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If You Read Just One ‘Prometheus’ Review This Week…

If You Read Just One 'Prometheus' Review This Week...

…I think it’s got to be Andrew O’Hehir‘s at Salon.

To be sure, there’s already been a lot of good writing about “Prometheus,” including pieces by A.O. Scott, Glenn Kenny, and the aforementioned Stephanie Zacharek. That’s always a good sign, even if the reviews aren’t uniformly positive (right now “Prometheus” hovers around 75% “fresh” at Rotten Tomatoes). With that many compelling and divergent perspectives, you might love or hate the thing, but you almost certainly won’t be bored. And isn’t it just more fun to see a divisive movie than a beloved one?

Anyway, O’Hehir’s review is the crème de la crème de la oozing black goo. In a wonderfully comprehensive piece, he covers all the bases: the somewhat inexplicable and extremely forgiving cult of Ridley Scott, the unspoken rivalry between Scott and fellow “Alien” franchise director James Cameron, and, of course, “Prometheus” itself, which he finds to be a “dazzling” spectacle held back by some “bogus science and even more bogus theology”:

“Honestly, now — I really enjoyed watching ‘Prometheus’ almost the whole way through, and I’m looking forward to seeing it again. It’s an enjoyable thrill ride, slicked up with a thin veneer of Asking the Big Questions. But do its so-called heroes really have to be such blithering New Age idiots? Let’s allow for the narrative possibility that someone or something created human life, and/or all life on Earth. Is traveling to the edge of the universe to ask that entity why they did it likely to yield an interesting answer? If Dolly the cloned sheep had been able to talk, would she have chased those Scottish scientists into their lab and baaed for explanations? ‘Because we could, sweetie. Now stop eating my trousers.'”

Most impressively the whole thing is, at least to my eye, totally spoiler-free. So kudos, Mr. O’Hehir. Your prose makes my chest burst (with envy).

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