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VIDEO – The Top Five Mad Men Moments

VIDEO - The Top Five Mad Men Moments

Part of the Mad Men Moments Video Essay Series

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The Mad Men Moments video essay series is co-produced by Deborah Lipp, co-owner with Roberta Lipp of the popular Mad Men website Basket of Kisses. The site features a robust community of Mad Men fans, so we thought to poll them on their expert opinion on what the best moments of the series have been after four seasons.  Here are the results, with the selected scenes featured in the video above. Below are brief accounts of each scene written by several members of the Basket of Kisses community.

5. Peggy and Joan, (4.13: Tomorrowland)
This scene, full of small pleasures, takes off when Joan becomes Peggy’s safe place on a bad day. “Whatever could be on your mind,” she purrs. – Anne B

4. Don and Peggy hold hands (4.07: The Suitcase)
If actions speak louder than words…if three years of previous build-up lead to one glorious culmination…that is the pinnacle of this episode’s (and for that matter, this season’s) denouement: never was a simple gesture so fraught with dimensionality of meaning as when Dick Whitman places his hand on top of Peggy Olson’s. – Peg4Prez

3. “Open the drawer” (3.11: The Gypsy and the Hobo)
The Don/Betty game changer. Just when you think Don’s about to run away with Suzanne, the woman of his dreams, Betty makes it crystal clear that he’ll never outrun his past. It’s shocking — in a good way — to see Don suddenly so helpless and small. – Andee Joyce, aka Meowser

2. “I Wanted Other Things” (2.13: Meditations in an Emergency) 
The writers’ words often carry several shades of meaning on Mad Men, and this is one instance. “Well, one day you’re there, and then all of a sudden, there’s less of you, and you wonder where that part went, if it’s living somewhere outside of you, and you keep thinking maybe you’ll get it back, and then you realize it’s just gone.” At first, we wonder if Peggy is talking about the baby, coming as it does on the heels of her confession. Then we understand she’s referring to her own feelings for Pete—she “wanted something different”. And then, a deeper echo of truth—there is a cost to moving forward, and it’s not just giving up a piece of the past. The weight of her words is crushing, almost cruelly made lighter by the tenderness of her touch across Pete’s shoulder as she leaves. – Mitch Virchick

1. Carousel (1.13: The Wheel)
Everybody loves this scene. Don’s pitch leaves the men from Kodak speechless. The scene serves the show, tapping into the right plot points, but what really makes it work isn’t on the screen. It’s our own set of life-shots, inserted into the projector’s circular slide tray, in our mind’s-eye. Brilliant! – SmilerG

Deborah Lipp is the co-owner of Basket of Kisses (hyperlink), whose motto is “smart discussion about smart television.” She is the author of six books, including “The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book.”

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