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Watch: 4 New Clips From ‘Prometheus’ Celebrate Untrustworthy Androids & Ominous Possibilities

Watch: 4 New Clips From 'Prometheus' Celebrate Untrustworthy Androids & Ominous Possibilities

Androids. Anyone that saw Ridley Scott‘s “Alien” and “Blade Runner” knows that the director is fairly dubious about the apparent artificial intelligence that will be commonplace in the future. With Scott’s “Prometheus” currently playing overseas and only a week away from release on this side of the Atlantic, it’s clear that the director is still suspicious about man playing God, as evidenced by the beautiful but creepy viral video concerning Michael Fassbender‘s android character David. Now, Fox has released four new preview clips from “Prometheus,” some of which highlight the possible duplicity of Fassbender’s David, while the others point to a grim outcome for the characters, no matter whether the threat is human or android. And in case you’re wondering: yes, these are pretty spoilery, so don’t watch if you want to go into the movie fresh.

The first clip features little of David, who spends the scene mixing martinis, and mostly sees Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron), the bitchy suit who works for the Weyland Corporation that is funding the Prometheus’ mission, lay down the ground rules to archaeologists Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green).

In the second clip, David goes straight to creepy-town, as he asks Charlie some questions about how far they are willing to go to discover the truth about mankind’s creation.

In the third clip, Shaw and David discover a secret room where David can obsessively look at the small pillars that look exactly like the egg sacs from ‘Alien.’ Inquiring minds would also like to know what ominous figure is at the door’s opening?

Lastly, the final clip shows Shaw desperately climb to the surface and beg Vickers, who is on board the Prometheus, to “stop it,” though what needs stopping is a question Fox would like audiences to discover in the theater. Whatever it is, Shaw doesn’t make it sound good.

While we’re grateful for some early looks at the film, we’re sure that most have already made up their mind about seeing “Prometheus.” While our own review found the film to be beautiful but ultimately disappointing, other reviews either agreed or flat-out loved it. If you’re anything like this writer, you’re already counting down the days until June 8th. [HitFix]

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