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Queen Latifah To Headline Gay Pride Concert (Will People Be Shocked Or Go “Meh”?)

Queen Latifah To Headline Gay Pride Concert (Will People Be Shocked Or Go "Meh"?)

How this slipped by us I don’t know, but officials for the Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival announced a few days ago that Queen Latifah will headline their concert at the festival next month on Saturday May 19.

The festival and parade are the city’s second biggest annual event drawing aroung 75,000 attendees over two days.

Of course the internet and media sources are buzzing that this will be Queen Latifah’s big “out and proud” appearance and making some sort of official “coming out” announcement.  But then again maybe not. Maybe she’ll just come out on stage, say hello, do her show and wave good bye letting people to make up their own minds

It’s like no secret about the stories about her over the years though she’s never, to my knowledge, publicly come out and adressed them. Besides who doesn’t know and it doesn’t look like it has affected her popularity whatsoever. And even the media hasn’t been tripping over themseleves about the announcement as if they’re saying: “Whatever… OOOH…WAIT!  Jay Z, Bey Bey and Blue Ivy were shopping at Louis Vuitton. Put that on the front page!”

And suppose if she did “come out”, does it really matter anymore in this day and age? Would millions of people (black and white) who are her fans suddenly just turn their backs on her? I seriously doubt it except for a few totally clueless ones who get upset whenever a favorite celebrity of theirs is rumored to be gay (whether it’s true or not) as if it’s this horiffic thing.

And how would black people especially feel about Queen Latifah for even just just having the nerve appear at a gay pride event? I find it hard to believe that there’s anyone who would stop watching her in a film or a TV project or stop listening to her music, as if they had been been misled and betrayed.

But then again I ask these questions becuase someone has to. How do you feel about this? Is this big news as some would like to call it or much ado about nothing? This all goes back to black imagery in the media. Should black actors and actresse be allowed to be themselves or have to still hide behind a facade to avoid losing their fanbase?

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