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Ivan Reitman Says ‘Ghostbusters’ Should Be Remade & ‘Twins’ Sequel Is Nothing More Than A Press Release

Ivan Reitman Says 'Ghostbusters' Should Be Remade & 'Twins' Sequel Is Nothing More Than A Press Release

“We have a way of doing it,” director Ivan Reitman insisted in January 2011 about a compelling way to make a third “Ghostbusters” film. “I wasn’t going to do it until we found out [what that way was], and it is a generational story, actually – it’s effectively a generational story and it’s very well written. We’ll see if it actually gets made. It’s a scary thing to think about for me, because I’m fucking with my past, but at the same time, I don’t just want to chicken out on the challenge. But it’s a great story and great characters.”

Fast forward over a year and you’ve got a ditched screenplay, new writers hired and Bill Murray out of the picture. The story of “Ghostbusters 3” and its very public development hasn’t been fun for folks like Reitman, “Ghostbusters” cheeleader Dan Aykroyd or Harold Ramis, but we’ve been over all this haven’t we?

And so the latest. Is Reitman changing his tune about the “generational story” (“Ghostbusters 3” was originally conceived as the old team handing down the torch to a younger generation of new Ghostbusters)? In a recent interview with Collider, Reitman seems to be discussing a different concept entirely.

“Well, I’d like to go forward and make new things,” he said. “I think Ghostbusters probably should be remade, if we can get it all right. We’re working on it, so we’ll see.” Terse answer. Does he mean he thinks “Ghostbusters” should simply be remade/rebooted? Hmmm… is that what “MIB3” writer Etan Cohen is currently cooking up?

As for “Triplets,” the mooted sequel to “Twins” starring Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger? Well, the original idea may have been oversold and maybe we should all not hold our breath. “With ‘Triplets,’ I’m quite nervous about it,” he said. “I think it’s somebody’s commercial idea, and usually that’s a scary thought. There’s no writer, and there’s no idea yet. I think that was more of a press release than anything else.” Ladies and gentleman, that’s Hollywood for you. 

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