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Reclaiming the Scarlet Letter for Women’s Rights: Martha Plimpton and “A is For”

Reclaiming the Scarlet Letter for Women's Rights: Martha Plimpton and "A is For"

Good old Hester Prynne, wearing her scarlet letter proudly – not a bad role model for women claiming their bodies as their own. Improbably, when it comes to women’s reproductive rights and health care, today’s political right seems to have channeled those 19th-century witchhunters Hawthorne wrote about. Now Martha Plimpton proves she’s as good an activist as she is an actor, founding a group called “A is For,” which fights against the 21st-century assault on women’s rights. The group’s savvy, wry symbol: a red  A. Take a look at their all-star video featuring Plimpton, Amy Poehler,  Billy Crudup, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and a raft of other high-profile advocates.  

For a $5. donation (yes, five) you can you can get a pin and wear your very own scarlet letter. Here’s their website,

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