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Full Synopsis + Publish Date For Sidney Poitier’s First Fiction Novel – ‘Montaro Caine’

Full Synopsis + Publish Date For Sidney Poitier's First Fiction Novel - 'Montaro Caine'

As we announced in December, the one and only legend Sidney Poitier has penned his first fiction novel – a sci-fi/thriller titled Montaro Caine which will officially go on sale on May 7, 2013 – less than 2 months away.

At the time of that initial announcement, the novel’s plot was being kept under-wraps, with Poitier simply describing it then as “sort of like Indiana Jones, but better.

Well, we now have a full official synopsis of Montaro Caine, and it sounds like it could be epic! 

Read on…

A baby is born with a coin in her hand. An orphan crafts a mysterious wooden object. The CEO of a large corporation finds himself under extraordinary pressure at work and at home. And on a remote hilltop on a Caribbean island, a medicine man seems to understand the meaning of all these events and to hold the key to the future.
Montaro Caine, CEO of the Fitzer Corporation, is losing control of the company he built just as his teenage daughter is experiencing her own difficulties. At this moment of crisis, a man and woman appear at his office with a coin of unknown provenance, composed of a metal unknown on Earth. Montaro immediately recognizes it as the companion of a coin he analyzed as a graduate student working in a lab at MIT, which was later returned to its unidentified owner. The coin’s appearance draws the attention of scientists, collectors, financiers, and thieves, all of whom vie to get their hands on it, and Montaro himself hopes that the discovery of the coin will save his company. But the value of the coin lies not in its monetary worth but in its hold on the people who come into contact with it. These include the young woman who is not aware of the object that was found in her hand at birth; an old man who, as a boy, crafted a wooden compact as a gift for a young Montaro Caine; and the elusive healer Matthew Perch, who, from his hut on a small Caribbean island, knows precisely why these people have been brought together and what wisdom the coin imparts.
In his first novel, the beloved actor and director Sidney Poitier takes us on a wild and unexpected adventure—from New York to Europe to the Caribbean and beyond. The novel offers Poitier’s heartfelt message about the potential each of us has within ourselves, and about being open to the possibility that there are mysteries in the universe, and here on Earth, far greater than we can imagine. An enthralling journey into the magic of existence, Montaro Caine is a radiant debut from an American legend.

I actually ordered my copy already, so I don’t forget; and once May 7 comes around, Amazon will automatically ship it to me.

This actually could end up being very good; I’m not entirely certain why I believe that; I just do. It could be in part because I love sci-fi/adventure/mystery stories, and Mr Poitier has lived a long and quite a rich, involved life, full of all kinds of experiences, documented in 2 previous well-written, well-reviewed non-fiction books; And I really do think that, although this upcoming novel is fiction, his life experiences will probably inform the story.

Of course, the next question is, will any studio purchase movie rights to the novel? In this age when novels are being optioned up to a year before they are even published (like Jason Mott’s The Return), I wonder if Poiter’s novel (if only because of his name) has gotten a few early looks; but maybe not.

No matter, I’m definitely curious about the novel…

To preorder a copy, click HERE.

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