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Gotham Awards 2011 Live

Gotham Awards 2011 Live

The 21st Gotham Independent Film Awards are underway in Lower Manhattan.

Indiewire is offering full coverage from the scene over the course of the night, with Nigel M. Smith, Brian Brooks and Eric Kohn all on the ground at the ceremony and Peter Knegt watching from home. Check out our minute by minute rundown below.

10:17 PM: And that’s a wrap, folks.. Complete list of winners here.

10:16 PM: Just heard that the jury for Best Film apparently spoke for 2.5 hours before deciding to give the prize to two films. [EK]

10:15 PM: I don’t recall this happening for this category… [BB]

10:13 PM: Malick’s producer says the director, if he would there, would surely thank his wife. [EK]

10:11 PM: Is there a precedent for a tie like this? Bizarre! [EK]

10:09 PM: And its a tie!? “The Tree of Life” and “Beginners” TIE for best feature!

10:06 PM: Tilda Swinton adds a touch of class to the evening as she presents the award for best film…

10:03 PM: Gary Oldman: “I will cherish this award and this evening.”

9:57 PM: He’s presenting Gary Oldman with his tribute (the final tribute of the night!)

9:55 PM: Alec Baldwin takes the stage: “We have a lot of debris up here from everybody.”

9:53 PM: All the winners going through the press room get a “golden hair dryer” and asked to sign a bottle of champagne that’s raffled off. David Cronenberg said, “oh nice, I use a hair dryer too.” [BB]

9:50 PM: And the winner is… Better This World? Are we set for not ONE expected winner? [PK]

9:47 PM: Bennett Miller and Chris Hegedus on stage to present best documentary. [PK]

9:46 PM: Mills on Plummer to us: He doesn’t act like a legend. I learned a lot about storytelling through him. It’s a character based on my dad. I’m so glad to have somebody so with it and with so much integrity playing him. [NMS]

9:45 PM: Mike Mills to Indiewire on competing against fellow filmmakers: It’s a trip. It’s really just an honor to be thought of. Competition is a weird thing. All those films were great, so it’s a trippy thing to be involved in. [NMS]

9:42 PM: Christopher Plummer back stage: “He wrote it so well, we didn’t have to improvise it…” [BB]

9:41 PM: David Cronenberg: “I’m here because I’m a failure. I failed to sell out.”

9:40 PM: Corey Stoll takes the stage to introduce the tribute to David Cronenberg (not quite sure of the connection there?) [PK]

9:33 PM: I could not be more thrilled. There was one movie nominated for Best Ensemble that flat-out I didn’t like. It wasn’t this one. [EK]

9:32 PM: Man, Christopher Plummer has presence. [PK]

9:32 PM: Beginners!? Cough, cough. Didn’t see that coming. [NMS]

9:30 PM: And the winner is… BEGINNERS! What a lovely surprise. Sorry Fox Searchlight, so far this ain’t your night. [PK]

9:27 PM: Vera Farmiga and Peter Facinelli (really?) take the stage to present the ensemble award. [PK]

9:26 PM: Charlize in the cramped press room. We are not worthy! All eyes are on her. [NMS]

9:25 PM: Shailene Woodley takes the stage to give Lucy Mulloy the Women Filmmakers ‘Live the Dream’ grant.

9:21 PM: The Oswalt-Theron banter is by far the best thing to happen to the 2011 Gothams. [PK]

9:20 PM: Felicity Jones to Indiewire backstage: Hello Indiewire!

On winning both Sundance and Gotham: “Well I wasn’t there (Sundance)! This is the only awards ceremony which I was present, which is just awesome. I was praying that I wouldn’t win because I didn’t have anything prepared to say. But it’s really exciting. I said something awful and disastrous and now I have to recover from the embarrassment.” [NMS]

9:19 PM: “Let’s have aphrodite sit next to a bag of floor” – Oswalt when Theron tells him to stay on the stage with her.

9:15 PM: Man, Patton Oswalt’s Charlize Theron intro is the highlight of the night. “I gained 40 pounds for ‘Young Adult’ 20 years before Diablo wrote the script.” And then he made a Donkey Kong reference that, apparently, only Jason Reitman got. [EK]

9:14 PM: Who reminds Oswalt of Theron? Lee Marvin and Bill Murray. That’s right.

