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Black Panther, Storm A Couple No More; Marriage Annulled (Set Up For Black Panther Movie?)

Black Panther, Storm A Couple No More; Marriage Annulled (Set Up For Black Panther Movie?)

Two comic book-related stories posted on the same day on S&A, and both have something to do with Storm; has to be a record! Although, this story doesn’t have a movie attached to it… not yet anyway.

First, read the comic panel in full below, if you haven’t already.

The story, which I learned about from thanks to our friends at both and, goes as follows:

In this week’s issue of Avengers Vs X-Men, one of Marvel’s most prominent married couples, Storm and Black Panther, who also happen to be two of Marvel’s most prominent black superhero characters, are no longer a couple!

That’s right, it’s over, as you can see in the panel below. Black Panther, aka the High Priest of the Panther Clan, has annulled it, sending Storm, aka Ororo Munroe, packing.

But why? 

What I learned from the brief research I did is that, Black Panther’s home, Wakanda, suffered major damage thanks to an attack from the Phoenix; apparently, while Wakandans were fighting the Phoenix, Black Panther’s wife, Storm, who has super powers of her own, and whow could’ve been present, using her powers to fight alongside him, was instead hanging out with her X-Men pals, trying to save their own asses… or something like that. 

Marvel fans, correct me on that if I’m wrong.

So, it looks like Black Panther is all pissed off now.

That seems a little drastic doesn’t it? Was there some other ish accumulating over the 6 years they were married, and this was simply the final straw for Black Panther? Or is he just throwing a temper tantrum, and in a future issue, they’ll kiss and have some good make-up sex?

From all I’ve read about this online this afternoon, this news apparently a pretty big deal in the Marvel universe, and some seem genuinely taken by surprise, and are asking question about what it all means. suggests that it’s may be setting the stage for a Black Panther movie, because one would be impossible with him married to Storm? Why? 20th Century Fox owns the film rights to Storm, the character, not Marvel Studios (certainly not outright), while Marvel Studios owns Black Panther solely. So’s point is, given that it was revealed (though not confirmed) some months ago that Marvel is indeed prepping a Black Panther movie, this end to the relationship between Black Panther and Storm would make it easier for Marvel Studios to push forward with their Black Panther movie, without worrying about Storm being in the picture, and dealing with 20th Century Fox for rights.

That’s their hypothesis, not mine. But an interesting one.

Apparently, the marriage between the two characters was said to have been done hastily, and unexpectedly, which divided fans those who were enthusiastic for “a high-profile story that depicted black superheroes in a positive light, versus those who believed that whole thing seemed gimmicky and that there was something vaguely racist about just deciding one day that a pair of superheroes of color would get married, having little in common besides popularity and skin color.

All very fascinating to learn, as I read about how deep this rabbit hole goes. 

But I’ll leave the rest to you guys who follow this stuff closely to discuss and shed further light on.

This is where I get off…

Here’s the full comic panel from this week’s issue of Avengers Vs X-Men:

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