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LatinoBuzz: SXSW Interview With Mike Mendez – Big Ass Spider

LatinoBuzz: SXSW Interview With Mike Mendez – Big Ass Spider

LatinoBuzz: I love to ask if there was there a particular
film where you sat in that movie theater and something clicked and you knew
that this is it!

Mike: There were several movies that had huge impacts on me when
I saw them in the theater as a kid. An amazing and influential theatrical
experience for me was “Friday the 13th part 7″.  I saw it opening night in
Westwood, where all the college kids would go from UCLA. I know it sounds
crazy, but it was almost a religious experience for me, the mixture of horror
with comedy in a packed theater was just electric. Hearing, laughter, screaming
& cheering was just amazing.  Something just clicked with me, it was
such a fun theatrical experience that it really cemented what I wanted to do
for a living.

LatinoBuzz: Between going to Catholic school in Pasadena,
CA and working at your parents Mexican/Salvadorean restaurant in Los Angeles,
where did the obsession for cinema kick in?

Mike: Well my brother and dad were big
cinefiles, so yes Sunday morning was reserved for the Lord, but Sunday
afternoon was reserved for Spielberg & Carpenter. We went to movies all the
time and it really became the center of my life. Still is.

LatinoBuzz: Latinos make up the largest percentage of
movie-goers and genre films are immensely popular amongst us. Yet we so poorly
represented. What do we do to change that?

Mike: Well with “Big Ass Spider” the revolution has
begun, ha! But seriously, I’m very encouraged by the amount of Latino film
makers working in the industry. Between Del Toro, Cuaron, De la Iglesia,
Amnenabar, Almondovar among many others there is a strong presence of Latino
film makers making really great stuff. I don’t see that trend stopping and I
hope only growing.

LatinoBuzz: Your first feature was ‘Killers’ back in
1995. It’s quite a remarkable story of how two young 22 year old best friends
went and shot a film in a very 90’s by-any-means-necessary manner. Can you tell
us about how that one came together?

Hey, points for doing your homework.
“Killers” was my first film, shot locally in our parents house, it
was funded on donations, loans & credit cards long before kickstarter
existed. It was difficult, but fun, in retrospect kind of dangerous too,
running around with shotguns shooting blanks in residential neighborhoods.
 The short version of the story was that it was made because there were a
lot of short ends of film left from another friends movie, so we took that
film and made “Killers”.  I owe that movie everything, it
started my career.

LatinoBuzz: Do you ever recall a movie you watched on VHS
that absolutely no one saw, that you thought you’d love to bring it back and
remake it as a Mike Mendez film?

I do love “The Incredible Melting
Man”. I bet that could be cool to redo.  

LatinoBuzz: If a damsel from any film and a director from
any film had a kid and named him Mike Mendez who are they?

Mike: Man, I have no idea, but little known fact, there is a German
rapper who named himself after me. So, I don’t know if that answers the
question. But if Sam Raimi & Megan Fox wanted to have a love child and name
him after me, please send me a video. ;) 

LatinoBuzz: What’s your creative process?

My creative process? Hmmm, well I
basically draw at the movie in pencil by story boarding it from start to
finish, and I use my action figures as models.  True story.

LatinoBuzz: The highest and lowest points of your career
so far?

Highest point of my career, it may be
happening right now, the reaction to the trailer and clips from “Big Ass
Spider” has been phenomenal, so at least for the moment I’m having a
bit of renewed interest. Low points, I have many, ha, but It’s a tie from when
I had to follow a camera crew around all day and carry tripods all day or the
time I had to direct a talent show for Microsoft starring American Idol reject
William Hung. Sadly both of them were deep into my directing career. But like I
said, things seem to be getting better, and the car wash I work at gives me
Thursdays off to take meetings ;) 

LatinoBuzz: Who is a hero from history who would make a
good drinking buddy?

I’ve always wanted to do blow with Genghis
Khan, ‘bet that guy knows how to party. I also think a bottle of wine with
Hitchcock would’ve been cool. Also doing shots with the baby Jesus, bet that
guy knows how to party ;)

Latinobuzz: What inspired BIG ASS SPIDER aesthetically?

The spider itself was inspired by a cross
between a black widow and the Alien Queen.  The movie itself, if just
wanted to do something sharp and high key.  My last film
“Gravedancers” was so dark, I really wanted to go in another

LatinoBuzz: What’s next for Mike Mendez?

Lunch! And I can’t wait! Then after that
we’re premiering the movie, so we’ll see what happens after that!


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