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Dennis Haysbert, Nichelle Nichols Heading To ‘Omaha Street’ (“Step Up From ‘Blindside'”)

Dennis Haysbert, Nichelle Nichols Heading To 'Omaha Street' ("Step Up From 'Blindside'")

In the below, Dennis Haysbert talks about the many projects he’s currently working on – those that are complete and are on their way to exhibition soon, and those that are in the works. 

He mentions films that we’ve already profiled here, like LUV (which we’ve talked about quite a bit), and 2 less familiar titles – the dark comedy The Details, and tropical island comedy Welcome to the Jungle.

As a quick recap of both… In The Details, Haysbert joins a cast that includes Elizabeth Banks, Tobey Macquire and Kerry Washington, in a tale where a family’s pest problem leads to a chain of domestic tension, infidelity and murder. The film is set for September 2012 release.

Haysbert’s role in Welcome to the Jungle looks to be more minor. The film, which features an ensemble cast including Adam Brody, Rob Huebel, and Jean-Claude Van Damme, centers on group of co-workers stranded on a desert island. Jungle is currently in post.

One film he mentions in the clip that we haven’t profiled is something called Omaha Street. While the interviewer plugs Haysbert for info on the project, Haysbert reveals nada, saying he can’t talk about it yet. Likely because it’s not entirely packagaed and financed yet, even though IMDB says it’s scheduled to be released this year.

But a bit about the project from what my research shows: Nichelle Nichols co-stars, and its synopsis reads:

Carol, Jackson, and their daughter Rebecca (African-American) are living in the aftermath of the tragic death of their son Noah. Overcome by grief and misplaced guilt, to the extent of destroying their family, Carol makes an unusual decision, she approaches the Judge to place her son’s killer (Kody Powers, Caucasian) in their home, after realizing the failure of the Child Protective Services Foster Care, to protect Kody from abuse. Her decision makes it difficult for her family to be supportive of her decision. She is caught between trying to hold her family together and doing what she feels is right in her heart while keeping a secret, her own impending terminal death, cancer. Some films you watch, others you feel!

Sounds like a heavy debate-starter!

Haysbert stars as Jackson, although it’s not known who will play his wife and daughter. Nichelle Nichols will play a character named Amanda Tolliver. It’s not clear what that character’s relationship is to the story.

I should note that Nichols is the film’s executive producer, and from an old press release I found, she describes Omaha Street as “a step up from the film “Blindside.”

Also worth noting is that when film producer Gilbert Bell purchased the screenplay, it was an all-white character drama, but he then rewrote the script making the family black, and the killer white.

Third, Nichols wanted Eminem to play the high school music director in the film. Nothing further on what that role entails.

Fourth, Cuba Gooding Jr.  was previously in talks to play the role of the father (now to be played by Haysbert).

And finally, the film’s budget is estimated at $15 Mil. The plan was to make the film last year, but that obviously didn’t happen. Again, as I said earlier, likely because of a lack of financing.

But it’s now officially on my alert list, so I’ll be watching for any signs of progress.

Watch the brief red carpet interview below:

Dennis Haysbert Talks About LUV, The Details… by starcam

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