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Will Smith’s ‘Redemption Of Cain’ Is Moving Forward At Sony; Gets July 13 Start Date

Will Smith's 'Redemption Of Cain' Is Moving Forward At Sony; Gets July 13 Start Date

Officially confirming what we’ve previously announced, and now with a definite greenlight and production start date…

Will Smith was said to be planning on making his feature film directorial debut with The Redemption Of Cain, described as “an epic re-telling of the Biblical sibling tale [Cain and Abel], this time with a vampiric twist.

Sony Pictures has given the film a thumbs up, with production scheduled to start in July 2013, with shooting locations in London, Jordan and Morocco.

The Wrap now says that while Will is definitely producing the film, it’s not clear whether he will indeed direct it and star in it as well, even though previous reports said he would do both.

Casting is scheduled to begin in the next few weeks.

Recapping the story as we’ve known it…

Long time readers of this blog will recall that in 2010, Big Willie signed up to star in, and produce what was the called The Legend Of Cain.

Big Willie was to play Cain, producing under his Overbrook Entertainment label.

Cain, according to the bible, was the oldest son of Adam and Eve, who killed his brother Abel.

But how exactly will they work a “vampiric twist” into this (assuming that this most recent announcement is simply an update of the initial 2010 story, and the project’s plot will remain the same)?

Let me count the ways… the story of Cain and Abel is one that’s been adapted in a myriad of ways throughout history, in literature, theater, film, song, etc. But I will note one in particular that might be of influence in this case: the role-playing game Vampire: The Masquerade, in which, according to Wiki:

Caine is the father of all vampires (also called the cainites). He was cursed by god for killing his own brother to wander the lands out of Eden forever (immortality). While wandering, he encountered Lilith, his father Adam’s first wife. From her he learned the basic powers of vampires (called Disciplines). Caine was then visited by four Angels. They offered him the chance to repent for Abel’s murder. Caine rejected each angel. Because of this each Angel cursed him: weakness to fire, vulnerability to sunlight, thirst for blood and constant betrayal.

Caleeb Pinkett (yes, he’s related to Jada Pinkett) wrote the original script back in 2010, with Dan Knauf, and it was said to be under revisions by Andrea Berloff, with no director attached at the time.

It was later announced that Will Smith will be the director.

Whether any of what was in play back in 2010 (notably the vampiric twist) are still in play today, isn’t known… yet.

It was as I was researching for another post on Will Smith that I noticed the below piece of artwork for The Redemption Of Cain on the project’s IMDBPro page. It’s the only image in the its image gallery. Note the marked release date. 

Doesn’t it look like it could be Will Smith’s angry face, molded?

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