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Lineup For 13th Edition Of Latinbeat Revealed (The Best Contemporary Cinema From Latin America)

Lineup For 13th Edition Of Latinbeat Revealed (The Best Contemporary Cinema From Latin America)

We’ll take a much closer look at this list and highlight individual films… but in the meantime, here’s the press release with everything in it (note the above photo is from Eduardo Coutinho’s Songs/As Cançoes):

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 – New York, NY – The Film Society of Lincoln Center announced today the complete lineup for the 13th edition of Latinbeat, the best contemporary cinema from Latin America, from August 10–23. Opening Night kicks off with Kenya Marquez’s EXPIRATION DATE, a dark comedy starring Damian Alcazar and the festival wraps up with celebratory documentary 3 MILLION from Yamandu and Jaime Roos, where the iconic Uruguayan musician travels to the South African World Cup. This year’s lineup represents films from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela as well as an incredible selection of documentaries, directorial debuts and a strong focus on music, including Violeta Parra in VIOLETA and master Brazilian documentarian Eduarado Coutinho’s SONGS.


“The abundance of strong documentaries is one of the most fascinating things about current Latin American cinema. Latinbeat showcases a sample with a wide range of subjects, from soccer to human rights, education and architecture, to music and controversial interpretations of national history” notes Film Society of Lincoln Center Programming Associate Marcela Goglio. “But there is also lots of exciting, gutsy new fiction from across the region, and lots of beloved well known music – from Uruguay, Brazil and Chile.  As always, filmmakers, producers and actors will join us on this fourteen day adventure across the region.”


There is something for everyone at this year’s festival including family programming with BACALAR, a favorite on the children’s film festival circuit; the sweet and funny animated feature titled FAT, BALD, SHORT MAN; fans of the wonderful play EVITA will be pleased to see Elena Roger’s film debut in ONE LOVE, starring opposite Diego Peretti; and the blockbuster award-winning hit from Argentina CHINESE TAKEAWAY, starring Ricardo Darin, will have its New York Premiere!  


In addition to the many U.S. Premieres and New York premieres, Latinbeat will host several in-person appearances including: Damian Alcazar, Pablo Cerda, Michel Lipkes, Blas Eloy Martinez, Kenya Marquez, Matias Meyer, Benjamin Murray, Alysa Nahmias, Jaime Roos and Kyzza Terrazas.


This year’s panel discussion will take place on August 16th and is titled, NEW MEXICAN CINEMA, a focus on recent trends in Mexican filmmaking. Participants include: Matias Meyer (The Last Christeros), Michel Lipkes (Malaventura) and Kyzza Terrazas (Machete Language). Moderated by Carlos Gutierrez (Cinema Tropical).


Tickets for the 13th edition of Latinbeat go on sale on July 12, 2012 and more information can be found at




Opening night!

Expiration Date/Fecha de caducidad

Kenya Marquez, 2011, Mexico, 35mm; 111m

Ramona suspects a stranger is responsible for the disappearance of her son. But not all is what it seems in this funny and suspenseful black comedy of shifting viewpoints starring the great Damian Alcazar. In person: Kenya Marquez, producer Karla Uribe and star Damian Alcazar. 

*AUG 10, 6:30PM; AUG 12, 3:45PM


Closing night!

U.S. Premiere! 

3 Million/3 millones

Jaime Roos & Yamandu Roos, 2012, Uruguay, DCP; 135m

In this joyous documentary about the passion of soccer, the iconic Uruguayan musician and his (Dutch) photographer son reunite to embark on a “relentless journey” to the South African World Cup with the Uruguayan national soccer team. In person: Jaime Roos. 

*AUG 21, 8:15PM; AUG 23, 8:00PM


U.S. Premiere!

Awka Liwen

Mariano Aiello & Kristina Hille, 2010, Argentina; 90m

This “alternative” history of Argentina focuses on the extermination of indigenous populations in the 19th century, and how this connects to the country’s current political and economic situation. 

*AUG 14, 9:00PM; AUG 18, 3:00PM


Family screening!


Patricia Arriaga-Jordan, 2011, Mexico, Blu-Ray; 96m

When Santiago and his best friend Mariana inadvertently videotape a group of dangerous animal traffickers while out playing detective, they set out to save the endangered wolves in this favorite on the children’s film festival circuit! Rated G. *AUG 19, 1:00PM


Chinese Takeaway / Cuento Chino

Sebastian Borensztein, 2011, Argentina; 93m

In this warm hearted, gentle and affectionate comedy, the great Ricardo Darin stars as the hardened lonely owner of a hardware store who one day assists a newly arrived Chinese immigrant in need of help.

*AUG 11, 9:15PM; AUG 12, 6:30PM


Fat, Bald, Short Man/Gordo, calvo y bajito

Carlos Osuna, 2011, Colombia, 35mm; 97m

In this sweet and funny animated feature, Antonio, a middle aged loner and exemplary employee at a notary office in Bogota, sees his luck change when a new boss arrives. *AUG 15, 4:30PM & 9:00PM


The Last Christeros/Los ultimos cristeros

Matias Meyer, 2011, Mexico; 90m

A rigorous and intimate exploration of a lesser known aspect of Mexican history–the dramatic war between Church and State in the 20’s and 30’s.  A visually powerful tribute to the bravery and perseverance of Christian rebels in defense of religious freedom. In person: Matias Meyer. 

