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Camden International Film Festival Announces Complete Lineup and Points North Doc Forum

Camden International Film Festival Announces Complete Lineup and Points North Doc Forum

The Camden International Film Festival on the coast of Maine, one of the strongest industry events for documentary filmmaking in New England, has announced its features lineup for its 2011 edition. Included in the lineup are world premieres from Lyda Kuth’s “Love and Other Anxieties” and Gabriel DeLoach’s “The Harvest.” Also in the lineup are a work-in-progress screening of Ashley Sabin and David Redmon’s Maine story of the struggling fishing industry and festival favorites like Danfung Dennis’s “Hell and Back Again” (the fest’s opening night film), Jerry Rothwell’s “Donor Unknown” and Tristan Patterson’s “Dragonslayer.”

The Friday and Saturday of the festival, September 30 and October 1, the festival will host the third annual Points North Documentary Forum. Presentations and panels are on the schedule, with documentary industry leaders like Sara Bernstein (HBO), Molly Thompson (A&E IndieFilms), Yance Ford (POV), Richard Saiz (ITVS) and Andrea Meditch and Julie Goldman (“Buck”) amongst the participants. The forum will also feature a pitch session where four finalists will vie for a $1,000 cash prize from Documentary Educational Resources and a scholarship to the Maine Media Workshops.

The 2011 Camden International Film Festival will run from September 29-October 2, 2011.

The complete features lineup from the 2011 Camden International Film Festival, with descriptions provided by the festival:

Isabelle Lavigne and Stéphane Thibault | Canada | 2010
US Premiere
AT NIGHT, THEY DANCE is one family’s story. The film takes us into the heart of a clan of women, in which the art of dancing has been passed down from mother to daughter since time immemorial. Filmed in Cairo, AT NIGHT, THEY DANCE takes an unsentimental yet lyrical look at a hidden world full of surprise and fascination.

Michal Marczak | Poland/Russia | 2010
New England Premiere
Alexei is a nineteen year old recruit being flown in to perform his military service on the frontier of northern Russia. The base is one of few such remaining outposts on the Arctic Ocean. There are five other seasoned and long serving soldiers stationed here, each with their own personal story or secret that has caused them to retreat from the real world.

Kelly Duane de la Vega and Katie Galloway | USA | 2011
Two boyhood friends from Midland, Texas – David McKay and Bradley Crowder – fall under the sway of a charismatic revolutionary ten years their senior. A dramatic story of idealism, loyalty, crime and betrayal, BETTER THIS WORLD goes to the heart of the War on Terror and its impact on civil liberties and political dissent in post-9/11 America.

Sofie Benoot | Belgium / USA | 2010
US Premiere
BLUE MERIDIAN is a journey following the Mississippi River from Cairo, Illinois to New Orleans, Louisiana. A documentary road movie through a mythic place and an encounter with people living between traces from natural disasters, economic decline and a turbulent American history.

Alma Har’el | USA / Israel | 2011
New England Premiere
The rusting relic of a failed 1960s development boom, the Salton Sea is a barren Californian landscape often seen as a symbol of the failure of the American Dream. BOMBAY BEACH is a dreamlike poem that sets the personal stories of these distinctive yet familiar characters to a stylized amalgam of observational documentary and choreographed dance, with music by Beirut and Bob Dylan, all cast against the atmospheric scenery of the titular ghost town.

Jarred Alterman | Portugal | 2011
At the convergence of the rivers Oeiras and Guadiana, along what some believe to be a ley line possessing mystical energies, rises the four hundred year old monastery Sao Francisco. It is now a home, nature preserve, and artist’s studio. Here, Dutch kinetic artist Christiaan Zwanikken rescues the skulls and bony remains of the expired indigenous wildlife from aneternity of sun-dried decay, and then reanimates them with bodies of servomechanism. Closing Night Film sponsored by Cellardoor Winery and Vineyard and co-sponsored by Megunticook Market. Co-presented by Rooftop Films.

Frederick Wiseman | France | 2011
Celebrated documentary director Frederick Wiseman spent ten weeks with his camera exploring one of the most mythic places dedicated to women, THE CRAZY HORSE. This legendary Parisian cabaret club, founded in 1951 by Alain Bernard in has become, over the years the Parisian nightlife ‘must’ for any visitors, ranking alongside the Eiffel tower and the Louvre. Wiseman’s impeccable eye allows us to enter into this intriguing international temple of the Parisian club world and to discover what makes the Crazy Horse tick: elegance, perfectionism and a grueling schedule (with 2 shows a night and 3 on Saturdays, 7 days aweek).

