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Reality Check: Trayvon Martin Inspires!

Reality Check: Trayvon Martin Inspires!

As we watch the rising coverage of the tragic murder of young Trayvon Martin, what better way for you as an artist to express your outrage, than to bring to life projects that build on this reality, to illuminate the masses. So, get up off that couch and get busy!

Is there a Black filmmaker out there gathering footage to make a documentary? Hope so. Cause you know someone else will – and they’ll get awards and recognition right, left and center.

You open with that clip of the President saying “my son would look like Trayvon” and you go from there.

Note that this took place in a solid middle-class enclave, not the hood. So start writing those scripts set in picturesque communities, where hard-working Black folks live with the hope that their young sons can survive in relative safety. If they’re lucky.

The irony that Trayvon does in fact look like a young Obama should not be lost in the barrage of facts. Hoodie notwithstanding, this young man was not a gangsta – although they may try to paint him as a thug before this is all over. Let him serve as a model for some of the characters you feature in your scripts – nice-looking, clean-cut, with nary a criminal streak. Just another teenager with a girlfriend and his dreams.

And have you seen the young sistah who is the family’s attorney? Direct, intelligent, succinct and super-model fine! Step up your narrative prowess and people your films, TV scripts and webseries with that kind of decency. Give the gold-diggers and whores as lead characters a rest.

Most impressive is the great dignity displayed by Trayvon’s family, in the midst of their grieving. We see a mother and a father – a very handsome couple – together, as a unit, speaking eloquently about the facts as they know it. Gently but insistently asking for justice. No big bawling, no falling on the floor – their well-groomed, finely articulated presence speaks volumes.

Run, write and film that!

Cause tomorrow it could be you.

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