*AUG 17, 6:30PM; AUG 18, 5:00PM


Machete Language/El lenguaje de los machetes

Kyzza Terrazas, 2011, Mexico; 85m

Pushed over the edge by the violent repression in Salvador Atenco, a political activist and punk singer feel increasingly drawn to commit a terrorist act in the name of their political beliefs and their love. In person: Kyzza Terrazas.

*AUG 18, 9:15PM; AUG 19, 8:15PM



Michel Lipkes, 2011, Mexico; 66m

Lipkes captures the last day of an elderly man’s life with deliberate calm and suggestive cinematography as he wanders through a Mexico City that is at once familiar and foreign, in this very personal debut. In person: Michel Lipkes. 

*AUG 19, 6:15PM; AUG 20, 8:30PM


Panel discussion!

New Mexican Cinema

Co-presented by Cinema Tropical

Join us for a conversation about recent trends in Mexican filmmaking with Matias Meyer (The Last Christeros), Michel Lipkes (Malaventura) and Kyzza Terrazas (Machete Language). Moderated by Carlos Gutierrez (Cinema Tropical). Special thanks to the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York.

*AUG 16, 6:30PM (Location: Furman Gallery)


Normal School/Escuela normal

Celina Murga, 2012, Argentina; 88m

Celina Murga applies her sensitive, observant perspective on young people’s behavior and thoughts to her superb foray into nonfiction.

*AUG 16, 8:45PM; AUG 17, 4:15PM



The Notifier/El notificador

Blas Eloy Martinez, Argentina, 2011, 35mm; 76m

Eloy is a civil servant who delivers documents notifying people on the state of their lawsuits.  His own story unravels with dry humor as each delivery opens into the outrageous worlds of the different urban dwellers he visits. In person: Blas Eloy Martinez. 

*AUG 18, 7:15PM; AUG 20, 6:30PM



One Love/Un amor

Paula Hernandez, 2011, Argentina, DCP; 99m

For three friends reunited in middle age, teenage summer love and heartbreak live on 30 years later. Featuring Broadway sensation Elena Roger (Evita) in her big-screen debut. In person: Elena Roger. 

*AUG 22, 6:30PM; AUG 23, 6:00PM



P.E./Educación Física

Pablo Cerda, 2011, Chile; 105m

Exequiel (played by director Cerda), a P.E. teacher living in a beautiful seaside town in Southern Chile, faces a midlife crisis after an encounter with an old love in this intimate and down-to-earth debut feature. In person: Pablo Cerda. 

*AUG 15, 6:30PM; AUG 16, 4:00PM; AUG 22, 8:45PM (Pablo Cerda will not be attending the 22nd)




Cesar Lucena, Venezuela, 2011, 35mm; 75m

An exponent of the Venezuelan “Atom Cinema” manifesto, this stunningly beautiful portrait of life in the mountains tells the story of Samuel, a gifted healer. Based on the ideas of Edgar Cayce, who investigated hypnosis as a form of diagnosing and curing illnesses.

*AUG 11, 5:00PM; AUG 12, 8:30PM


Songs/As Cançoes

Eduardo Coutinho, 2012, Brazil; 90m

The power of music made bare by 78 year old master docu filmmaker Coutinho, who interviews 18 people from Rio de Janeiro about their favorite Brazilian song and why it is important to them.

*AUG 10, 9:15PM; AUG 11, 3:00PM


Thursday Till Sunday/De Jueves a Domingo

Dominga Sotomayor, 2012, Chile, DCP; 96m

In a tightly packed car, 12-year-old Lucia and her younger brother take off on a family vacation that will prove to be full of pure childhood happiness, but also quietly yet deeply life-altering.

*AUG 12, 1:30PM; AUG 13, 6:30PM


Unfinished Spaces

Alysa Nahmias & Benjamin Murray, 2011, USA;  86m

In 1961 Fidel Castro and Che commission a group of national art schools.  Over the next fifty years a unique convoluted epic of contrasts enveloped the five resulting buildings. Now rediscovered, they are major markers in the history of alternative architecture and the political climate of Cuba in the second half of the twentieth century. (Howard Feinstein).  In person: Alysa Nahmias and Benjamin Murray. 

*AUG 11, 7:00PM; AUG 13, 8:35PM


Violeta Went to Heaven/Violeta se fue a los cielos

Andrés Wood, 2011, Chile/Argentina/Brazil/Spain; 110m

The extraordinary story of the iconic poet, musician and folksinger whose songs have become hymns for Chileans and Latin Americans alike. Chile’s official Oscar entry. *AUG 17, 9:00PM; AUG 18, 12:30PM


With My Heart in Yambo/Con el corazón en Yambo

Maria Fernanda Restrepo, 2011, Ecuador, Blu Ray; 137m

Restrepo was only 10 when her two young brothers disappeared at the hands of Ecuadorian police. Excruciatingly long years of protest, search, research, government deception and unspeakable pain culminate in this life affirming personal journey. *AUG 19, 3:00PM; AUG 21, 3:00PM

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