UnionDocs Collective | USA | 2011
Follows eleven artists on a trip from Brooklyn to rural Maine. This simple ritual of escape becomes the frame for a series of short collaborative works made by the group in film, video, and radio. Diverse aesthetic approaches to documentary are used to explore a theme inspired by the 1957 collection of essays by Roland Barthes titled Mythologies.

Jerry Rothwell | UK | 2010
New England Premiere
DONOR UNKNOWN follows the story of JoEllen Marsh, 20, as she goes in search of the sperm donor father she only knows as Donor 150. This is a film about a new kind of ‘family’. Linked by their connection to a single sperm donor – 150 – parents and children are creating and navigating a new set of relationships.

David Redmon and Ashley Sabin | USA | 2011 | Work in Progress
In April 2010, the Stinson Sardine Cannery in Gouldsboro, Maine permanently closed its doors and moved its equipment to Canada. Two months later, entrepreneur Antonio Bussone attempted to purchase the plant, hoping to transform it into a state of the art lobster processing facility and rehire its former Stinson employees who were in desperate need of work. DOWNEAST addresses the struggle to maintain and preserve the fishing culture that has been characterizing the area from an social and economic point of view for several generations.

Tristan Patterson | USA | 2011
DRAGONSLAYER documents the transgressions of a lost skate punk falling in love in the stagnant suburbs of Fullerton, California in the aftermath of America’s economic collapse.

Robert Greene | USA | 2011
FAKE IT SO REAL follows a ragtag group of wrestlers in North Carolina over a week leading up to a big show. The film explores what happens when the over-the-top theatrics of the wrestling ring collide with the realities of the working-class South. FAKE IT SO REAL shares the triumphs and heartaches of an under-appreciated American art form.

Michael Collins and Marty Syjuco | USA/UK | 2010
New England Premiere
Set amidst old world vestiges of colonialism, classism and backdoor politics in the Philippines, GIVE UP TOMORROW exposes a Kafkaesque contemporary world of corruption and injustice. In a murder case that ends a nation’s use of capital punishment, but fails to free an innocent man, two grieving mothers personify the chasms – both nightmarishin scope – that divide two families and, by extension, a nation. Co-presented by the Camden Conference.

Danfung Dennis | UK/USA | 2011
New England Premiere
From his embed with US Marines Echo Company in Afghanistan, photojournalist and filmmaker Danfung Dennis reveals the devastating impact a Taliban machine-gun bullet has on the life of 25-year-old Sergeant Nathan Harris. Masterfully contrasting the intensity of the frontline with the unsettling normalcy of home, HELL AND BACK AGAIN lays bare the true cost of war. Opening Night Film presented by the Messler Family Foundation.

Lyda Kuth | USA | 2011
World Premiere
Faced with the reality that her only child will flee the nest for college, documentary funder-turned-filmmaker Lyda Kuth gets anxious not only about her aspirations for her daughter but also about her relationship with her husband of 20 years. Both personal and poetic, LOVE AND OTHER ANXIETIES is poignantly intimate yet surprisingly universal.

Mona Nicoara and Miruna Coca-Cozma | Romania/Switzerland/USA | 2011
New England Premiere
OUR SCHOOL follows three Roma (commonly known as “Gypsy”) children in a rural Transylvanian village who are among the pioneer participants in an initiative to integrate the ethnically segregated Romanian schools. OUR SCHOOL is a captivating and often funny story about hope and race, and an elegy about generational prejudice and squandered opportunities.

Jonathan Lee | USA | 2011
PAUL GOODMAN CHANGED MY LIFE is a film about Paul Goodman, the late social critic, poet, philosopher of education, or, as he called himself, “man of letters in the old-fashioned sense.” The film follows a biography structured around interviews are interwoven with archival footage of Goodman and major events in which he was involved, along with photos made available by his widow Sally.

Pawel Kloc | Poland | 2011
New England Premiere
PHNOM PENH LULLABY is an intimate story of a man looking for love and acceptance. Ilhan Schickman has left Israel for Phnom Penh, where he barely makes a living for Saran, his Cambodian companion, and her two children, by telling passers-by their fortunes. Pawel Kloc captures the conflict in the strange couple’s private life, drawing the portrait of a complex man caught up between realism and naivety.

