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The Creative Spirit Separate From God…

The Creative Spirit Separate From God…

Watching film and television lately I’ve picked up on subtle and sometimes sequins and neon emblazoned jabs at Jesus, Christians, and Christianity as a whole.

Honestly I understand why it happens. Those who spew hate and other sheer foolishness in the name of God can cause onlookers to wonder, “Who are these people and is there still a purpose for the God they serve?

But as it becomes more and more common place for “artists,” to rely on themselves and bluntly eliminate God from the equation, I wonder where that leaves groups so traditionally steeped in the spirit.

For much of history, African Americans deeply-rooted faith, has not only colored personal, but creative life. There was, and still is, an underlying if not innate desire to put forth stories with an intent to not only entertain, but leave the atmosphere better, warmer and forever change, after the credits rolled and the lights rose.

Even when the message being delivered was a call to step out of the shadows, and to fight for a place in the sun, there was still a moral compass.

If we succumb to mounting pressure that says we are all we need; that God is myth and his word metaphor… If we turn away from the very thing that has kept many of us together in our personal lives and caused us to stand out in our creative ones; will we fall prey to greatly compromising our integrity, rather than aiding in shaping the world around us?

Instead of speaking to the heart, will we play to baser human nature in order to elicit response? Relying on emotions like fear or parlor tricks, and shallow spectacle to gain an audience?

Has it already begun?

I’m concerned. Am I the only one?

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