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‘Oldboy’ Casting Sheet Surfaces; Spike Lee Responds To Fan Questions About Film’s Lack Of Diversity

'Oldboy' Casting Sheet Surfaces; Spike Lee Responds To Fan Questions About Film's Lack Of Diversity

The Angry Asian Man blog has gotten a hold of a casting call sheet for Spike Lee’s Oldboy. I should note that the sheet isn’t dated, and Angry Asian Man doesn’t specify when he received it (he posted it on his popular blog on August 3).

Although, given that it lists callbacks for August 12, 2012, which is this weekend, we could assume that it’s recent.

But before you read the list, you should know that, on Twitter, Spike was asked by his followers about the lack of diversity in the film’s cast (with the starring roles going to Josh Brolin, Sharlto Copley and Elizabeth Olsen); and Spike replied saying that the cast will be diverse:

People You Need To Relax.The Cast Of OLD BOY Will Be Diverse.If You Think Otherwise You Do Not Know My Work.Bother Other Directors ‘Bout Dat

And secondly, the folks at Racebending then asked:

It’s kind of hard to relax when casting calls for women of color read “drug addicted nutcases” and “mysterious exotic beauties.”

Spike then responded:

All That Stuff Has Been Changed.

To be frank, from the start, I’ve said that we shouldn’t expect this to be a “black” Oldboy just because a black man is directing it; its not specifically a Spike Lee Joint, so the amount of control he has over the project – specifically casting – may not be enough.

I recall when it was first announced, fans were getting excited about names like Idris Elba, seemingly thinking the lead would be black. I did wonder if at least the villain could be played by someone who wasn’t white – especially once Josh Brolin was cast as the protag; at that point, I figured the lead female role would go to a white actress, but thought a person of color would be considered for the villain role, despite what would have likely been complaints about a person of color being cast as a villain. I just think it’s a juicy part for anyone, regardless of skin color; of course I’m going based on the original film that we’ve all seen.

Spike’s film could be a different animal altogether, with new characters created to serve whatever stories are being told. But the starring cast is already done, and its very white.

I should also note that Copley did recently say that this new Oldboy will be just as dark and gritty & will stay true to the original.

Until we know more, check out the full call sheet below:

[WALLACE SHARKEY] Male, 60ish, Caucasian. Joe’s well-tailored, slickster boss.

[DONNA HAWTHORNE] Female, Mid 20s, Caucasian. Joe’s ex-wife and mother of Mia. Once a homecoming queen, now a stripped down hardworking single mom.

[DAVE BERMAN] Mid 40s to 50s. African-American. Shlubby, but very welthy businessman. Joe hits on his much younger girlfriend.

[ASIAN WOMAN] Female, Early to mid 20s, Asian. A mysterious exotic beauty sitting at the bar observing Joe. MARTIAL ARTS EXPERIENCE A PLUS

[CHUCKY] Male, Mid 40s, Caucasian. A free spirited likeable human teddy bear who sports loud vintage Hawaiian shirts. Joe’s best friend.

[BROWNING] Male. Caucasian. Small in stature. A career criminal with pockmarked skin.

[CORTEZ] Latin male. 50s. A bullishly strong street thug/criminal.

[JAKE PRESTON] Male, Mid 30s to mid 40s, Caucasian. A clean cut tough looking former cop; the no-nonsense host of the TV show “Unsolved Crimes.”

[ADULT MIA] Female, Early 20s, Caucasian. A musical prodigy on cello. Sensitive, intelligent, beautiful but humble. CELLO EXPERIENCE A PLUS.

[GRACE] Female, 50s, African American. A drug addicted nutcase in the Mobile Hospital.

[JOHNNY] Male, Mid 40s to 50s, Caucasian. A disheveled, schizophrenic man who is on the street near the Mobile Hospital unit.

[A BURLY MAN] Male, 40s, Caucasian. Muscular and serious with close-cropped hair.

[THE CHECKPOINT] Male, 40s, Open Ethnicity. A serious looking sort (probably trying to hold down two or three jobs to support his family) who is sitting at a desk in the underground parking garage.

[EDWINA BURKE] Female, Late 50s to early 60s, Caucasian, distinguished-looking. She is from Evergreen Academy where Joe attended school. She is tough, smart, and very much a lady, but a lonely one.

[SECURITY GUARD] Male, 40s to 50s, Caucasian. The guard at Evergreen Academy that patrols the grounds and takes his job a bit more seriously than he needs to.

[AMANDA PRYCE] Female, 14, Caucasian. Adrian’s younger sister. She is pretty, yet shy and a bit awkward-looking.

[YOUNG JOE DOUCETTE] Male, 17, Caucasian. A young Josh Brolin. 

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