Rachel Libert and Tony Hardmon | USA | 2011
New England Premiere
Marine Corps Master Sgt. Jerry Ensminger was a devoted Marine for nearly twenty-five years. As a drill instructor he lived and breathed the “Corps” and was responsible fortraining thousands of new recruits with its motto Semper Fidelis or “Always Faithful.” When Jerry’s nine-year old daughter Janey died of a rare type of leukemia, his world collapsed.

Massimo D’Anolfi and Martina Parenti | Italy | 2011
US Premiere
THE CASTLE (IL CASTELO) is a movie about one year inside Milan’s Malpensa airport, a place where bureaucracy, procedures and control put a serious strain on the freedom of individuals, animals and goods passing through. Guardia di Finanza (financial police), Carabinieri (police), security guards, sniffer dogs, currency dogs and explosive detector dogs, closed circuit tv cameras everywhere and the ever-growing fear of an impending unknowndanger.

Gabriel DeLoach | USA | 2011
World Premiere
Step into an American subculture, where hunting dreams come true for boys and girls deprived of a typical childhood. When Make-A-Wish wouldn’t grant Matthew Pattison his dream of hunting a moose, his mother Tina took matters into her own hands. Ten years later She finds herself at the helm of one of the most popular wish granting foundations in America, Hunt of a Lifetime. Follow Tyler, Arianna, and Casey as they brave the greatest challenge in their life: hunting and killing the animal of their dreams.

Edwin Martinez, Roland Legiardi-Laura, Deborah Shaffer, Amy Sultan | USA | 2010
TO BE HEARD is the story of three teens from the South Bronx whose struggle to change their lives begins when they start to write poetry. As writing and reciting become vehicles for their expressions of love, friendship, frustration, and hope, we watch these three youngsters emerge as accomplished self-aware artists, who use their creativity to alter their circumstances.

UNA IDENTIDAD EN ABSURO VOL. 1 (An Absurd identity Vol. 1)
Guillermo Gómez-Álvarez | Puerto Rico | 2010
A musical-ethnographic documentary exploring the representation of the inconsistencies of being “Puerto Rican,” both in the island and abroad. The film is a study on the contradictory behaviors—social, political, and cultural—of a people divided on the search for a country.

Alysa Nahmias and Ben Murray | USA | 2011
New England Premiere
In 1961, three young, visionary architects were commissioned by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara to create Cuba’s National Art Schools. Dancers, musicians and artists from all over the country reveled in the beauty of the schools, but as the dream of the Revolution quickly became a reality, construction was abruptly halted. Forty years later the schools are in use, but remain unfinished and decaying. Castro has invited the exiled architects back to finish their unrealized dream.

Scott Kirschenbaum | USA | 2011
US Premiere
In Danville, California, Lee Gorewitz wanders day after day on a soul-searching odyssey through her Alzheimer’s care unit. A total immersion into the fragmented experience of mental illness, YOU’RE LOOKING AT ME LIKE I LIVE HERE AND I DON’T is the first documentary filmed exclusively in an Alzheimer’s care unit, told from the perspective of someone suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

The Secret Cinema: Screening #1
If fishing is about much more than catching fish, this poetic documentary portrait of two friends is about much more than just fishing. Like fish rise to the surface of a river when they hit, the story of these two individuals and their long, if difficult friendship, rises from a tapestry of lyrical images, evocative sound design, and personal commentary to create a story about different ways of being in both the modern world and the natural environment, set against the backdrop of the ancient act of catching fish.

The Secret Cinema: Screening #2
Beauty is a face, a body, captured in its perfect moment to become an object that represents exactly what we all want. Behind these representations, though, are real girls. This film tells the story of the unregulated international machine that produces – through ambition, emotion, greed, hope, disillusionment – beauty. What happens when we put a mirror up to beauty and discover real girls looking back at us?

The Secret Cinema: Screening #3
In this directorial debut, two filmmakers spent 4 years inside one of the biggest social movements of the poor in the world. Shifting between the squalid shacks and the opulent celebrations of the powerful, the film reveals a hidden struggle for land and dignity that captures the zeitgeist of a world where the widening gap between rich and poor increasingly plunges communities into chaos.

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