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Head Start: Get to Know This Year’s Toronto Talent

Head Start: Get to Know This Year's Toronto Talent

The Toronto International Film Festival kicks off today, with over 200 features set to screen for critics, buyers and audiences. A slew of the films lined up have already played at Sundance, Cannes and the like. Below find Toronto related interviews and features previously published on indieWIRE. Be sure to keep checking back on indieWIRE for further TIFF coverage.


INTERVIEW | “Drive” Director Nicolas Winding Refn: “Lars von Trier is getting old”
Hollywood is Hollywood. It’ll never change, although it does go through its own transformations. I think that there’s this obsessiveness with making money, which has gotten out of proportion. That’s not a bad thing, necessarily. We are an industry that needs money to survive, but I think that there needs to be cheaper movies—not aesthetically, but financially—and maybe people should make a few more different kinds of movies. Oddly, this year, the real successes were ones that were made at reasonable prices, like “Black Swan” or “True Grit.”

INTERVIEW | Lars von Trier: “I will never do a press conference again.”
It was believed in the old days that melancholic persons can do more than ordinary people. The film is based on psychologists’ findings that in a crisis like the one in the film, a melancholic person would act in a more practical manner, because they’ve been there before. I have some relatives who have experienced melancholia in their lives, and they said the film hit them as correct.

INTERVIEW | “We Need To Talk About Kevin” Director Lynne Ramsay: “This is not an issue movie”
I just like working with good actors. I’ve worked with non-professional actors as well. It’s a real trust thing with actors. These actors wanted to work with me. That’s a real honor. Tilda Swinton and John C. Reilly asking “What’s your next film? Can we be in it?” probably gives me some power. Not financial power, though.

FUTURES | “Miss Bala”‘s Young Unknown Stephanie Sigman
She doesn’t have much of a choice. I think what I like most about the movie, is that it doesn’t pass a direct judgment – not about good or bad guys… It focuses on the situation. It [describes] what is happening.

FUTURES | Dennis Hopper’s Son Henry Takes the Lead in Gus Van Sant’s “Restless”
This film has been therapeutic for me and even beyond with my family. And even this conversation really is therapeutic. I want to be able to be vulnerable and expose myself. It’s what I feel I should do and am meant to do – to just lay it out there. It’s hard when you’re feeling a strong set of emotions to just keep it in there and there needs to be a way to channel it.

FUTURES | “Pariah” Actress Adepero Oduye
There was a moment on set where I was waiting for them to finish a setup and I had a moment in my heart where I was like, ‘Wow, this is what I born to do.’ It was so clear and quiet.

FUTURES | “Martha Marcy May Marlene” Actress Elizabeth Olsen
You know, when you go to NYU and you’re a theater student, you have conservatory and you have academics. So already you’re a balancing an intense and crazy schedule with academic classes. So you kind of already figure out how to multi-task. The only thing that sucks is that NYU isn’t allowing me to work while being in school so I have to actually take time off when I want to work. That’s what’s frustrating. I wish there was a way to work it out, but there isn’t.

FUTURES | “The Loneliest Planet” Co-Star Hani Furstenberg Moves Beyond the Israeli Stage
I felt very home with Gael, acting-wise, right away. It was very easy for us to play off each other. The improvisation depended on a lot of aspects of the scene. There were many that were carefully blocked out for the camera work, and then there were other scenes that were more loose.


Sleeping Beauty’s Julia Leigh: “I like to get under people’s skin”
“I think Lucy is a nihilist and is willfully putting herself in danger,” Browning said of her character Thursday. Browning added that she and Leigh only had a couple of weeks to prepare ahead of shooting the film, and that Leigh had given her Lars von Trier’s last film to watch as part of the preparation.

Tilda Swinton Tells the Truth: “It’s a Bloody Business, Being A Parent”
“It’s a truly, truly murderous business, giving birth,” says Swinton, who is a mother to a twin boy and girl. “Even more frightening is she’s giving birth to her own violence.”

Lars von Trier on ‘Melancholia’: “Maybe it’s crap”
“It was a big pleasure to do the film,” added von Trier. “All this darkness stuff we put in, we got carried away. Everything got over romantic, but it was nice to do. When I saw the stills from it, I kind of rejected it a bit. So, I’m not really sure…”

Pedro Almodóvar: “Thrillers fit in with my life at present”
Almodóvar suggests that might be intentional. “I wanted [these characters] to have a different set of morals,” he said. “They’re cold and lack feeling.”

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