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Captain Kirk & John Harrison Face Off In 2 New ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Photos

Captain Kirk & John Harrison Face Off In 2 New 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Photos

Fanboy curiosity has always been manic, but it’s curdled into desperation of late. Adult geeks have looked at “Iron Man 3” children’s toys to assay spoiler characteristics in upcoming Marvel films, but the intense inquisitive desire surrounding “Star Trek Into Darkness” and its main villain is true child’s play in comparison. Perhaps it’s because director J.J. Abrams is so secretive that it has become a challenge to nerds to figure everything out in advance, and so no one is buying that Benedict Cumberbatch‘s antagonist character (named John Harrison) is who the film says he is and assume he’s Khan, as played by Ricardo Montalban in “Star Trek 2” (wouldn’t they have least given him the same look if this was the case? It’s not like Zachary Quinto looks different from Leonard Nimoy). Fans have pointed to a recent typo in an issue of EW as proof that Cumberbatch is Khan, but why would the magazine know something that everyone else doesn’t? And if the secret was being that well-guarded, why would Paramount and the producers hand over the truth to a magazine that covers movies?

Anyhow, that’s the latest silly ballyhoo surrounding “Star Trek Into Darkness” and yes, to this writer it’s rather annoying. Can’t we just enjoy the film when it hits theaters? Anyhow, this is the long-winded way of saying that two new photos of the film have arrived from the Star Trek Mobile App (via The Daily Blam) and of course there’s a lot of furrowed concern. One photo shows Chris Pine and Quinto, the other shows Pine facing off opposite the aforementioned Cumberbatch. We assume someone with Photoshop and a zoom function will be able to glean some plot insights from this one, so good luck to you there. “Star Trek Into Darkness” opens in theaters on May 17th in standard and 3D theaters, but arrives two days earlier on May 15th in IMAX theaters for those willing to fork out the extra dough.

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