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Angry ‘Skyfall’ Commenters React to Negative Reviews As If Sky Was Actually Falling

Angry 'Skyfall' Commenters React to Negative Reviews As If Sky Was Actually Falling

The general tenor of the discourse on Rotten Tomatoes has improved a little bit since the site changed their commenting system in the wake of the death threats (and assorted other misogyny and hate speech) leveled against critics who didn’t care for “The Dark Knight Rises” last summer. Still, there’s plenty of room for excessive outrage over there, as evidenced by the level of fevered vitriol greeting the negative reviews of “Skyfall.” So far, the new Bond film has earned an impressive 92% on Rotten Tomatoes (on our own Criticwire Network, it’s currently got an A- average). Impressive, but not good enough for some, and the eight negative reviews have been subject to hundreds of angry reactions — including a couple dozen from just one guy.

In some cases, commenters behave like the sky is actually falling. In others, it gets even more surreal; like the reader who dismisses one negative “Skyfall” review because it was written by a critic who liked “The Dark Knight Rises” too much. “Hipsters” were a frequent target, for some reason — according to some, anyone who doesn’t like “Skyfall” is a hipster. And then there is that one guy, a Mr. Himanshu Pant, who spent a fair part of his Wednesday morning leaving well over twenty angry comments all over Rotten Tomatoes. His account has since been deleted — no doubt as part of a dastardly SPECTRE plot to enable critics to discredit 007 with impunity.

As always, the comments that follow have not been edited in any way (except, in a few cases, where I removed line breaks for readability). “Skyfall” opens in theaters on Friday.

The Angriest Readers Reactions on Rotten Tomatoes to Negative “Skyfall” Reviews

“its people like you that make Skyfall drop from 95% to 94%.” — James Faidley

“Your license as a critic should be revoked. That and of those who’ve mistakenly hired you:).”Wahab Al-Dugaishim

“Shitty blabbling review Bettr luck next time, Adam.”Geng Sapsupan

“you were payed to give a bullshit review.”Joey Copenhaver

“Utter garbage review!!!! Kyle I suggest you should get another job, you waste of space!!!”Scott Barber

“You don’t need to worry about this guy’s opinion because it’s wrong. He didn’t like Inception either, therefore I don’t like his taste in movies.”Nick Fury

“I don’t understand how you are a part of this website. Has to be a Hipster. 3 names makes it obvious.”Kyle Forrester

“Can we just get rid of all the hipsters who write movie reviews? That would clean most of the garbage on this site and movie ratings would be accurate for once!” Nick Meise

“I just want to kick the ass of these kind of critics.”Himanshu Pant

“What the f**k is this ?”Himanshu Pant

“These kind of rotten reviews are useless. They can not affect this excellent movie.” Himanshu Pant

“This review is shit. This movie is so good.”Himanshu Pant

“This review is shit.”Himanshu Pant

“This review is bullshit.” — Himanshu Pant

“This review is garbage.”Himanshu Pant

“This review is nonsense.” — Himanshu Pant

“This review is ridiculous.”Himanshu Pant

This review is f**king ridiculous.” — Himanshu Pant

“This review is totally useless.”Himanshu Pant

“This is a nonsense and ridiculous review.” —  Himanshu Pant

“F**king ridiculous review .”Himanshu Pant

“Shit review.”Himanshu Pant

“Finally RT has declared this movie certified fresh. So these rotten reviews are f**king shit of some asshole critics.”Himanshu Pant

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