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Lame Idea of the Day – Making a Bridesmaids Sequel Without the Lead Bridesmaid

Lame Idea of the Day - Making a Bridesmaids Sequel Without the Lead Bridesmaid

The Hollywood Reporter released a story yesterday saying that Universal was planning on moving ahead with a Bridemaids sequel but that star/co-writer Kristen Wiig as well as co-writer Annie Mumolo are not interested in being a part of it.

This is a big deal.

The story quotes Wiig by saying – “Annie and I aren’t planning a sequel. We are writing something else.”

I would think that Universal would be falling over themselves to get Wiig and Mumolo back in the fold.  You’d think that when the film was looking like a success — like after the first weekend — they would have been smart and figured out how to make a deal for a sequel or a similar film right then like they do on many successful boy flicks.

The article goes on to say that all the actresses in the film were each only given a $100,000 bonus based on the success of the film.   Hello, I’d be pissed too.  The movie has made $169 million here in the US and an additional  $119 million abroad.  The movie cost only  $32 million to make.  Even with the marketing costs the studios is still sitting on millions upon millions of dollars in profit.  Those millions are made off a movie that they never really believed would be a success.  I wonder how much money Judd Apatow got as a bonus for being the producer.

To make this movie without Kristin Wiig who not only co-wrote the film but was the glue that held it all together makes absolutely no sense.  I just don’t see the film without Wiig.  I just don’t see the film without it being written by Wiig and Mumolo.  It worked because of their script.  It worked because it resonated, and because it was funny and good.

Universal clearly knows that it fucked up because the article goes on to say that the studio head Ron Meyers took Wiig out to dinner in NY and dangled a huge pay check in front of her — 8 figures.  Even on the low end 8 figures is 10 million dollars and that would catapult her into the top tier of Hollywood actresses.

But she doesn’t seem to be interested — at this time.  Now they must have seriously fucked up if a woman is turing down million of dollars.

Universal is still kicking around ideas and those will probably center around breakout star Melissa McCarthy. But they better be cautious.  This would be so easy to screw up.  I could see them hiring some dude to try and emulate what Wiig and Mumolo did and having it SUCK.  And you know who will get blamed for a sucky Bridesmaids 2?  Women.  Because as we all know that if you make a movie about women and they don’t show up it’s all our fault — it’s never the fault of the film.

But no more.  There is a new norm.  We won’t take the dregs or the blame anymore.   I am more than happy to go and see Wiig’s smaller indie fare which seems focused on because she has more control.  And the best news in the article — Wiig wants to direct The Clown Girl which she is adapting.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Universal Considering ‘Bridesmaids’ Sequel Without Kristen Wiig (Exclusive) Hollywood Reporter

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