

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