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Revolver Entertainment Picks Up UK Rights To Halle Berry’s ‘Dark Tide’

Revolver Entertainment Picks Up UK Rights To Halle Berry's 'Dark Tide'

Likely a film Halle Berry would like to forget (she’s probably glad Cloud Atlas is attracting much buzz currently), it interestingly didn’t play in USA theaters (although you can get it now on DVD/Blu-ray), but did overseas, pulling in over $430,000 from 6 territories (in parts of Asia, Europe and Africa primarily).

Now you folks in the UK will get to see the shark thriller, Dark Tide, for yourselves, as Revolver Entertainment has acquired UK distribution rights for the film, although no word on when it’ll release it, and on what formats.

I’ve seen the film, and can’t recommend it; but don’t let my opinion stop you from checking it out for yourselves.

You know the story… location: beautiful coastal South Africa where eels, dolphins, sharks and other ocean life are in abundance; tour giver and professional shark diver played by Halle Berry, witnesses the death of a fellow shark diver and close friend, at the hands of a shark, which does a number on her psychologically, sending her into a year-long sabbatical from the work… as well as from her estranged marriage to a husband played by Olivier Martinez.

A year later, business is dead, she’s in debt, and she gets an offer she can’t quite refuse from a wealthy mysterious customer who also happens to be a thrill-seeker.

The customer wants to “swim with the fishes” – or I should say the sharks – despite Halle’s warnings about how treacherous and unpredictable the experience can be. But that doesn’t deter him; he’s a thrill-seeker; as he says, he likes to have his courage tested, and he’s also very persuasive – 100,000 Euros persuasive. And she needs to money, so, eventually, she agrees (with some manipulation of the situation from her estranged hubby).

Oh and the rich guy brought his troubled teen son along for the ride – a teen son who despises him.

So here you go… the stage is set; the narrative plays out aboard a boat called the Volante, as shark-biting action takes a back seat to family dramatics, as husband and wife (Halle and Olivier) grapple with what’s left of their marriage (disagreements that lead to arguments as past events are regurgitated), and father and son wrestle with their own troubled relationship (or lack thereof).

Where’s all the Jaws-like tension and action that you saw in the trailer? There’s actually very little of it.

But you’ll get to see it all whenever Revolver gets it in front of you, over there, across the pond.

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