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Jamie Foxx To Direct Comedy w/ Kevin Hart, Ken Jeong + Still Wants To Do ‘Skank Robbers’

Jamie Foxx To Direct Comedy w/ Kevin Hart, Ken Jeong + Still Wants To Do 'Skank Robbers'

While doing press for the Project Imaginat10n short film he’s going to direct under Ron Howard’s watch, Jamie Foxx revealed in an interview with BET that he plans to direct a feature comedy film, as long as all the various parts come together, stating:

I got a film I want to direct, it’s called All Star Weekend. It’s about two guys, one guy loves Kobe Bryant, the other guy loves LeBron James. When you talk about LeBron and Kobe, it’s like talking about Republican and Democrat. It is all the way out there funny. I’ve talked to Kevin Hart, and I’ve talked to Ken Jeong from The Hangover. I would probably make a cameo in it. Hopefully we’ll get that going really soon.

This won’t be Jamie Foxx’s first time behind the camera by the way; his IMDBPro page lists a 2011 TV movie called Night Tales, which we don’t think ever aired.

Secondly, regarding that Skank Robbers movie that we’ve long thought (and hoped) was dead… apparently, it’s not entirely dead. Jamie says he still very much wants to make the film, because he really likes the script; but it all comes down to Martin Lawrence’s participation.

You know what, I still want to do the movie! Because the script that we have is so clever and so smart. But it comes down to Martin [Lawrence]. I think it would be a blast to do those characters again one more time. I’ve been asking Martin, you know, “Where you been, where you been at?

In response to that question… as we reported months ago, CBS did not pick up what would’ve been Martin’s return to sit-com TV, originally planned for the upcoming season. So, as far as we know, Martin’s slate is wide open right now. Unless he has something definite in the works we don’t know about – other than rumors of a potential Bad Boys threequel, and also the planned remake of Uptown Saturday Night, with Will Smith and Denzel Washington, which Martin was rumored to once be a part of.

But Jamie says he’s pushing Martin to do Skank Robbers, adding:

I took a picture of my younger daughter, she’s three-and-a-half, watching the Martin Lawrence Show and I sent it to Martin. I said “Look at this man, I miss you bro. We need to get back to this, man.” But schedules have to work out, and, most importantly, Martin has to want to do it, man. But I just think, for our fans, they would go absolutely nuts.

So does Martin want to do it? We don’t really know. I couldn’t find any recent interviews with him talking about the project. But if they’re going to do this, they should do it sooner than later, because both men aren’t as young as they were when they initially played those 2 drag characters. Martin’s pushing 50, and Jamie is in his mid-40s. If you thought they looked silly as Wanda and Sheneneh before, they’ll probably look even sillier as quinquagenarians.

There was that lawsuit we told you about last December in which Jamie Foxx and Tyler Perry were being sued for $1 million each by a prisoner who claimed the duo jacked his idea for the groan-worthy comedy. Apparently, there was some talk that Tyler Perry would also appear in the movie as Madea. But I think those were all unsubstantiated. 

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