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Rooney Mara Dresses Up As Alex From ‘A Clockwork Orange’; David Fincher Says Lisbeth Salander Iconic Like Jesus, Dracula Or Batman

Rooney Mara Dresses Up As Alex From 'A Clockwork Orange'; David Fincher Says Lisbeth Salander Iconic Like Jesus, Dracula Or Batman

No, it’s not Halloween, but given the amount of black you’ll be seeing on screen (and soon in stores, more on that in a second), you might be forgiven for forgetting it’s Christmas. And while the mistletoe is being hung with care, Sony are going to be dropping something a little bit nasty in your stocking in form of “The Girl With The Dragon Tatto,” and in case you’ve been living under rock, the film will mark the arrival of Rooney Mara.

The New York Times is getting into the spirit of all things dark with a portfolio spread entitled “The Touch Of Evil.” They gather up a gaggle of stars including Brad Pitt, Mia Wasikowska, Kirsten Dunst, Jean Dujardin, Ryan Gosling, Jessica Chastain, George Clooney and more as they re-invent iconic “bad guys” from the movies. Pitt as an “Eraserhead“-inspired madman is pretty great, while Gosling cheats a bit as The Invisible Man, but the best of the bunch are of Mara, who inhabits Alex from “A Clockwork Orange.” She wears it quite well, and you can see a video of her character getting out of bed (in reverse) right here.

And according to David Fincher, who was interviewed for a separate piece in the New York Times about his upcoming film, he believes the role of Lisbeth Salander is just as iconic or noteworthy as Jesus, Dracula or Batman. And with that comes a lot of opinions. “She’s one of those characters, like Jesus Christ, Dracula and Batman, that everyone has his own ideas about who should play them,” Mr. Fincher said about casting the role, a part which saw pretty much every eligible actress in Hollywood step up, including Ellen Page, Natalie Portman, Carey Mulligan, Emma Watson, Mia Wasikowska, Emily Browning, Katie Jarvis and an ultimately too sexy Scarlett Johansson.

While he says the press blew up the audition process to something much more than it was — “It wasn’t like there were 5,000 girls in black leggings and goth skull makeup lining up outside on the street” — and that everyone around was trying to influence his choice, he does have a very definite idea of what Lisbeth Salander is…and isn’t.

“Lisbeth is not a Hot Topic goth,” he said. “She’s not Joan Jett. She’s somebody with a safety pin in her cheek. It’s original punk. She has created a way to be seen as trash. Part of that is a stay-away thing, and part of it is a self-conscious agreement with what everyone thinks of her. She thinks, ‘I’ll live with that if it means no one ever takes advantage of me.’”

But what she is, apparently, is an H&M goth. As previously reported, the fashion chain is unrolling a ‘Dragon Tattoo’ line of clothing tied in with the movie, so you can buy all your fave Lisbeth threads and baubles. As previously reported, the film’s designer Trish Summerville was involved with working with the retail company to port over the clothing. So it’s like, totally authentic. But in case you’re rolling your eyes, Summerville points out that H&M actually does pop up in Stieg Larsson’s books.

“In the second book, ‘The Girl Who Plays With Fire,’ once she has money, she goes to H&M and has a shopping spree. So it (the collaboration) plays really nicely hand-in-hand. It’s extremely relevant because we do use pieces of clothing from H&M (in the first film). It’s very much real to what the Salander character. We didn’t go off the deep end and do gowns or anything,” she told THR.

You can hear more from Summerville about the line and see some of the clothes that will arrive in stores (and online) on December 14th in the video below, along with a new image from “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” from the Times.

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