9:12 PM: Oswalt: “I gained 40 pounds for ‘Young Adult’ 20 years before Diablo wrote the script. So don’t tell me all this ‘Monster’ bullshit…”

9:11 PM: Patton Oswalt takes the stage to present Charlize Theron with her tribute award (and he appears to be extraordinarily unprepared). [PK]

9:09 PM: Jones: “Here’s to very cheap films…”

9:05 PM: And the best breakthrough performance is… Felicity Jones! Poor Elizabeth Olsen… First at Sundance, now here.. The indie it girl bridesmaid. [PK]

9:01 PM: Leo is calling co-presenter Stanley Tucci “Stan.” He looks scared. [PK]

8:59 PM: Oh no, Melissa Leo! And she appears as crazy as ever (presenting breakthrough performance). [PK]

8:57 PM: Tom Rothman in press room talking: “People don’t care what a film costs they care about what they feel.” [BB]

8:56 PM: And the winner is Scenes of a Crime. Though its not announced before the Canadian banker makes a “Wall Street 2” joke. [PK]

8:55 PM: And the winner is… Oh, the feed is interrupted by an ad for Scotiabank. [PK]

8:53 PM: Judy Greer and the CEO of the ROYAL BANK OF CANADA (!!?) on stage to present the best film not playing at a theater near you. We’re taking over. [PK]

8:48 PM: “Someone seems to have edited ‘Speed 2’ off my reel tonight” – Tom Rothman

8:42 PM: Ang Lee introducing Tom Rothman for his special award: “Tom is a larger than life character, something very rare these days: A head of a studio who actually loves movies.” [EK]

8:41 PM: From Dee Rees in press lounge exclusive to us: I’m just really excited for our actresses. They put everything on the screen. I’m eager for people to see them and fall in love with them. I just want a nice catalogue in ten years that I can look back on and be proud of. [NMS]

8:40 PM: Ang Lee is shockingly twenty times funnier than Falco and Platt combined. [PK]

8:38 PM: Ang Lee admits he was kind of scared of Tim Rothman and offers the story when he outbid Harvey Weinstein to buy his ‘Wedding Banquet.’ [PK]

8:36 PM: “I often like to bite the hand that doesn’t feed me” – Jim Jarmusch

8:34 PM: Jim Jarmusch and Ang Lee take the stage to present a tribute award to honor Tim Rothman… [PK]

8:34 PM: Moscow Mule isn’t bad. [BB]

8:33 PM: Oh no, Falco and Platt are back. And my stream keeps cutting out to commercials for Canadian banks, which seem to be sponsoring every independent film related event America has to offer. [PK]

8:32 PM: I’m seated at a table with the people who were on that jury, I know at least one of them was pulling for Bellflower. [Eric Kohn]

8:32 PM: Wow Dee beat Durkin!! [NMS]

8:31 PM: And the winner is… DEE REES for “Pariah”! Deserving shocker. Sean Durkin was definite frontrunner. [PK]

8:30 PM: Felicity seems very nervous. Sticking to script and seems very affected. [NMS]

8:29 PM: Thankfully no Platt and Falco as Alexander Payne and Felicity Jones take to stage for breakthrough director award.. [PK]

8:27 PM: Audience winner wished he was drunker. [NMS]

8:26 PM: And the winner is… “Girlfriend,” directed by Justin Lerner. “The First Grader” and “Being Elmo” seemed like the frontrunners.

8:26 PM: Russian models are offering Moscow Mules backstage (hence the sponsor). Vodka is Russian Standard and some hot Russian models are serving in these cute coffee mugs. [BB]

8:26 PM: Meanwhile they’re serving drinks in press lounge. Servers going around w booze! Some hot russians serving vodka. [NMS]

8:24 PM: Quinto seems weirdly into that blond lady from Martha. Like turned on. [NMS]

8:23 PM: Thank god they’re gone and we have some presenters: Zachary Quinto and Sarah Paulson presenting the Audience Choice Award. [PK]

8:22 PM: Platt still yelling into the mike. 2012 joke about how next year if it happens, they’ll re release it as a doc. [NMS]

8:20 PM: Oh how we all miss Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci. [PK]

8:20 PM: Oh jesus, they’re singing. [NMS]

8:19 PM: Is anyone in the crowd laughing? The hosts sure are. [Nigel M. Smith]

8:18 PM: And now for horribly writen “The Tree of Life” jokes… [PK]

8:17 PM: Maybe it’s time to ask the hosts to move beyond jokes about how nobody has money in independent film? It happens every year… Just sayin.’ [BB]

8:15 PM: Hosts Oliver Platt and Edie Falco take the stage (is Showtime a sponsor?). They make a joke about thinking they’re at the Tonys that doesn’t exactly bring down the house… My regrets about not being there this year are quickly dwindling. [Peter Knegt]

8:14 PM: Two Russian models who are here with a sponsor are speaking really loudly and were sushed a bit in press room during Joanna Vicente’s opening speech. [Brian Brooks]

8:12 PM: After a bit of a delay the show is finally underway…

You can watch the arrivals and full ceremony below. A complete list of announced winners will be updated here. In addition to the competitive awards, Charlize Theron, Gary Oldman, David Cronenberg and Tom Rothman will each receive a career tribute.

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