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10 Amazing Quotes From 10 Scathing ‘Little Bit Of Heaven’ Reviews

10 Amazing Quotes From 10 Scathing 'Little Bit Of Heaven' Reviews

I do not understand how “A Little Bit of Heaven” even got made.Full disclosure: I haven’t seen it, but I’m kind of, uh, dying to now that I’ve read these reviews.

Why folks I generally love like Gael Garcia Bernal, Kathy Bates, Rosemarie DeWitt and Peter Dinklage would decide to join Kate “I’ve Only Made One Good Movie” Hudson in a romantic comedy revolving around a terminal cancer patient was beyond me to begin with when I saw the ridiculously bad trailer (which till has a Weinstein Company logo attached to it) forever ago: 

But then I forgot about it entirely. Even the part in the trailer where my beloved Gael Garcia Bernal suggests one of the worst performances of all time.  It was released in the UK and parts of Europe well over a year ago, and I just assumed it had been dumped by Harvey & Co and subjected into non-release purgatory.

But then last week I noticed an ad for it and saw its pilthy box office grosses come in a few days later (a per-theatre-average of $894, suggesting like 115 people saw it in each theatre). Millennium Entertainment had bravely rescued it, and it wasn’t just the box office results that were embarassing. The reviews have been amazingly scathing and I spent an hour or two reading them in awe, and thought I’d share some best/worst quotes:

“This film is one long biopsy of pure horror: the tumours of sentimentality and bad acting metastasise everywhere, and Bernal, in particular, is horrendously bad.” – The Guardian

“Kate Hudson dies prettily in this tone-deaf dramedy about a woman finding love while suffering from colon cancer.” – The Hollywood Reporter

“A cringe-inducing romantic comedy turned cancer tragedy turned inspirational hosanna about living in the moment, embracing your bliss and other clichés.” – The New York Times

“In A Little Bit of Heaven, Hudson pushes the “Just Die Already” meter straight into the red.” – Moveline

“Jaw-droppingly mawkish and offensively trivial about confronting one’s mortality.” – The Daily Telegraph

“With the abysmal A Little Bit of Heaven, Kate Hudson’s possibly unprecedented losing streak remains unbroken: She hasn’t made a good movie since Almost Famous, 12 long years ago. Even Nicolas Cage can’t say that.” – The New York Post

“Cringeworthy feel-good weepie, which finds Kate Hudson’s vivacious ad-pitch whiz questioning her life choices after being diagnosed with terminal colon cancer.” – Time Out New York

“A moment of silence, please, for Kate Hudson’s career.” – Salon

“Bravely or stupidly, both A Little Bit Of Heaven and its heroine charge on as if the introduction of terminal cancer didn’t change things that much.” – The AV Club

“A Little Bit of Heaven demands miracles of its cast to keep proceedings from becoming grindingly mawkish and does not get them…” – The Village Voice

Is it just me or does this movie demand to be watched while high?

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