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“The Devil Inside’s” Whopping Box Office – Is it All Just Dumb Teenagers?

"The Devil Inside's" Whopping Box Office - Is it All Just Dumb Teenagers?

Of the course this weekend’s box office numbers won’t come out until tomorrow; but if everything holds through tonight as expected, the horror film, The Devil Inside, is going to be the talk of the town on Monday morning.

A super low budget film in the genre of those shaky cam, home video fakeumentaries, like those Paranormal Activity movies, The Last Exorcism and The Blair Witch Project. Costing less than $1 million to make, Devil Inside will gross somewhere around $40 million this weekend, making it one the most successfully finanical films ever – its production cost compared to its box office gross.

Paramount, the studio releasing the film, projected something like $8 million this opening weekend, while insiders said that the film could do better than that, earning around $12-15 million. But NO ONE said anything like $40 million.

And the really weird thing is that, not only is the film getting mostly abysmal reviews, the film is hated by the audience. No joke. At promotional screenings held around the country on Thursday night, it was met with loud jeers and boos during the end credits. There are now even reports of people actually throwing food at the screen in disgust and cussing out the director. (Makes me want to see the film now I have to admit)

In fact a couple of friends of mine, who went to one of those Thursday night screenings, told me that they couldn’t remember the last time they saw an audience get so intensively angry after a movie. One of them thought a riot was going to break out.

Not only was it totally without scares, completely stupid and boring, it also has one of the lamest cop-out endings in recent memory.

So why is the film doing so well? With all this texting and sexting and twittering and twattering and e-mails and smart phones, you would think that word of mouth about the film would have gotten around by Friday, and people would have stayed away in droves. But nope.

Was it good marketing, or as one wag recently said, it’s just “dumb teenagers who are stupid enough to believe any hype”?

Anyone who’s seen the film, you tell us. That is, provided you’re not one of thsoe dumb teenagers…

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