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Watch: Salvador Dali’s Animated Disney Short ‘Destino’

Watch: Salvador Dali's Animated Disney Short 'Destino'

Though his work in the film world was brief, surrealist painter Salvador Dali left quite the impression. As we outlined in our recent feature on Alfred Hitchcock‘s “Spellbound,” he was hired by the master of suspense to create a dream sequence that wound up being ruthlessly cut by producer David O. Selznick (though what remains is still pretty dazzling). And he’s also credited as the co-creator of Luis Buñuel’s still hair-raising “Un Chien Andalou” (he also teamed with the filmmaker on “L’Age Dor“). But his most compelling credit may be with one of the all time animation greats.

In 1945, Dali began work on an animated project for Walt Disney, creating a number of storyboards, before financial woes put the project on hold. Fast foward to 1999, and Roy E. Disney brought it back to life, with French animator Dominique Monfréy tackling the project based on the original storyboards. The result? Well, you can take a look below. It tells the story of Chronos and his love for a mortal women. A 17 second sequence of two tortoises is all that remains of Dali’s work on the project, but it still does his vision proud. Check it out below. [via Reddit]

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