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10 Questions for Jeopardy!’s Alex Trebek

10 Questions for Jeopardy!'s Alex Trebek

I have watched Jeopardy! for most of my life. And I know you have, too. Come on. Who hasn’t?

Don’t deny it. I understand — Jeopardy! doesn’t register high on the “cool” meter of television shows. It’s a quiz show. Dull! It has been around forever. Real dull!! You have to be relatively smart to win at it. Kiss of death!!! 

The wondrous Alex Trebek, the most consistently cheerful TV star in our universe, presides over the program. He is a marvel. Sometimes Letterman can be ornery. And Jay isn’t always funny. But Trebek is always right there, sunny, solicitous and informative. I liked a lot Will Ferell’s send-up of Trebek on Saturday Night Live’s Celebrity Jeopard! back when. Great stuff.l 

But the one thing Trebek doesn’t do is give opinions. We never really quite know what he’s thinking. Does he silently cuss out the dumbbells who give ridiculously ill-informed answers. When they wager too small an amount of money on the daily double, does Trebek mock them safely under his breath (I would).

OK, Mr. T, here are 10 questions I want to ask you right now. Fess up!

1) Why does the studio audience cheer when someone lands on the Daily Double (I know– you tell them to; but why?).

2) DO YOU mock dumb contestants under your breath?

3) Do you secretly root for the most attractive panelist to win the game?

4) What the heck are you saying when you’re kibitzing with those three people after the show, when we can’t hear what’s going on?

5) Do you ever feel sorry for any of them or do the losers disgust you?

6) How many of the contestants from over the years do you truly remember?

7) Whose lame idea was it to have that College Jeopardy competition!? (I really dislike that gimmick because the questions are so dumbed-down)

8) What’s the secret to winning the game — tell us right now?

9) How is it that people who lose in a heart-breaking fashion never cry — or go postal — on the air?

10) Wouldn’t you love to stick it to Will Ferrell sometime?

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