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If Women Ran Hollywood…

If Women Ran Hollywood...

If women ran Hollywood is a question worth pondering and one we often do here at Women and Hollywood. Apparently it’s been a question on the minds of those over at The Hollywood Reporter, so they asked some different people working in the entertainment industry this question to coincide with their annual look at the most powerful women in entertainment.

Here are some of the quotes:

Gale Anne Hurd (producer, The Walking Dead):

Would a Hollywood run entirely by women really be any different? Would casting finally be color- and gender-blind? Women tend to be more inclusive and lead from the ground up rather than the top down. Imagine a collaborative process where assistants’ ideas are given as much value as top-level executives’: Let the best idea win! Perhaps the traditional hierarchy would evolve until hard work trumps nepotism. Would Hollywood finally become a meritocracy? On the flip side, would there be more sentiment onscreen? Probably not. Content, driven by the marketplace, likely wouldn’t change much. And the business would still be populated by passionate, hardworking individuals, male and female, devoted to creating and sharing stories with the world.

Melissa Rosenberg (screenwriter of all five Twilight movies):

I believe it would be more inclusive. There would be a better reflection of the gender and racial makeup of our community in writing rooms, in directors’ chairs, in decision-makers’ offices and hence on the screen. Which I also believe would attract a greater audience and bigger ratings and box office. And maybe world peace!

Kurt Sutter (creator, Sons of Anarchy):

Honestly, this setup feels a little degrading, ladies, like we’re talking about women in power as a futuristic fairy tale. Maybe that’s the point, that it still is a far road to travel — but women will run Hollywood, it’s only a matter of time. I don’t say this to be flip or patronizing — I believe that eventually the need for grace, compassion and intelligence (women) will overtake the current system of aggression, arrogance and ego (men). Women will run everything. As God intended.

With the most recent barrage of sexist crap happening within Hollywood lately, this makes pushes us to say that some steps should be taken in order to balance the gender scales in Hollywood.   Back in July, Martha Lauzen for the Women’s Media Center envisioned what Hollywood would look like in 2012 if women were running the show, check it out here.

What does a woman-ran Hollywood look like to you? And what do we need to do in order to get there?

If Women Ran Hollywood: Joel McHale, ‘New Girl’s’ Liz Meriwether and Kurt Sutter Answer (The Hollywood Reporter)

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