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International Sales Agent of the Day: Panda of So. Korea has Dance Town in Panorama

International Sales Agent of the Day: Panda of So. Korea has Dance Town in Panorama

Dance Town,  the third film of Panda Media and Jeon Kyu Hwan’s Town Trilogy, has been officially selected at the Berlin Film Festival in the Panorama Section. Panda Media’s goal is to reveal jewels of the international cinema to Korean spectators, and to bring Korean films to world audiences, in festivals and in theatres. 

“Our films have a significant cinematographic edge, and we believe that we can make them commercially successful. Panda Media aims to harmoniously coordinate international co-production. By doing this, we believe we’ll actively contribute to the 7th art development in Korea and the rest of the world.  Panda Media is working on new business models, ways and methods of bringing films to its audiences, since there will always be a craving for meaningful movies.”- Minjung SON -Sales Manager

Dance Town 2010 HD 95min color 2.35:1 Drama 

Director & Screenplay: JEON Kyu-Hwan 

Production company: Treefilm 

Producer : CHOI Mi-Ae 

CAST: RHA Mi-ran,OH Seong-tae, LEE Jun-hyeok, JU Yu-rang , LEE Yong-ju Jung-Nim 

A North Korean middle class worker, defects from the North following the accusation of watching a porn video. Her husband barely gets Jung-Nim out of the country but is arrested by the North Korean security forces. Jung-Nim lives in South Korea under the surveillance of Kim Soo-Jin, who was assigned to do this by the government. Jung-Nim feels lonely, and then meets Oh Sung-Tae, a patrolman. But as time goes by, it’s her husband that Jung-Nim misses and worries about more and more. It is then that she hears news about her imprisoned husband through her watchdog Soo-Jin.


2010- Pusan International Film Festival – NETPAC Award 

Special Mention Korean Cinema Today

Vision The Best Actress Award 

2011 Berlin International Film Festival –Panorama Section

Animal Town 2009 HD 97min color 1.85:1 Drama

Director & Screenplay: JEON Kyu-Hwan 

Production company: Treefilm 

Producer: CHOI Mi-Ae 

CAST: LEE Jun-hyeok, OH Seong-tae Seong Chul 

Chul, who earns his life by doing manual work, lives in an old apartment, which is scheduled to be torn down. He usually survives by moving around from one construction site to another, but it happens that he does not receive his pay. He lives permanently with an electronic bracelet due to charge of rape, or “sexual dysfunction”. He has to start another kind of activity in order to make a living, but the animal inside him is brought to explosion.



2009 57th San Sebastian IFF – New Directors Competition 

11th Osians Cinefan 

20th Stockholm Int.l Film Festival 

13th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2010 

16th Vesoul Int.l Film Festival de Asie – International Jury Special, NETPAC Award 

19th Black Movie Geneva – Le Prix du Public : The Audience Award 

11th Jeonju Int.l Film Festival 

4th Cinema Digital Seoul – Butterfly Competition ; The Movie Collage Award 

4th Chungmuro Int.l Film Festival 

34th Sao Paulo International Film Festival 

9th Third Eye Asian Film Festival 

28th Torino Film Festival 

12th Cinemanila International Film Festival 

15th Kerala International Film Festival 

8th Chennai International Film Festival 

Mozart Town 2008 HD 90min color 16:9 Drama 

Director & Screenplay: JEON Kyu-Hwan 

Production company: Treefilm 

Producer: CHOI Mi-Ae 

Cast: OH Seong-tae, JU Yu-rang, Sonia KLINGER, Blaise GBATO, Ange GBATO, MOON Hyung-ju

Sara, a pianist, has a short trip to Seoul. This city looks clean and peaceful. The sadness and loneliness of the city is not perceived by her. She just enjoys her happy trip with the eye of a traveler. On the other hand, the native people, who were born and have grown up in the city, as well as the workers who moved and have been living there for a long time, struggle and fight with their own extreme loneliness and sadness in order to survive.


