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What Is Idris Elba Doing With These Guys? (Esquire’s Next-Gen Hollywood Stars List)

What Is Idris Elba Doing With These Guys? (Esquire's Next-Gen Hollywood Stars List)

The September issue of Esquire magazine’s cover story is about the next generation of Hollywood actors headed for stardom, in which they list Idris Elba among them.

All well and good, except, along with Elba, Esquire thinks that list also includes actors such as Taylor Kitsch. TAYLOR KITSCH? You mean “John Carter” Taylor Kitsch? You mean “Battleship” Taylor Kitsch? This guy is destined for stardom? If he’s lucky his next appearance will be on Dancing with the Stars.

So who else does Esquire thinks is destined for Hollywood super stardom? Aaron Paul. WHO? Garret Hedlund. Garrett Saywhat?

There’s also Armie Hammer. That guy has about as much personality and charisma as an unsalted butter sandwich. There’s also Aaron Johnson. O K. I know him. He was in Kick Ass, athough the girl stole the film right from under him. 

What I’m getting at here is that, none of these guys are in Elba’s league. He’s got the presence, the charisma and that “star” quality that none of these other guys have.

Aside from that, he’s also much older than any of them. It’s like a grown up playing with 8 year old kids. Most of them look like they haven’t begun shaving yet. Elba should have had a cover story just on him alone.

The magazine has even released a video showcasing their picks aimed for stardom. Even in the video, they fade into the wallpaper. Tell me if I’m wrong.

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