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Sundance Day 3: More Missed Events But One Great Film

Sundance Day 3: More Missed Events But One Great Film

Still trying to get on track, I missed the Woodstock Film Festival Brunch because I had the wrong address for the New York Lounge which changed its venue after many years. Then it was too packed to get into, so I wandered up and down Main Street until the Creative Coalition Lunch.  I stopped in at the new Sundance Co-op where sponsors had some fun giveaways: L’OREAL was doing make-up and hair styling, Waldorf Hotel gave me some really nice gloves with Sundance logo and their own, Canada Goose took 4 photo booth pictures of me wearing their hat and jacket.

The Creative Coalition lunch began with cocktails where I saw Gael Garcia Bernal and thanked him for making Who is Dayani Cristal? which Indiewire has reviewed (see the link). However they changed venues as well and I did not much like the cocktail venue; it was crowded and felt more like a press work session than a social event.  The lunch started at 1pm and I had to make a 2:30pm screening so I was tense.  Two awards are given to inspirational teachers.  The first was not quite focussed though the audience very much enjoyed hearing Bill Pullman speak of his growing up; his advice was “don’t take advice”. The interview was a bit scattered and it was only at the end when Bill told the audience that his early acting teacher now has established a free theater (and school) in a small town far from the maddening crowd that I understood the teacher’s true devotion.

Joey Lauren Adams, originally for North Little Rock, was much more inspiring. Her 8th grade drama teacher spoke of how Joey Lauren as a natural and when she enacted a scene, she showed the teacher herself something she had never understood to be a part of that scene before.  Joey Lauren herself told of how shocked she was to not make the cheerleader team as everyone she knew including her sister were cheer leaders.  Finding herself an outcast, she compensated by becoming an office monitor and felt important being able to issue hall passes (or not). She joined the Drama Club which was a venue for geeks, not cheerleaders, and her teacher opened her eyes to the world and to her own unique self and formed her desire to become an actress.  That was truly inspiring!

From the lunch I caught a bus and arrived in time for Inequality For All which is have blogged about immediately on leaving, so inspired was I. And besides, I was on the buss going to the next event – Ira Deutschman’s Columbia party and the party for We Are What We Are where I got to sit and talk with Orly Ravid who is in law school and her partner Jeffrey Winter from The Film Collaborative

I sat next to Debra Zimmerman of Women Make Movies who helped me with my iPad while we caught up a little.  It was at the Bahamas Film Festival Junkaroo practice several years ago since we had any time together.  She is being honored everywhere for her 40 year old anniversary of Women Make Movies and invited me to their celebration here in Sundance.  We met again at the IDA/ ro*co party at the Kimball Art Center where she introduced me to her posse, ITVS folks and others.  Michael Donaldson, Lisa Callif and Chris Perez were all there from Donaldson Callif and we got time to catch up on them and their 11 films at Sundance (and 2 at Slamdance).  So many others celebrating documentaries, I cannot go through all the cards I collected.

Again I missed the Korean party I thought, but just realized that it is Monday.  So I returned to Prospector Square on the bus, found my lost glasses and walked to Eccles to find my car (free parking on Saturdays!) and drove home where Harlan and I reviewed our day and planned for tomorrow.

See you Day 4!

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