2008 10th Osians Cinefan – Main Competition 

21st Tokyo Int.l Film Festival – Winds of Asia Middle East Competition 

12th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival – Main Competition 

Philadelphia IFF – Main Competition

KILLING TIME 2009 HD 95min color, 2.35:1 Thriller

Director & Screenplay : Park Sung-Su

Production company : Day Dream Seoul

CAST : Lee Jee-Hye, Jung Ae-Yeun, Kim Sung-Jun

There is a lot of dark feelings and bad blood, between Sujin and Hyelim who used to get along well with each other because of a man. This issue is soon to be solved, when unexpected events, as well as unthinkable characters, get in the way, all together transforming the girls dispute into a run for their life in a forest echoing of their screams and dripping with blood.

A.U.D.I.T.IO.N 2009 HD 99min color, 2.35:1 Drama

Director & Screenplay: Kim Seong-Jun, Lee Je-Cheol

Production company: NAMU FILM

Producer: Seo Young-Jun

CAST: Kim Young-Yong, Jeon Su-Yeon, Yang Ji-Woong, Han Se-Hee

Won-Jun, B-boy dancer, is young and selfish, not compromising with his colleagues but only pursuing his own dream. Hyun-Ji, a neighbour hearing-impaired girl, spends her time alone due of her mother.s absence and her father.s indifference, and is kind of fascinated by the B-boys break dance. One day Hyun-Ji, shyly watching the B-boys. dancing, gets into a dispute with Won-Jun. Upset, Hyun-Ji speaks to him using the sign language. Inspired by her sign language for choreographies, Won-Jun tries to learn the sign language. Won-Jun helps Hyun-Ji to join his team in going for an audition. Won-Jun persuades his colleagues who oppose to it, and he is confident in Hyun-Ji.  A.U.D.I.T.I.O.N is a bright film about growth, dreams, and trust.


The 10th Jeonju International Film Festival Korean Feature Films Competition

The Railroad 2006 35mm 107min color, 2.35:1 Drama

Director & Screenplay: Park Heung-Sik

Production company: KM Culture Co. Min Film Co.

Producer: Park Gok-Ji

CAST: Kim Kang-Woo, Son Tae-Yeong

Man Soo (Kang-woo Kim) is a train conductor. Every day he performs the same old routines, and gradually his days begin to feel as uneventful and predictable as the ongoing rotation of the wheels on his train. One day, his train gets caught in a messy accident involving a passenger.s suicide, and he is forced to take leave from work. He gets on the last train. Hanna (Tae-yeong Son) is an attractive college instructor who is having an affair with a married professor. Her world is turned upside down when his wife confronts her. Abandoned and betrayed by her lover, Hanna is forced to face her own demons. She quits her job, and hops onto the last train. A train conductor and a college instructor seem to share nothing in common. But for Man Soo and Hanna, brought together by fate, finding solace in the companion of a stranger has never been better.


2007 Torino International Film Festival (TIFF) – International Critics & Best Actor Award

2008 6th Florence Korea Film Fest (KFF) –Best Feature Film

Approved For Adoption / in production 100min color 1.85:1 Docufiction – Animation

Director & Screenplay : Laurent Boileau, Jung Henin

Coproduction with France, South Korea, Belgium

After two years of preparation of the project by director Laurent Boileau, Panda Media eventually entered Approved for Adoption as the Korean co-producer in Korea, with Artemis in Belgium, and with Mosaique Films in France. The film will be 1/3 live action and 2/3 animation, and is based on comic writer Jung Henin’s Skin Colour : Honey albums (also released in Korea), and on his first trip back to Korea, almost 40 years after having been adopted by a Belgian family. The live action has been shot in August 2010, and the film is due to be released in 2011. Much like the comic, the movie is partly based on the character representing Jung as a boy, and is thus very touching.


Panda Media

Minjung SON / Sales Manager

Please contact us

Office  +82 (0)70 8840  1946

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