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Your Top 5 Non-Black American African Diaspora Films (Survey)

Your Top 5 Non-Black American African Diaspora Films (Survey)

Our content and readership are both undeniably heavily African American-centered. Certainly nothing wrong with that. But, the tag-line at the top of this blog does say “Cinema of the African Diaspora,” and while we certainly make a concerted effort to cover cinema from the rest of the vast and varied African Diaspora, I’d readily admit that we’ve got some ways to go in that regard. 

Most of the non-Black American cinema we cover are films and filmmakers who’ve somehow managed to burst onto the international scene, usually via film festivals, or emails we receive alerting us to projects. But we’re working towards the day when you’ll come to S&A, and it’ll be divided by country. So if you wanted to know what was happening on the film scene in Kenya for example, you’d just click over to the “Kenya” section, and all the posts in that area will be specific to that country, etc, etc, etc.

It’ll take some time to get there, and manpower (a global effort really, via contributions from readers all over the world, reporting on the local film scene wherever they live). 

That’s always been the goal for S&A – one massive web-based portal where you can find out about current Diaspora cinema in any part of the world! We’ll get there…

In the meantime, I’d like to take a survey that I don’t believe we’ve ever done – as the title of this post states, your favorite non-black American African Diaspora films (films that tell stories primarily about people of African descent, except black Americans); let’s say your top 5; and you can go as far back in history as you’d like.

And in anticipation of the number of responses that I think will include this film, I’m going to exclude City Of God. So, any titles other than City Of God.

Eventually, I’ll return with a follow-up post which will include the most popular 5 films you folks list, as well as my own list of 5 Diaspora films that I think you should see, if you haven’t already.

So, with that, give it a go!

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